General Motors, a Mercedes Truck, and Love

Five cent tour for Patsaks:

Youtube clip (link) and my take on the award-winning Serbian romantic odyssey, The Red Colored Gray Truck.

Ebay and General Motors will get some mileage out of their plans to converge GM used car sales on Ebay Motors. But how come it took so long for them to figure this one out?

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Sivi kamion crvene boje

The other evening, I took in a Serbian romantic odyssey with english subtitles. Directed and written by Srdjan Koljevic, Sivi kamion crvebe boje (The red colored gray truck) is about a man (Ratko) and woman (Suzana) trying to get somewhere during the first days of the civil war.

Most of the time, it is unclear where they are going. And that’s ok, because the real journey for them is about finding each other. In finding each other, a loser and a tramp are transformed into persons- persons in which we recognize a dignity and beauty that define what it means to be human.

Here’s a You tube clip from the start of the movie featuring a song that’s gonna end up on my ipod.



Bruce Lee never had a greater tribute.

GM to sell used cars on Ebay

It’s a no brainer.

And yet, General Motors, represents a corporate T-Rex, a slow-moving monolith that once ruled the land. The terror was so slow to move and manuever that the forage became a feast for fast-moving, intelligent raptors.

Ebay Motors works with or without GM. Sure, Ebay and GM will get some mileage. But how come it took so long for them to figure this one out? Doh! And will it really take long for others to follow suit?


Pride in Ownership

In The Red Colored Gray Truck, Ratko was very proud of his Mercedes truck. Not just him- german mercenaries thinking to kill him, let him live just because he drives a Mercedes. Both had pride in ownership.

GM is going to need to take ownership of this online move. Make it something to remember. Demonstrate the online presence of thundering buffalo upon the plain.

I want to hear stories about parents knocking their kids out of the computer chairs to get online to register to win a Cadillac CTS (one for each state) during a pre-determined ten minute time frame. That’s called lead collection by some customer management officers.

Of course, ten more supercharged CTSes for the top ten You tube videos of the event with the American people as judges. No You tube winners until a video gets a minimum of 20,000 unique votes within a 24 hour period from the launch of the GM convergence with Ebay Motors. That’s called a viral campaign by some marketers.

Don’t leave out the tv, radio and print to complement the online strategy. Their families need to eat too.

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