New moby album coming out, last night

Five cent tour for Patsaks:

Moby’s sixth studio album, Last Night, is scheduled to be released this year on March 31st (UK) & April 1st (USA). Find the link below to download the sampler. Also see the official video for Disco Lies, a track from the soon to be released album. Before you go get some, kick it with me and hear me out on why I think moby is a Poli-fluential and what he should “do for his country” (think Kennedy).

Is Moby a Poli-fluential?

“One of electronic music’s most visible and talked-about figures by far,” Moby has a social network of tens of thousands of fans, worldwide. He is highly opinionated about politics and he communicates his political opinions to his fans via his journal at his highly trafficked website,

If he gets excited enough about the Presidential race, his passionate advocacy for a candidate can have impact.

Yes, I see a star. Moby is a poli-fluential too.

Perhaps, he can make some music for Obama that will overcome left and right prejudices. Better still, if he can make a freeware song that inspires Obama and prepares him for the mountain moving to come. Obama’s challenge is nothing short of moving mountains.

A Surreal Conversation

On February 1, 2008, moby writes in his journal:

“maybe you watched the debates and felt otherwise. if so, great. but personally i was left with the feeling that clinton and obama both did a remarkable job, especially when compared to and contrasted with the shambles that was the republican debate.”

On February 21st, 2008, I reply.

“Dude, I don’t know how you could think Clinton was inspiring or… presidential. Didn’t you hear? Hillary’s wedding is off.

Bottomline: there’s not much difference between the McCains and the Clintons- both represent the tired, uninspired Party politics that bores us all.

Pay attention, I’m talking to you, dude.

You got more important business than blowing smoke up my ass.

I need a track that will overcome all kinds of prejudice and bring America together as one people, one nation. And it’s got to be so fu–ing good, even I will be hearing it in the discos of Europe and I wanna smile when I see the look on their faces. Europeans will be thinking, “f–k, I need to be in America. It sucks here. It will never change.”

And it’s true, things never change in Europe- that’s why it is so charming when you visit. Emphasis on visit!

Get to work, there’s no time to lose.

Do you have something better to do?

You don’t.

I’m glad we had this little talk. Thanks for the sample of Last Night. I’ve been listening to it as I composed this reply.”


Last Night

Moby’s sixth studio album, Last Night, is scheduled to be released this year on March 31st (Uk) & April 1st(US).

According to Moby’s communiques, the album was recorded in the artist’s home studio in Manhattan, NY. Last Night features guest vocalists Aynzli Jones, 70’s MC grandmaster caz (one of the writers of rappers delight), SO Simple (from the Nigerian 419 squad) and Sylvia (from Kudu).

A sampler can be downloaded here.

See the official video for Disco Lies, a track from the yet to be realeased album, Last Night.


Stan Faryna
February 22, 2008
Bucharest, Romania


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One Response to New moby album coming out, last night

  1. mac157 says:

    Re. the Clintons, during the 90’s they were as progressive as we were going to get (remember ‘triangulation”?). Hopefully, the country has shifted since then. If so, a vote for Clinton may be settling for less than progressive deserve. Nonetheless, despite the opportunist aspect of Clinton, she’s no McCain (thank goodness), who seems to offer nothing new but the same old Republican slogans going back to Reagan. While fresh 25-30 years ago, they’re old and unaspiring now.

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