Blog whoring: Monetization of Social Media

Internet users can no longer ignore the rising tide of internet users described by some as blog whores. They represent a poorly conceived and executed marketing strategy to monetize social media. Soulless, canned social media content will not fetch admirers and evangelists; in fact, it is an insult to our dignity as persons. The marketing geniuses (not!) need to go back to the drawing board and come back to us with free tools that expand upon our opportunity to connect, communicate, share, and collaborate.

Monetization of the New Media

I can no longer ignore that there are increasing numbers of people trying to make lots of money… one post at a time. Are they really people? OR are they bots?

Blogmoneywhore is one blogger that is an unabashed and self-confessed blog whore for money.

What is a blog whore and is it a respectable profession?

These questions and more are what I am trying to wrap my mind around.


This post is not about the blogs of famous prostitutes, adventurous call girls or girls gone crazy. But if you are feeling intellectual, go here, there, there or here.

The kind of blog whore that this post is about… is the kind of blogger who is trying to make lots of money as a copy-paste blogger. And like the term, link whore, the term, blog whore, is a non-gender specific term.

Popularity Contests

Interestingly, the term, blog whore, seems to have less of a disreputable and despicable connotation.

In fact, some people like being called a blog whore.

Others may beg in a slutty manner for awards that provide them with the honorific title of blog whore. But these people understand the term in a different manner: that they visit a lot of blogs, have a lot of cross linking and/or they get a lot of visitors.

This post is not about most of those people who enjoy or pursue recognition as a blog whore, as a title or accomplishment. And, no, I won’t give you links to them. Ok, just one of my favorites. Speaking of which, I am still waiting for the promised remix of Disco Lies.

Online MLM

Again, the blog whores on my mind are those trying to apply some really bad network marketing with their blogging. And they tend not be very sexy, diggable, stumble-able or delicious. At least, neither from an intellectual nor a spiritual perspective.

In this sense, the term, blog whore, is meant to be pejorative- even a slurry pejorative for sleaze. However, I may need to rethink the pejorative as there is already too much good will, popularity and secret attraction mixed up in the term, blog whore.

We all know that offline Multi Level Marketing (aka MLM or network marketing) is as tawdry and vulgar as lizard skin leisure suits and more awkward than the sleaziest video game hero ever, Larry.

According to John Milton Fogg, a network marketer, network marketing is not taught at Harvard Business School, few multi-millionaires made their money with MLM outside of a structured and sustainable corporate business (Mary Kay, Zepter, etc.) and MLM is not the great wave of the future that will bring the uneducated and lower class out of financial difficulties. Human laziness and greed will always pose the greatest contradictions to the success of MLM as a broadly executable business strategy.

Sheeple bots

How do generally average, sociable people blindly follow those oily, sleazy false-sheperds off the cliff?

I am amazed at how the sheeple can get so caught up in the gutter torrents that they are willing to sell their humanity, dignity and conscience for pennies? At least, the working girls in Amsterdam’s red light district get 50 Euro for 15 minutes not including tips. I am told that the average sheeple bot usually doesn’t make 50 dollars in a month from Smorty.

The fact is that big, trustworthy brands (Canon and others) and powerful industries (travel, computer repair, books, music, etc.) are somehow behind the new effort to manipulate the New Media in a manner that proliferates generic marketing messages through blog posts.

However, I foresee that hard research will demonstrate that these maneuvers will diminish reputation and respect for such brands. This how NOT to monetize the New Media.

The online community hardly appreciates the empty contribution of meaningless, soulless content that will further search engine ambiguation. In fact, netizens recognize such network marketing strategy (aka affiliate marketing) as a great disservice to humanity; the effective transformation of persons and personal opinion into automated marketing message servers is scary.

Schizophrenia or Multiple Personality Syndrome

Like some futuristic weapon of mass-soul-destruction, the new network marketing ploys represent the most virile information spam and malware that we have yet to encounter. Nor shall sheeple bots find much sympathy and tolerance after cutting and pasting the market speak into their posts.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about bloggers who wrap themselves in blogroll ticker tape, widgets all over the post like a collection of refrigerator magnets, and other more upfront (and more acceptable) online advertising. Ok, some blogs can get a little slutty, but a little slutty can be a little fun too. I can empathize with those bloggers.

My problem is going to a blog and wondering whether the author is a Schizophrenic or has Multiple Personality Syndrome. Reading about a blogger getting her two disabled kids on the school bus on a Milwaukee morning and, next post, swimming with the squeaky, happy dolphins in Bali in the afternoon (as a testimonial for a travel agency) with no mention of the kids… is unsettling to say the least.

Schizophrenic or Split Personality – it could be either one. And that’s scary. I don’t want to come to a conclusion that the cause of humnanity is done. My three-year-old son needs a relatively sane world in which to grow up, thrive, and make his contribution.

Blog whores or sheeple bots?

It’s hard to be so unforgiving when I can imagine the desperation and hopelessness that must have drove someone to cut, paste and post themselves into a multiple personality and represent it as their self. But we also can imagine that working girls have their own sad, tragic stories that explain how they got into the business of renting out their bodies and affections.

Knowing these things about working girls, doesn’t stop some people from calling them whores and hookers to their faces, spitting on them, beating them and dehumanizing them in other ways- especially when they are on the clock. Perhaps, envy and prejudice outweighs sympathy in this regard. But if MLM online is anything like MLM offline, there is nothing to envy of a sheeple bot.

Working girls are accused of spreading sexually transmitted diseases, creating unrealistic sexual expectations and stress within respectable and, sometimes, boring marriages… and encouraging financially risky behavior by their being a frequent cash drain on so-called productive members of society.

Sheeple bots contaminate the public knowledge pool, lock up the super information highway, and get in the way of search and research. At the human level, their growing numbers encourage suspicion, intolerance and violent emotional over-reaction to honest enthusiasm, authentic evangelists and blogging- in general.

“Oh, so you are one of those… bloggers, are you?!”


If it was put to popular vote, I think the term, sheeple bots, would loose out. It is too gentle of a pejorative for what they represent: some kind of Esau-like self-betrayal in biblical proportions.

I’m sure too that blog whore does not adequately denote the rising tide of angry netizens carrying torches and wanting these circus freaks to crawl back under the deep rocks they emerged from.

More like an STD

Collectively, they are more annoying and problematic than mere whores. They are something like a commonly feared STD.

Blog Crabs?

Does it work? Let’s see. Here’s an example post about our new friends, the blog crabs:

Last Night, my favorite blog crabs took a trip [insert-around the world, to Argentina, or Greece] in luxury and style, taking pictures with their new [insert- Canon, Nikon or Sony] camera, reading the latest bestseller and showing off their new [insert- diamond, ruby or emerald] pendant.

I don’t know how our friendly neighborhood blog crabs all managed to pack it into the airplane with all that camera equipment, books, and jewelry!

And how the frell did they get all that new gear overnight?!

I haven’t had a [insert – seaside, mountain, and artic] holiday since [insert date here]. Obviously, I need to be doing more of what they are doing! In fact, I’m going to give my new Vietnamese friend, Dong Hut Bad, at [insert – flycrap, travel perks, blue bus] a call tomorrow and book that holiday now… before the hot summer deals are gone.

Maybe, I can borrow a Canon camera too from my devishly clever buddy, Scratch, with a [insert – 50mm, 30mm, 25mm lens] with advanced fast flash.

Um… Yeah right.

Note: Blog whores or blog crabs? You decide. Vote with your comments in the Buzzfuse widget at the bottom of this post.

The clip below is about STDs. I do not recommend snacking when viewing this.



Stan Faryna
March 2nd, 2008
Bucharest, Romania

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2 Responses to Blog whoring: Monetization of Social Media

  1. bullionhost says:

    About your blog whore article, let me tell you that by simply adding such words like prostitution, whore, etc you are simply backing a poor attitude, this bad but common action to judge other people decisions…

    Seeing that from your point of view it seems like every blogger or website owner interested in partnering or offering their services through a web business or company is as a “fact of life” acting as a whore…

    Well I can see We all have come to be that then…


    Maurice V
    Web Services Journal

  2. stanfaryna says:

    As I told another blogger who felt that I might be attacking them personally…

    For the record, I didn’t see your blog until today. So I wasn’t thinking about you when I wrote this post.

    The blog whore is definately someone who copy pastes marketing content more often than actually writes something about themselves. Do you copy paste marketing content and plop it into a post without much thought or care? If so, yes, you are a blog whore or something worse. If not, kick back with a cold one and laugh with me.

    Offering affiliate services and products through your website and blog is partly what the web is about. Just do it tastefully. Be a value-added reseller-marketer.

    We could do a word count and come up with a critical mass proportion as a definition, but what a headache that would be!

    Like in everyday life, most people do something that could be perceived a little slutty every now and then… but we wink and smile- not thinking for a moment that they are some kind of a she- or he-whore… blog whore or link whore… or whatever.

    Most of all, be good with you. And be good with others!

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