Buzzfuse: Try Pie. Try. A first spoonful.

Notes from a Patsak:

Buzzfuse extends the social media bubble with self-promotion services and earnings for content creators. Finally, someone appreciates content creators- Buzzfuse. Find out why Buzzfuse is so different from popular social media/ social search engines such as Blinklist,, Digg, Fark, Furl, Ma.gnolia, Newsvine, Reddit, Simpy, Stumbleupon, Tailrank, and Technorati.

Remember Kids in the Hall? Below, a happy pie song from old skool Canadian comics.


Social self-promotion engine

There are too few social media and social search engines that can help the web two-oh!-er share themselves through content (opinion, snap shots of personal life, photography, or whatever) without outrageous costs or risk of online reputation.

Buzzfuse, a social media marketing engine out of South Africa, is an answer to at least two important questions that self-promoting newbies and veterans often ask themselves:

1. How can I reach out and share myself with the millions of internet users out there?

2. Can I make more than milk money doing so?

And in my humble opinion, there is nothing wrong with self-promotion done at the right time and right place.

That’s good business sense! It’s also good communication strategy.

Popular Engines of Social Search

Yes, there is a long list of social media engines that people try to use to get the word out- but to who?

Blinklist,, Digg, Fark, Furl, Ma.gnolia, Newsvine, Reddit, Simply, Stumbleupon, Tailrank, and Technorati represent some of the most popular social search engines that people try to use for self-promotion- but these engines were not designed to facilitate online social self-promotion.

The service model of these better known engines emphasizes content seekers (consumers) – often at the self-expense of content creators. Good and great content often gets lost in the mountains of content, recommendations and bookmarks like so many unexpired cans of chicken noodle soup buried under mountains of garbage.

Honestly, blinklist seems broken to me. And like any of the many other bookmarking services, doesnt work if you don’t constantly push your contacts to

Digg and Newsvine seeds just seem to get buried. Fark seems more interested in the Media – if even sometimes the far side of things with titles like, “Giant Satanic teapot destroyed.”

After registering for Furl, I got this message:

“The page you requested ( ) could not be found.”

I was ready to give up on this brief review and move forward. Yet for your sake and my conceits, I endeavored to get some more insight. Better that I suffer proving my modest contentions than you jump to hasty conclusions that I have no idea what I am talking about.

Ma.gnolia and Simply register bookmarks but the bookmark search results don’t give you much of a sense of the quality of such bookmarks. Unless you are retired, a student on summer break, or between jobs, I guess you won’t have time to discover the richness of other’s bookmarks. Nor shall anyone else discover your bookmarks unless you push people to them.

Reddit and Stumbleupon seem to be value-empty propositions – as if they just assume everything is trash and people think its fun to dig in the trash. On the other hand, every time that I try to submit something to Tailrank, all I get is this message:

“Some bad mojo happened… Wow. TailRank encountered an error. Must be some bad sushi. Time for a vacation I guess!”

Ok, Tailrank has a sense of humor and I like the natural language. But that’s only going to get them a second 20-second chance- not a third.

Preview of a second spoonful

By it’s very nature, Pie is meant to be shared. Buzzfuse’s answer to the challenge of bringing in content creators and consumers from across the blogosphere is not much different than this simple and elegant philosophy of Pie. And that pie is already in the oven. So come back for more pie, soon.

Pie will be served in an hour or less…

[Edit: Want More? Read Part Two of my Buzzfuse Review. Go here]



Mmmmm pie. Bring pie after watch video above.

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