Buzzfuse: Delivery and Drive-thru Pie (part two)

Notes from a Patsak:

After a month plus of testing, I can honestly say that I like what Buzzfuse is about, what it’s doing, and where it is going. It is a groovey social mechanism for self-promotion- especially if you are a blogger, musician, photographer, etc. There’s a lot of potential in the Buzzfuse community, and things are going to get crazy soon as the word gets out that premium-member creators actually have a chance to bring home more than milk money from the earnings pool.

Will you sing for pie? Weebl will sing (below)!



Previous post on Buzzfuse

In my previous post on Buzzfuse, I provided some quick and dirty insight on some of the most popular social search/ social media engines out there: Blinklist,, Digg, Fark, Furl, Ma.gnolia, Newsvine, Reddit, Simpy, Stumbleupon, and Tailrank. Although some use these engines for online self-promotion; these engines were not designed for such purposes and they are all, somehow, inadequate for helping the unknown creator market content to a larger audience.

If you didn’t see it and you want to read it now, click here.

Buzzfuse = Pie

Buzzfuse supports content creators; it helps them market content and rewards creators for the rich content that brings content hunters. As such, Buzzfuse seems to be an ideal business partner for the aspiring writer, photographer and musician. I have been testing it out for just over a month since I found G’s invitation to try pie in Linkedin. I’m ready to pronounce my review.

I like what Buzzfuse is about, what it’s doing, and where it is going.

And I’m not just saying that I like Buzzfuse because I was lucky enough to get some serious MONEY out of Buzzfuse after a month of marketing new and archived blog, journal and diary content through Buzzfuse.

However, the fact that I can verify that Buzzfuse does pay for quality is compelling reason for some of you out there to stop copying and pasting marketing content into your blogs. Write from your experience. You don’t need to have an Einstein moment to share something with the world. In fact, I don’t consider myself a particularly bright guy or even a good writer, but I what I do.. do… is express my own, individual think in the text. Occasionally, I wear my heart on my shoulder like a badge of honor too.

Mea culpa.

Sometimes, people read my blog posts. Occasionally, they enjoy it. Sometimes, they comment.

Expecting the worst, I always cringe when I get a notification that a comment has been made. However, my sincere intention is to respond to all comments in the Buzzfuse system as a matter of courtesy. Admittedly, I miss some comments every now and then. But, don’t give up hope. Keep the comments coming.

I can also now confess that I have never had this high an average of daily readers as I do now with Buzzfuse. In the past, I had a daily average of about 10 personal friends and acquaintances. Those friends and acquaintances are up to an average daily of 26ish since I started using Buzzfuse- not to mention new readers and Buzzzfuse fans.

Another interesting insight for aspiring bloggers: the things that were hardest for me to share with others about myself got the most attention. My post on my divorce fetched $500 for best February blog post on Buzzfuse. The irony is that I actually encouraged my corporate PR manager and attorney to give me a strong professional reason why I shouldn’t publish it. They both chuckled and gave me two thumbs up.


Bring Pie to Me

Just because those popular social media engines don’t work, have problems, or do not facilitate self-promotion, doesn’t mean that Buzzfuse is happy pies. Nor should we expect to see mind-blowing Pie delivery and drive-thru anytime soon. There is a potential for a paradox, but the show could end long before we get to the paradox. Maybe. And I hope not for Buzzfuse.

How will Buzzfuse bring an exponentially enlarging group of consumers into the Buzzfuse circle? Or am I just making the argument extreme to justify my abstract intuitions?

And, if things go really well, will Buzzfuse ask consumers to pay into an earnings pool in order to accommodate more earnings for more creators?

Thousands and, perhaps, tens of thousands of content creators will flock to Buzzfuse when they hear that the earnings are true and competition is still slim enough. Most will try to get a premium account by bringing 30 active contacts into their circle. They will beg, cajole and threaten friends, family and colleagues to sign up, register, and score their Buzzfuse submissions. It could take a month to coordinate their circle as active fans. Nevertheless, the competition will get tougher and unless the management team raises the earnings pool, there will be a tough contest for earnings.

As more content creators sign up, there may be a need for more audience (circle members and fans) to support creators’ hopes and ambitions to get some deep earnings. It’s not easy to get a scoring above seven. It takes a lot of higher ratings to get there. In other words, it’s not just about volume of traffic; it’s also about the quality of the traffic and the level of interactive commitment they bring with them.

If the contest means pushing past an eight star rating, will that steadily growing population of circles really be enough to get the hundreds of nine or 10 star ratings that could be hoped for – or is there need for a more highly interactive audience?

Obviously, there would be a need for a growing highly interactive audience.

More importantly, that audience must be willing to respond quickly to notifications for new submissions (demonstrate activity) AND, also, take the time to properly rate the consumables (blogs, music, etc.)?

Think about these questions and get back to me in the Buzzfuse comments tool at the bottom of this page. Click it once or twice to launch. And don’t forget to rate this post with 9 or 10 stars.

Fresh Pie

More Pie tomorrow. In the meantime, expect to see the buzzfused multiplying like badgers (below).



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