Buzzfuse: How to Make Better Pie (part three)

Notes from a Patsak:

It is in our nature to want to share things with each other. It is in us, a humanistic impulse to do things that allow us to integrate different knowledge, opinions, feelings, and ideas into a sustainable community. It’s up to you if you want to do something important here and now. If you do want to do something great, a new kind of social interaction can grow through Buzzfuse and around it. And, then, we have a sure thing – a sure thing that we can own, together.

Do you believe that the internet can save your soul? Or, at least our humanity?



Recap of part one and two of my pie review

If you missed my first post about Buzzfuse (Try Pie. Try), go here. If you missed my second post (Delivery and Drive-thru Pie), go here.

After a little over a month of testing, I can honestly say that I like what Buzzfuse is about, what it’s doing, and where it is going. It is a groovey social mechanism for self-promotion- especially if you are a blogger, musician, photographer, etc. There’s a lot of potential in the Buzzfuse community, and things are going to get crazy soon as the word gets out that premium-member creators actually have a chance to bring home more than milk money from the earnings pool.

Buzzfuse supports content creators; it helps them market content and rewards creators for the rich content that brings content hunters. As such, Buzzfuse seems to be an ideal online business partner for the aspiring writer, photographer and musician. Buzzfuse has defined a very important niche for content creators and, hopefully, consumers are going to find they get a lot more out of Buzzfuse than other social media engines such as Digg and Stumbleupon.

The Buzzfuse service represents a meaningful innovation of social media; it provides a welcome alternative to the bad network marketing of online mlm and get rich schemes which push soul-less content at the media cafe. As such, it sets an important direction in the blogosphere just in time for newbies who are thinking about selling out their souls.

How to make Pie

You don’t have to start with an original idea. Just take a headline out of the news and chew on it.

For example, Prominent Hillary Clinton campaign supporter, New York Governor Eliot Spitzer publicly apologized to his wife and children after being identified as a customer of an expensive New York-based prostitution ring. Following a Federal bust of a high priced international call girl ring in New York City, The New York Times reported that Governor Eliot Spitzer (Democrat) was linked to The Emperor’s Club where the hourly rates begin at $1,000/hour.

What’s your opinion or feeling about these facts? Where can your imagination take you with this material?

This is where you need to be original- not in the sense that no one else has thought or written about this event. Your originality should be defined by what thoughts, feelings and imaginings come to your mind and heart when you considered this event. Do you have sympathy for Governor Spitzer? His wife and kids?

Do you think or can you imagine that Governor Spitzer’s actions reflect on his support for Hillary Clinton or, possibly, Hillary’s failed presidential campaign (if only for sake of amusement) or his own ability to lead as a governor?

Sometimes, your reactions will just come out. Other times, you may have to learn more. And, perhaps, you think your honest opinion or imagination does not count. Or that it doesn’t deserve attention.

[Now, observe how I take this tutorial on pie-making and make it truly my own.]

Freedom and Democracy

And if you don’t think your honest opinion, feeling or imagination matters, that’s where you do underestimate yourself and your role as a human person.

In fact, we need more honest opinions and musings if we are going to recover any kind of common sense of things- the so-called press no longer represents common sense; it represents marketing speak and disco lies. The burden has fallen upon our shoulders (you and me) to tell it like we see it because no one else can do that for us- as much as they pretend. Expert opinions are great, but you do not need to be an expert to share yourself with others.

Social media provides a unique and new opportunity for real people… to speak as free persons according to their individual conscience, to share our stories, aspirations, and concerns with others, and, hopefully, and to come together in a common solidarity about freedom, hope and change.

Regardless of the differences of our opinions and vision within any community, there will always be common ground upon which we can build agreement, commitment, understanding and common vision. This opportunity is what gets people excited about the blogosphere.

For these reasons, we must not allow social media or the blogosphere to become just another low cost marketing channel. We can make our stand here. Together, we can build an open source community of wisdom and common sense through Buzzfuse and we, this fortunate community, can realize that much anticipated Web 3.0.

Great Expectations

Some will complain that Buzzfuse is still in its infancy, that there is not enough action yet, that there is a need for more members, and there is need for technical features to connect us together. This is coming. So take my hint. If good things come to those who wait, even better things come to those who become an active force in the solution.

I have enjoyed what I consider a unique opportunity to correspond with G., Buzzfuse founder, sharing insights, and learning about his vision. Our correspondence reminds me a little of the old skool. Back in the early 90s, people shared more of themselves regardless of who they were and how much money they made (or didn’t make).

(laughing) Anyway, we were all going to be millionaires.

After the corporate buy outs and the super information highways were aggressively assimilated as a powerful marketing channel, things changed a little- including attitudes. But there has always been a resistance to total assimilation. Often such resistance was enabled by new technologies and human commitments to each other. Nor does money and business have to interfere with our humanity. It can even encourage us to do amazing things.

It is in our nature to want to share things with each other. It is in our human-ness- a humanistic impulse to create structure where we can integrate different opinions, feelings, and ideas into a sustainable community. It’s up to you if you want to do something important here and now. If you do want to do something great, a new kind of social interaction can grow through Buzzfuse and around it. And, then, we have a sure thing – a sure thing that we can own, together.

It’s up to you as much as it is up to me. Shall we make better pie?

Below, some blessings from Dylan and me.



Want to learn more about how I use Buzzfuse? Go here.

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2 Responses to Buzzfuse: How to Make Better Pie (part three)

  1. cardiogirl says:

    Hi there,

    I, too, have been able to get my foot in the door early with BuzzFuse. I can’t remember how I found it, or how it found me, but I believe the potential is huge. According to the current stats, I have earned just over $530 US Dollars. I am still a tad skeptical, when I see that amount in my PayPal account I will sing the praises from the mountain tops.

    It feels a little too good to be true.

    But if it is true, then hallelujah baby! I do agree with your assessment on the other social networks out there and how BuzzFuse is different and appeals to the self-promotion angle that all bloggers are looking for.

    It’s certainly a huge niche that is under-served. I’m not clear on how the money is available to pay out. I’m also not completely clear on the algorithm that is used to rank/score posts, but I think it’s a great tool that can explode into something huge.

    As you mentioned, the obstacle is going to be getting the word out to increase membership. Then the real competition will begin.

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