Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Buzzfuse Blogosphere

Mostly Harmless

In my interest of seeing the Buzzfuse community become a Web 3.0 Community, I came up with a rough guide for how I could quickly evaluate four to eight Buzzfuse blogs that I personally check out daily in the 24 hours list.

Some Buzzfuse blogs that I visited today:

Andy Hadfield’s Cowboys and Engines

James Wolfaardt’s Happy Chicken Suicide Cult

Michele Randall’s Notes from “a TAMM creation”

Alexander Hay’s Wealthbuilding for Fun and Profit

Cardio Girl

Below, some background music (ATB, Long Way Home) for the reading…



Hitchhiker’s Guide on the Buzzfuse Nebulae

As the buzzfused of us know, a maximum total rating for blogs is 10 stars within the Buzzfuse system. Here’s how I am rating your blog:

1. Web 3.0 is about disambiguation. In other words, its about people bringing connection, meaning and relevance to the vast expanses of information and data out there. I give one star for logical links and two stars for logical and associative links.

No links? I might take a star or two from the total.

2. Web 3.0 is about personalization; it’s about you and me. So I need to get something from you. Something of yours. I give one star for a hint at a personal reference- two stars for a little personal story.

If you are writing journalistic content, convince me that the issue is interesting to the public at large and express your bias to get two stars- regardless of whether or not I agree.

As there’s enough pseudo-objectivity in the Media, I won’t stand for it. [banging fist on desk]

Pseudo-objectivity that doesn’t make me curious enough to drop a search term into Google search or Technorati might cost you a star or two from the total.

3. Web 3.0 is about compelling content, so you need to write a good argument since we are emphasizing the written blog for sake of easy examples. Be thoughtful or very funny and you get one star- regardless of whether or not I agree.

If you are enlightened, you need a minimum of three sentences. Most of the time… even the pithy need five. But there is no need for 400 words or more. And I keep telling myself this! But I can’t stop until I said all there is to say. Or write.

Be funny, thoughtful AND make a strong argument and you get two stars. If you win me over completely, I might even raise the total by two additional stars. Bore me and I might take a star or three from the total.

4. Web 3.0 is not a spelling bee or grammatical test, so I don’t withhold stars for typos and bad grammar. Hopefully, you’ll offer the same courtesy to me. [sheepish smile]

5. Web 3.0 is about finding the right way forward for humankind and why shouldn’t we get the next step right?! Thanks to the internet and blogosphere, we have much information and knowledge at our fingertips.

I have said it before… criticism and rant may be fun to write and read, but I want solutions too… also, alternatives and opportunities to believe, to hope and to dream.

Fuel my hopes, aspirations, imagination and dreaming OR restore a little humanity and you get a star or six. Or more. We can’t be too generous, can we? [warm smile]

6. Web 3.0 is not a low cost marketing channel. You will get none if I think your recommendation is copy pasted marketing text.

This doesn’t mean that I don’t like recommendations. I like recommendations. I like shopping. In fact, I’m so good at shopping that I can actually buy dresses and shoes for women without them telling me their size- and often they love what I choose. Ask my ex-wife. Really.

Hm. Maybe, I shouldn’t have mentioned that. It’s an unusual talent. Almost as unusual and disturbing as my visual command of half-pixels which drive graphic designers insane. [shrug and look of innocence]

7. Web 3.0 is about us sharing and expanding our knowledge, awareness, wisdom and vision. Teach me something useful or recommend a great product and you get one star- regardless of whether or not I agree. Expand my brain-soul-heart and you get two stars.

Make me feel like I became less by visiting your blog (hate texts, suicide blogs, and ultra-violence are examples) and you lose a minimum of two stars from the total- regardless of your wit, diction, rhythm or rhyme. You could lose a lot more because I charge a lot for suffering great disappointment. Doesn’t everyone? [grin]

8. Web 3.0 is not about stealing other people’ stories and opinions. Guest editorials and licensed content are one thing and even perfectly acceptable – if used sparingly.

Blog bots that rip complete texts and other things from others (typically without notice) must be stopped.

No stars for you- if you are guilty. Expect black flags and a roaring funeral pyre.

9. Web 3.0 should be a multimedia experience. Anyway, our attention spans are getting shorter.

Say what?

Our attention spans are down to milliseconds. We need more stimulation and visual variety.


Communicate to me or stimulate me with rich content: music, images or video and you get one or two stars.

Youtube videos are free. I guess you knew that. So you have no excuses for not embedding them into your blogs.

10. Web 3.0 is about fast, easy, online transactions between people and between people and companies. It facilitates the exchange or sharing of content and services between individuals within a community or between companies and communities.

If you are doing this with your blog, you get six stars… maybe more, and praise too.

11. Web 3.0 is about personal interaction and inter-personal relationship. In other words, you need to relate to your readers and you need to help them relate to you. You should be responding to compliments and criticism in your Buzzfuse comments.

Yes, some comments and comment notifications will slip through the cracks. But if you try to bat more than 50 percent on the responses (the exception being a roasting or flame war), I’ll give you a star- regardless of the ambiguity, tone or relevance of your comments.

On the other hand, if there are no responses to comments in your buzzfuse comment panels, I’ll take two stars from the total. Maybe more since this takes some effort to review.

12. Web 3.0 is about building a sustainable, collaborative community. We should be encouraging and mentoring newbies, promoting members of the community in addition to our own self-promotion, AND interacting with each other.

If I see reference and link to one or more community members in a post OR blogroll links to one or more members, I give a star or two depending on the number of references or links.

I take a star if there are none. Do you remember the names of the five blogs that I mentioned at the start of this post?

Don’t Panic.

As you can imagine, sometimes, a blog will get more than 10 stars in my estimation. After all, my guide allows for up to 42 stars for a Buzzfuse blog post. Why 42? Please consult the Deep Thought computer on this question.

Or, perhaps, you think me unfair and cynical.

Do you have more interesting guidelines? I’d like to know. Share them with us in the Buzzfuse comments.

Or if you would like to know more about Buzzfuse, read my three part review, start here.

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  1. Meg Guegan says:

    you forgot my personal favorite — http://stuffwhitepeoplelike.wordpress.com !

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