Blog whoring: Monetization of Social Media

March 2, 2008

Internet users can no longer ignore the rising tide of internet users described by some as blog whores. They represent a poorly conceived and executed marketing strategy to monetize social media. Soulless, canned social media content will not fetch admirers and evangelists; in fact, it is an insult to our dignity as persons. The marketing geniuses (not!) need to go back to the drawing board and come back to us with free tools that expand upon our opportunity to connect, communicate, share, and collaborate.

Monetization of the New Media

I can no longer ignore that there are increasing numbers of people trying to make lots of money… one post at a time. Are they really people? OR are they bots?

Blogmoneywhore is one blogger that is an unabashed and self-confessed blog whore for money.

What is a blog whore and is it a respectable profession?
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Bill Gates solicits an answer on Linkedin

March 2, 2008

Out of a mouth-mind in Bablion…

Bill Gates, Co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Chairman of Microsoft, put a featured question to Linkedin professionals:

“How can we do more to encourage young people to pursue careers in science and technology?”

After two days, there were 2500+ and counting answers from leaders, managers and professionals from across the planet. Below is my published answer to Bill Gates and my many unknown colleagues at Linkedin:


Reading C.S. Lewis’ The Abolition of Man, I came to the consideration that the moral relativism that accompanies modern math and science education in the West may have taken the life and spirit out of math and sciences.

Is it possible that we have alienated several generations from these disciplines because the young have an instinctive, unconscious rejection of a delusion with no value and affect?

The implicit philosophy of math and science is that all statements of value are merely subjective statements and tell us nothing truly about the object. On the contrary, we can know things as they are to some objective extent and our actions can be understood as objectively good or evil. Math and science have been misused as a deconstructive tool used to undermine human values and affections, confuse right from wrong and plunge those who self-examine… into nihilistic despair and the untrustworthy comfort of hedonism.

As Plato and Aristotle believed, Lewis reminds us that we must train the young to like and dislike what they ought, to love the good and hate the bad. Emotion and intuition must be integrated with intellect and perception (as Carl Jung suggests) or they will grow up into something strange, pursuing intellectual conclusions and technological solutions that are heartless OR pursuing what feels good without the capacity to discern which goods are truly good and which are temporarily pleasing.
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Link whores, sluts and pimps- Oh my!

March 1, 2008

Five cent tour of Bablion:

The ambiguous and prolific guidelines for building traffic to a website, blog or other online activity leads to mistakes, dark suspicions and a volatile Web 2.0. Questions of right and wrong are debated, people argue unnecessarily, flame wars break out, and an unfortunate humor about it all evolves into sometimes funny and sometimes hurtful pejoratives and slurs such as ‘link whore’ and ‘slut’. Such disreputable and despicable slurs are last things you want to accomplish with your online marketing strategy.

Whores, sluts and pimps

The term, ‘link whore’, sounds adult, sexy, dirty, despicable, and disreputable. Link whores are alternatively referred to as link sluts OR, more commonly, sluts.

Most likely, you or your company wouldn’t like to be refered to as a link whore. Or slut- whatever your gender or business (escort companies, of course, might enjoy such fun). Unless you happen to be kinky.

Or, unless, you drove a Ferarri, Brabus super-car or pimped Dacia… chilled out in the VIP only section of five star restaurants and clubs like Fratelli… drew bugs on your quantum-processing laptop- while ignoring beautiful specimens of the opposite sex trying to engage you in flirtatious conversations and rewarding business opportunities.

Who cares what people say about you when you have all that!
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True coffee-lovers become coffee evangelists

March 1, 2008

Five Cent Tours in Bablion:

The best way to get a good cup of coffee at home, work or elsewhere is to be a coffee evangelist. You will need to encourage and educate your friends, family and colleagues in a friendly, warm and kind manner. You will need to be persistent, patient, helpful and courteous as you communicate your enthusiasm for a well-deserved, good cup of coffee.

Coffee pot challenged persons

I know that there are a lot of coffee freaks out there and I am one of you.

Like me, you suffer terribly at the hands of family, friends and colleagues who think that a cup of coffee is somehow as easy as a tea-bagged cup of tea. Actually, a good cup of tea is equally challenging.

The most unkind among my friends and colleagues are sure that I drink my coffee (that they prepared) with way too much sugar and milk. However, I am only attempting to repair the damage they have done and make a coffee drink that I can swallow. If you permit me to be vulgar, I will have my caffeine one way or another.

Nay, I must.



Fortunately, Starbucks has been in Bucharest for about a year now– at twice to three times the cost for anything you find at a US location.

Until Starbucks, I was importing Starbucks (twenty pounds at a time) and other things with frequent flights for five years now. I even have my own personal connection for on demand, fresh roasted certified Kona coffee.

Note: You can contact me on linkedin if you need a Kona hook up.
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