The Scourge of Inexorable Corruption 1.0

The following commentary was first published in Servant Hearts.

The struggle for a better world

For those who share in the hope for a better world, there is a keen awareness that our pluralistic hope includes the expectation that good government (or state) is key. A more perfect union, in other words. A more perfect union is one where the political union of the will and aspirations of the many is dedicated to the common good founded upon the dignity, virtue and destiny of the human person.

When the Egyptians succeeded in ousting President Hosni Mubarak, people across the globe were inspired. This collective inspiration is a testament to everyone’s shared hope for a better world. The protests spreading across the Pan-Arabic world in concert with each other also suggests that such hope is basic to all.

Whether or not this people or that have the courage to pursue Freedom is besides the point. Apparently, Americans and the French are not mad in their aspirations, as monarchists, dictators and oligarchs have accused. Since the fall of the Berlin wall, however, we have learned together that the course of Freedom is a long road.

Indeed, as awesome and uplifting as the Egyptian victory is for the Egyptians and the world, Mubarak’s resignation is only the first of many battles to be fought in Egypt. Among the challenges ahead for Egypt is the founding of a state that can prevail against the malicious nature and passions of those who seek to serve their own petty interests and advancement.

Guiding stars (social justice, etc.) will help the Egyptians navigate in charted waters, but hope does not ensure the seaworthiness of the ship of state, nor the crew.

Corruption, for example, must be overcome.

Corruption, however, is one of the greatest enemies of a good state. Though no state is ever free of corruption, a people must endeavor to fight against corruption – prevent it, expose it and punish it. If a people fail to do so, then they shall never overcome the ruin, mistrust and inequalities that result from corruption.

Despite the dire-pervasive-devastating consequences of corruption, corruption does not go gently.

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Stan Faryna
22 February 2011
Bucharest, Romania

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