Zynga blocks Farmer Andrew Trader from selling pig slop

Some farms are not for sale

Alpha Investment LLC, an Abu Dhabi company, is suing Zynga, a Facebook Game company, for Zynga’s attempt to block it’s purchase of shares from Zynga co-founder Andrew Trader.

Zynga, known for popular Facebook games such as Farmville, Cityville, Mafia Wars, etc. isn’t talking about why they’ve given Trader the boot. But it’s obvious that the parting was not friendly considering Zynga didn’t offer to buy Farmer Trader’s shares. Nor is Zynga allowing him to sell his shares to the Abu Dhabi company.

Alpha Investment is understandably upset, but this may be a boon in disguise. Zynga has some significant challenges to overcome before they can round third base and come home for a Billion dollar valuation. The Facebook game honeymoon is over, player defection exceeds registrations, and, frankly, Facebookers are getting tired of the pathetic, poor game play.

What about Playdom?

Playdom isn’t doing any better – regardless of the wildly inflated price paid by Disney.

Farm, City, Cafe, and Other Foreclosures: Coming Soon

There is a huge demand for social games that offer something more than what social game companies are putting out. What they are putting out turns off most players long before Level 20. The game play just isn’t very engaging. Silicon Valley’s emphasis on the pizza delivery style strategy for social game companies was bigger than dumb. People are going to lose big – especially the VCs.

Zynga’s and Playdom’s base are belong to some serious gamers coming to take it away.

That doesn’t mean social gaming is dead. Who walks away from a market estimated at 500 million people?! Social gaming is a work horse. If you’re a VC, you’re betting on it.

Ultimately, people need to kill time and give meaning to all that time on their hands – especially the unemployed, the retired and a BILLION slacking office workers. And, if you haven’t noticed, there’s lots of all three these days.

Did I mention the Baby-Boomers? Does no one in the C-Suites listen to Tom Peters?!

Innovate! Empower People! For heaven’s sake!

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, social game companies that focus on great game play, extending the social platform/ social potential, and raising the level of relevancy will win. Big. BIGGER.

Want to get in on the action? Let’s talk.

Chime in anytime, Dan, Mark, and/or Steven Chiang.

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Stan Faryna
28 March 2011
Bucharest, Romania

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