An Untitled Novel About the Road of Hope: Chapter 1.4

Chapter 1.4.1

[ Chapter 1.1 is here. ]

01 July 2023
Buchrest, Romania

John was waiting for Hachi to do doggy business. He put on his new K-9 hyper-intelligent eyewear. They looked like designer sunglasses.

“K-9. Play song. Placebo. Running Up That Hill.”

“Yes, Master,” replied K-9.

A sudden wave of sadness washed over him.

Unbid tears filled John’s eyes. He gasped for air. He closed his eyes.

And if only I could make a deal with God. And get him to swap our places. Be running up that road. Be running up that hill…

Tears streamed down John’s face.

With his eyes closed, he felt Cristina’s lifeless body in his arms. Blood was everywhere. There was gunfire, the roar of motorcycles, and a boy falling from a moving motorcycle.

A man in a white suit was shouting at John.

See what you did! See what you did, John. We could have been the best of friends. And now she’s dead because of you.

Come on baby, come on darling, let me steal this moment now.

“Please, tell me what do I have to do,” John whispered to God with a broken voice.

And if only I could make a deal with God. And get him to swap our places. Be running up that hill. With no problems.

His eyes still closed, John felt a long road stretching out in front of him. He was tired and his feet were swollen. He had a message to deliver…

“I won’t let you down,” John whispered to God.

John opened his eyes, wiped away his tears and was grateful to find the world as it is.

“K-9. Play and display all social messages,” he said.

“Playing and displaying all 12 social messages, Master,” replied K-9.


If there were no more children among us, we’d know without doubt that there can never again be hope. #giveblood link

Guinnis Chang

Tiger Woods still got game. Double eagles and a hole in one! vid


10 years later: Five lessons we’ve still haven’t learned from Friendster’s fail. #socialweb link

“K-9. Retweet.”

“Yes, Master. Retweeting dino_dogan’s social message id 060323730GMT-DDsmx hashtag socialweb,” replied K-9.

“Playing and displaying 9 remaining social messages, Master,” announced K-9.


From generation to generation… an abused #child often grows into an adult that abuses #children. Let’s break the cycle of darkness. RT /via @Wisewomen


Food shortages in Asia, India, and Africa continue. Global price of wheat and rice expected to rise beyond sweet crude.


@comcastcares continue to amaze me with their customer service although I don’t use it.:)


Leadership is love. vid


12 years later: Corruption in Egypt is inexorable. @Faryna’s warning was dead on. #Egypt

“K-9. Retweet.”

“Yes, Master. Retweeting Ghonim’s social message id 060123732GMT-Gsmx hashtag Egypt,” replied K-9.

“K-9. Don’t call me Master.”

“Yes, Master.”

“K-9. I don’t need voice and display confirmation of the Retweet.”

“Ok. Your retweet data is saved to a file named, retweets. You can retrieve it at anytime.”

“Good boy.”

“You’re welcome.”

“Playing and displaying 9 remaining social messages,” announced K-9.


Stock Market finally breaks through the 10 year ceiling. Let the good times roll! vid


Is there or is there not an epidemic in Saudi Arabia?! How far will it spread? link


#RIP TechCrunch 5 years today. How did AOL break the unbreakable? vid

Bucharest Herald

EU seeks $20B from Gates Foundation to support the preservation of UNESCO sites. link

“K-9. Stop. What’s on TV?”

“Ok. Do you want to know what’s streaming in News, Sci-Fi, Tech, Science, or Music? Or do you need more options?”

John selected “Sci-Fi” with a glance.

“Ok. Reruns, Current, or Movies?”

“Reruns,” he replied.

“Ok. Dr. Who, Supernatural or The Book of Carrot.

John selected “Dr. Who” with a glance.

“Ok. Which Season? Or which Doctor? Or do you have a specific episode in mind?”

John heard a ding that reminded him of the signature ring tone from the old Bang and Olufsen Serene phones.

“You have one reminder scheduled for this hour. Do you want to hear it?”

John selected “Yes” with a glance.

“Mass in an hour at St. Joseph’s Cathedral.”


“You’re welcome. Do you want to continue with the search for a Doctor Who episode?”

John smiled really big. K-9 rocked!

“K-9. You ROCK!”

“Thank you. I like you too.”

“Call Steve.”

“Ok. At home. Work. Or Mobile?”

John selected “Mobile” with a glance.

“Ok. This is a long distance call. Please choose: Wi-fi (free). Voda. Orange. Cosmote. Or Voda Secure Services.

John selected “VSS” with a glance.

“Hey, John. I was just thinking about you. How do you like K-9?”

“LOVE it! K-9 ROCKS!,” replied John.

“That’s great to hear!

Listen, John. I’m sending you 12 more pairs of K-9s. Hand them out to your all star blog team.

I’m also sending 12 booster kits. They boost the range of the super wi-fi network up to 7kms and give you hyper encryption.

Just keep it on the hush hush. We’re still working things out with the dot mil people. They still don’t like the idea of this going civilian.”

“Roger,” replied John.

“I almost forgot. Give my compliments to your dad! BEAST won Webby’s greatest social network ever for the third year in a row.

Your dad’s determination, imagination and hutzpah are WOW. Anyway, I’d love you and him to come speak about it at TED. Just say yes and the money is in the bank. Yesterday.

“I’ll mention it,” John said with a smile.

“Excellent. What’s on your mind?”

“I was thinking about going camping. Do you have solar chargers for K-9?” asked John.

“We have them for the military ops.

I’ll send them and some other goodies with the other package. I’m arranging it now. Sec.


Your courier’s name is Lumi. One of our best and brightest. She’ll be there tomorrow.”

Anything else I can do for you?”

“Tell me how you’re doing.” asked John as he looked around for Hachi.

“You working for the competition, John?!

“Let’s chat again. Soon!

“Laterz,” laughed John.

“Call ended,” announced K-9.

Time: 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Hyper-encyrption rates applied.

There were 0 deep packet inspection registrations. There were 0 attempts to crack hyper encryption during transmission.

The total for the call is 150 Euro. Call-ee has assumed all charges.”

“K-9. I don’t want to know the call billing data unless I’m being charged.”

“Ok,” replied K-9. “Shall I confirm registrations, hack attempts and hacks? Audio, Visual, or both?

John first selected “Yes” with a glance. Then, “Visual.”



John called for Hachi but he didn’t see Hachi. Hachi was a very independent minded chow chow.

“K-9. Play Hachi Vid for the last two minutes Hachi was in sight.”


In the video, Hachi went to his left. From that, John had a good idea where Hachi went.

“Dogs aren’t allowed off leash,” said a park policeman approaching him as he eyed the leash in John’s hand. John looked to his left. Then his right.

“What dog?” John asked and shrugged his shoulders.

“If I catch that white chow chow, you won’t be so clever,” replied the policeman as he passed by John.

“K-9. Search face,” said John as he studied the policeman’s face.

“Ok. Searching… I can multitask. Is there anything else I can help you with now?”

John grinned. “K-9. Are you ready?”

“Always Ready.”

“K-9. Call Zach’s mobile. Transfer and exchange 5000 GIGLs to currency in Euros. From account GIGLROBU23JTF————. To account EUROSRAFROBU20JTF————. Update accounting. Send RRT of last conversation with Steve to Dad.

Download assignments at GIGERR for all gigs bidding 1000 GIGLs or more. Create and prioritize a list of all GIGERR assignments according to highest bid value first. Send rejection to all gigs under 1000 GIGs.

Explain how you are able to distinguish giggles from GIGLs. Give me a grocery list. Show me any interesting events from the security cams at my apartment.”

“Ok. This is sensitive data. I’ll display the confirmations I need from you.”

John approved the confirmations displaying in his field of vision through the lenses of his glasses.

K-9 replied in less than 60 seconds.

Ok. The grocery list, GIGERR gig list, and explanation are in your inbox. The RRT, GiGGER gig rejections, and bank order were sent. Zach’s number is currently busy.

“Good boy!”

“You’re welcome,” K-9 replied.

“Bitsy detected 6 failed blue tooth hacks in the last 15 minutes. Bitsy has identified and confirmed all 6 hackers as the rightful owners in current possession of those mobile devices. The police have been notified. You will receive confirmations of arrests at the time of the booking.”

John laughed.


Be Running Up That Hill, Placebo


The next chapter section (1.5) is [here]. Enjoy!

Your feedback (comment) means much to me.

Stan Faryna
22 April 2011
Bucharest, Romania

Copyright 2011 by Stan Faryna. All Rights Reserved.

4 Responses to An Untitled Novel About the Road of Hope: Chapter 1.4

  1. adrianklein says:

    DUDE! I want a pair of K-9s. I wonder how they look and feel. Can I pre-order them? That’s the coolest concept of a phone ever. How did you think of it? You should talk to Apple! Patent it!
    I also love the future tweets, they are funny “Five lessons we’ve still haven’t learned from Friendster’s fail”. Assuming that twitter will last that long

  2. Amber-Lee says:

    Me too! I want a pair! Holy Moley… The Friendster’s fail musta been before my time..better go Google it! I love this, Stan! I am so sucked in! One of my deep passions is reading.

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