Cretulescu Palace: Stirbei Voda: Cismigui Park: Bucharest #fanart #apocalypse

Cretulescu Palace, Bucharest

Cretulescu Palace

A scene from Chapter 1.12 in Book of Carrot, my novel about the end times. READ it here


In this pic, Lumi is looking across the street at the Cretulescu Palace (currently serving as ambiguous UN offices) through her hyper-intelligent eyewear (K-9s) as they (Grace, Lumi and Max) try to make it to John’s apartment at Stirbei Voda 71. She’s also buzzing John for help as the riot unfolds next to the palace.


They had made it as far as the Cretulescu Palace and the Stirbei Voda entrance to Cismigiu Park.

Lumi buzzed John.

“Help! We’re across from Cretulescu Palace. Max was hit by a car and twisted her ankle. We saw a shooting at the intersection of Calea Victoriei and Stirbei Voda. Everything is going to hell.”

On my way!

Across the street, people were gathered at the gates of the entrance to Cismigu Park. They were trying to pull down the gate. The anti-riot stormtroopers, the Jandarmi, shouted at the crowd.

The crowd continued trying to rock the gates out of their hinges. Six tear gas canisters were fired into the crowd. Three people were hit directly and collapsed. Six more tear gas canisters were fired behind the crowd as the crowd broke up. Another six tear gas canisters were fired at the other side of the street.

Lumi, Max and Grace moved up Stirbei Voda, coughing, gagging and eyes watering from the tear gas. They all thought they were in a dream. Everything felt unreal.

Media: Photography and Digital Art

Artist: Madalina Cristea

Creative Commons license for this graphic as follows: Attribution-ShareAlike CC BY-SA


Madalina Cristea

Note: You can submit fan art to stan(dot)faryna(at) Please provide contact information (FB, website, etc. so I can include it like I’ve done above). Unless otherwise specified, all works submitted will be considered as released by the author under the Creative Common’s Attribution-ShareAlike CC BY-SA.

P.S. Success to Madalina who is flying to London today for her audition to be be an acting student at The London School of Arts.


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