Why I blog. Because. by Stan Faryna

I’ve enjoyed how other bloggers have answered this important question: why do I blog?

@TheJackB recently wrote a soul-searching blog post about why he blogs. It’s a good blog post. If you haven’t read it, I recommend it.


@janetcallaway also wrote an amazingly kind blog post about community building bloggers. Janet tells us about the top bloggers she has met as a blogger. I also recommend her post.


@marcus_baker recently wrote an illuminating blog post on Oprah, blogging, and your calling. The dude’s reply to my comment (to his post) was beautiful.


I blog for many reasons. Why do you blog?

I could write a list a page long. Or three. But here’s my short list. It doesn’t make for a good read, but still I have to write it on the wall. Because.

  1. To discover, recollect, and define myself, my true self, my soul, my history, who I am today, and my future. And, yes, my destiny!
  2. To connect, participate, and, thereby, discover the world from the comfort of my favorite armchair and that nearby mug of latte or tea – people, places, ideas, hope, and things.
  3. To share deeply of myself, my thoughts, and my emotions with the world, to encourage others and unleash potential, and to lift them up or set them straight.
  4. To build thriving, sharing, and authentic relationships and interaction between myself and an other, between others, and between the many and the many.
  5. To build communities where difference, prejudice and good will contribute to discovery, friendship and understanding – but not to the extent that evil goes unpunished. Or sins unrepented. Or unforgiven.
  6. To collaborate with others in the building of a world of we – a better place for you and me. For us.
  7. To mentor; to be a watchman; to be a light unto the world and the salt of the earth.

I write for me. I write for you. I write for us. I don’t always do it well. Nor does the outcome always work out. Actually, outcomes are highly unpredictable. For everything. That’s how God (or the Universe) wants it to be. But, perhaps also, because I am a poor blogger. In other words, a poor writer.

Actually, I’ve been writing online like this since 1989. My first “blog” went up in 2002. And, yet, I still don’t really consider myself a blogger. I’m still trying to get used to the tag. It’s like a new pair of shoes. Even hand-tailored, bespoke shoes need to be broken in. Even if they’ve been in your closet since forever.

Birkenstocks too!

Perhaps, I am reluctant to define myself as a blogger because it’s not what I do for my living. Honestly, I’ve never thought to monetize it. But, perhaps, the offer was never sweet enough to consider making it a job.

For the last 15+ years, I make my living doing corporate communications, design, interactive design, online advertising and marketing, online strategy, and technology. They are all related. Put another way, there’s no way to wrap your mind around the intertubes without these references. An interdisciplinary mind is critical to understand the discontinuities, opportunities, and expectations.

I’ve founded start-ups, designed killer apps, and, bottom line, supported the visions, ambitions and successes of change leaders, mavericks and a few important institutions.

There have been good times. Very good. And bad times. So bad I have pressed my face upon the earth (literally) and asked for God’s mercy and help. But that’s another blog post.

Am I still reluctant to admit to being a blogger? Yes. Because I don’t want to mislead my readers – especially young bloggers. You may or may not get insight on blogging from me. Perhaps by example. But there are better examples than myself. This native comment platform, for example, sucks. It doesn’t help me build a community around my own blog.

I’m at the 10k mark in monthly reads – a milestone to which many bloggers aspire. And it took me forever to get here – nine years!? Fortunately, the milestone wasn’t on the list of things to do. So I didn’t get here by running up that hill. Or running a race. And I don’t intend to start running to the next milestone either – be that 100k or one million.

Such terrible feats and triumphs shall always truly belong to the ambitious, the backstabbers, the forked tongue, the goat footed, and the liars.

Like in real life, I walk the walk.

Like a bear.

Because I stop to scratch my back on a friendly tree. Because I stop to drink from a cold mountain spring. Or roar from the mountain top while God’s thunder claps and lightning flashes.

Because I smell the flowers. Put my nose deep into the petals and pistols and suck the marrow out of life.

Am I crazy? Or are you? Can we both get crazy in our own peculiar way and that will be ok?

Stan Faryna
1 June 2011
Bucharest, Romania

If you’d like to connect with me, follow @Faryna and tweet me up on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/faryna

Or join me in my adventure and trials as I attempt to write my first novel.


About Stan Faryna

Mr. Faryna is the founder and co-founder of several technology, design and communication companies in the United States and Europe including Faryna & Associates, Inc., Halo Interactive, and others.

Stan Faryna served as a Global Voices author and translator. Global Voices is a non-profit global citizens’ media project founded at Harvard Law School’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society, a research think-tank focused on the Internet’s impact on society.

His political, scholarly, social and technical opinions have appeared in The Chicago DefenderJurnalul NationalThe Washington TimesSagarSaptamana FinanciaraSocial Justice Review, and other publications.

Mr. Faryna also served as editor-in-chief of Black and Right (Praeger Press, 1996), a landmark collection of socio-political essays by important American thinkers including U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.


Copyright 1996 to 2012 by Stan Faryna.

Here’s my fair use policy for my content: If you want to share my content with your own audience, you may quote a brief excerpt, if and only if, you provide proper attribution (Source: The unofficial blog of Stan Faryna) with a direct link to the source. Generally speaking, as long as you are not acting as an agent or on behalf of a corporation or institution, I am not interested in any payment for the quotation or use of a complete article. Nevertheless, you may not republish or translate the entire article without my written permission. Send your request for permission via Facebook. Or tweet me up me on Twitter.


8 Responses to Why I blog. Because. by Stan Faryna

  1. Stan, aloha. What a surprise to see myself mentioned here on your blog. Thank you so much for your kind words.

    As you can well appreciate, this blog post made my heart sing because I could so feel the passion behind your words. As Katharine Graham said:

    “To love what you do and to feel that it matters–how can anything be more fun?”

    What a wonderful world it is for bloggers!

    Best wishes for a fantastic day, Stan. Thx again for your generosity and support. Aloha. Janet

    P.S. Didn’t you just love that post that Marcus wrote? As in this post of yours, you could feel the flow Marcus had going as he wrote his post.

    • Stan Faryna says:

      Thank you, Janet. And, yes, you’re right on: What a wonderful world it is for bloggers!

      I also agree with you that Marcus knocked it out of the park when he started to get into callings. And his reply to my comment floored me. In a very good way.

  2. marcusbaker says:

    Hi Stan,

    Thank you for the mention in this post. I appreciate it a great deal.

    I feel honored to have been included with the likes of Janet and TheJackB whose post I read and thoroughly enjoyed by the way.

    Stan I also concur with your thoughts about the blogger label.

    I have never related particularly well to labels that define what I do, although I accept that others need these so they can make sense of their world.

    It’s the inherent narrowness of labels I find challenging. Once I call myself a blogger then I have to be assessed by what others have decided a blogger is and isn’t and should and shouldn’t do. None of this is important for me.

    What is important is why I do what I do. Broadly I do know that I’m called to make connections – with myself, others and my world. I tend to do this best through the written word, so the blogging platform is an ideal channel for me to use.

    Through these connections comes expansion and opportunities to make a difference where possible.

    I love and relate to every one of your reasons for why you blog Stan but then when I looked at them in more detail it seems to me that the same theme of ‘connection’ is common to them all too. What say you?


    • Stan Faryna says:

      We are all connected through our humanity, being and purpose at the most fundamental level. And that means a lot more than most people will even want to imagine. [grin]

  3. TheJackB says:

    Don’t ever sell yourself short. There is nothing wrong or ignoble about being a blogger- thus spaketh Jack Da’ blogger. 😉

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