Mister Hachi, Stupid Poodles, and Sammy the Spam

bucharest's prize chow chow

Mister Hachi ♥ you

A scene from Chapter 1.7 in Book of Carrot, my novel about the end times. READ it here http://wp.me/pbg0R-aE


In this pic, Hachi (sporting his aerodynamic trim) is seen through John’s K-9s. This is a few minutes before John meets Sammy the Spam, the park policeman in Cismigiu Park. Hachi is a chow chow – just sayin.


Sam wondered what the guy’s name was. He wondered where the dog’s blog was at. He’d find out and maybe he’d get someone to hack it.

Stupid poodle, he thought to himself.

Who likes poodles, anyway? Poodles are a chick dog. Poodles suck. Dudes with poodles are fucking loosers.

He looked around. John and Hachi were out of sight.

“Fucking Loser!” Sam shouted.

Fan Art

Media: Digital Art and Photography

Artists: Madalina Cristea and Stan Faryna

Creative Commons license for this graphic as follows: Attribution-ShareAlike CC BY-SA


Madalina Cristea

Stan Faryna


Note: You can submit fan art to stan(dot)faryna(at)gmail.com. Please provide contact information (FB, website, etc. so I can include it like I’ve done above). Unless otherwise specified, all works submitted will be considered as released by the author under the Creative Common’s Attribution-ShareAlike CC BY-SA.


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