A Morning Litany For A Fair Damsel In Distress

Guten Morgen dear heart,

I have a very important song for you this morning. I’m guessing that you’ve never heard it before.

Richard Smallwood & Vision – Be Open

Be open to the Spirit

Be open to the Word

Be open to His power, let it move all through your life

God is moving by His Spirit

Be open and receive it

Be open to His Spirit and you shall blessed

Where is the love?

You write that you want love.

I say to you, be open to Love and receive it with joy and thanks.

A broken heart, like a broken cup, does not hold the love it receives. Like wine from a broken wine cup, love escapes the broken heart.

You cannot enjoy the depth, breadth, and height of love without a heart that has healed – without a heart that overflows with love, light, and joy like a mountain spring.

So you must hold that cup tightly in your hands and receive love with a thankful heart. And your heart will heal.

How do you prepare yourself for everlasting and true love? The wedding preparation must be made before the proposal just as the planning of the wedding party is made long before the wedding date.

Prepare a wedding gown white as the driven snow. Your veil should be simple as innocence itself. But upon your crown, the cardinal virtues should be encrusted like sparkling jewels fit for illuminating a queen’s gracious smile: prudence, justice, temperance, fortitude, chairty, hope and faith.

It is important to understand, dear heart, that we cannot become what we need to be, by remaining what we are.

Immortal Beloved? Ever thine. Ever mine. Ever ours.

You write that you need to be loved by somebody with all his heart.

I say to you, hearts come in all shapes and sizes. With all kinds of designs and intentions. And unequal in truth, goodness, and beauty.

Not any heart will do! Not every heart is strong enough to love fiercely and faithfully. Not all hearts are brave or good hearts.

The poor specimen of your ex-boyfriend’s heart has left your own heart and soul empty beyond measure. Have you not learned your lesson? <smile>

So you now must weigh the hearts of men that you would welcome into your arms, your kiss, and your bed.

Godless men, in general, are not brave hearted. Men without fear of God can not have good hearts. You cannot give a man a brave or good heart; he has it or he does not have it.

If love conquered all, we would not have lost paradise. Yes, Love conquers – but not all. Love rarely conquers pride, conceit and sin. It can conquer all, but only when we allow it too. But who allows Love to conquer them completely and without reservation?

Let love overflow. Let the world be beautiful. This is how Love will conquer you.

Debussy: Claire de Lune

The Problem of Pain

You write that you suffer undeservedly. That you ache deeply.

I say to you, we grow, learn, and rise through necessary failure, challenge, and pain as much as by our fascinations, joy, and success.

We cannot escape consequences any more than coincidence. In fact, postponed consequence and coincidence multiply like the endless reflection of two mirrors facing each other on opposing walls.

Of course, do not seek pain outright to force open wings you yearn to test in flight. But do not fear pain nor dwell upon it over much. When it comes, give it up to God with the wings of a prayer.

So now you must make your heart brave and good – as brave and good as the heart from which you want to love you bravely. Because unequal hearts do not easily suffer inequality.

You must learn to fly even when even your wings are broken. Even when there is no wind beneath your wings. Even when your wings have been cut off and sealed with fire.

Do not underestimate the awesome dignity of your womanhood. Remember Mary, mother of Christ, was a woman – it was a woman that received the salvation of the entire course and hope of humanity into her gentle body.

Do not underestimate the magnificent love that overflows from the ground of your womanhood. It rushes and roars like mighty rivers. It is deeper than oceans. It is broader than unbounded blue skies and starry nights. It is taller than mountains.

Pachebel Canon in D

Promise is pregnant in joyful hearts

You write that you want three children.

I say to you, three is a wonderful and blessed number! God bless you.

But you need a man that has a brave and good heart to be the father of your children – a man that walks with God, a man that can teach your children to live bravely, fully, and well. You need a man that will be true, good and gentle with you.

So do you still regret that you have lost a rude and careless boy with a heart two sizes too small?!

Become the brave-hearted woman you must become and find the brave-hearted man with which you can share the joys, pains, and hopes of brave and true hearts. This is something to look forward to with anticipation, excitement and eager joy. THIS is an adventure of wonder, blessings, and miracles greater than any hunt for the treasures of forgotten kings and terrible pirates.

Do not be idle. Do not let yesterday cast it’s shadow upon tomorrow. Lift up your heart. Be thankful. Encourage yourself. Speak victory – even during the test.

Go gently and lovely amidst the noise, haste and fury…

Forever Yours in Prayer,

Stan Faryna

G: Gabrieli: Canzon septimi toni a 8

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About Stan Faryna

Mr. Faryna is the founder and co-founder of several technology, design and communication companies in the United States and Europe including Faryna & Associates, Inc., Halo Interactive, and others.

Stan Faryna served as a Global Voices author and translator. Global Voices is a non-profit global citizens’ media project founded at Harvard Law School’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society, a research think-tank focused on the Internet’s impact on society.

His political, scholarly, social and technical opinions have appeared in The Chicago DefenderJurnalul NationalThe Washington TimesSagarSaptamana FinanciaraSocial Justice Review, and other publications.

Mr. Faryna also served as editor-in-chief of Black and Right (Praeger Press, 1996), a landmark collection of socio-political essays by important American thinkers including U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.


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10 Responses to A Morning Litany For A Fair Damsel In Distress

  1. Adrian Klein says:

    “Claire de Lune” by Debussy is one of my favorite compositions. I enjoy it most when I experience a broken heart. It helps me. Because I feel my emotions through those gentle notes. Like others, I turn to music especially when I’m sad. The music in the background becomes the soundtrack of my pain and hope.

    When I’m in pain I need to hear something that mirrors my emotions and cries for me. When I’m heartbroken, time stops and my thoughts go deeper. When I’m down, there is nothing else. When it hurts, it burns. The air is heavy, my judgment is blurry, and my steps are heavy and slow.

    When my heart is broken, reason is a hostage. Little devils are whispering in my ear “You are alone my brother, but I’m here for you”. And as that pain grows, I’m looking down and I feel like I’m walking on God’s bread crumbs.

    When my heart is broken, I’m searching the past for answers that are not there. I realize that life is not shorter, time runs faster. When my heart is broken, I remember my grandma and I feel like a little child again. I reach out for her with my heart.

    When my heart is broken, I want to cry but I don’t know where to begin and when to end. When I’m sad, sometimes I laugh when I want to cry. Everything is dark-green. When my heart is broken in pieces, there is no remorse for my sins; regret becomes too complicated. The world becomes a silent film. I feel outside.

    And I’m a super-massive black hole love sucker.

    I’m just beginning to understand that pain can make me a better person – if I don’t let it become a cold fire. It’s hard keeping that cold fire from spreading across my heart and from doing evil. It’s so hard sometimes.

    I’m just beginning to understand that I need to feel pain in order to know how to appreciate happiness. But I don’t know if it’s a fair price.

    I’ll be honest, I break hearts. I don’t make the time for love because there’s things I have to do. I’m selfish. It’s all about me when it comes to love and sex. I take and I don’t give back. But I get sad. I get disgusted with myself too.

    No one told me how to do it differently. Until now, I didn’t see how love and responsibility are one and the same thing. I’m trying to understand, because I feel what you’re saying is right, Stan.

    I’m not ready for true love. I’m not ready to love truly. I’m not dressed for the occasion as you say. I’m not dressed for the ocassion because I thought that love just happens and it conquers all. But I always knew that true love doesn’t just happen – I just didn’t want to admit it to myself.

    Love and responsibility, dude. That’s really deep and really true. How the hell did you figure it out?!

    • Stan Faryna says:

      Adrian: Like opportunity, Love does not present itself to your heart (even if it is right in front of your face) until you are ready to be tested by it.

  2. luminita says:

    You’re killing me softly!

  3. Stan, aloha. What a masterful weaving of story and music. How wise you are to include such perfect selections to play on the heart strings evoking even greater emotion.

    As you no doubt have gathered, Stan, I look forward rather than back. By choice, I do not dwell in darkness or sadness. Stan, I “do not let yesterday cast its shadow upon tomorrow.”

    Rather, I choose to hold to this thought:

    “Love is not blind – it sees more, not less. But because it sees more, it is willing to see less.” ~Julins Gordon

    Stan, the musical accompaniments to this piece are beautiful counterpoints.

    Thx, once again, my friend for such an eloquent sharing of your thoughts. Until next time, aloha. Janet

    • Stan Faryna says:

      Janet, thank you for illuminating the importance of moving forward. The arrow of time moves our attention forward with or without our permission. With only a few supernatural exceptions. This is not an opinion; it is a fact. Like water flowing down. You and I, I do believe, understand only to well, the problems of not being present in the now – not to mention the opportunities, joys and blessings that may be received incompletely like treasure that slips through the open fingers of loosely cupped hands.

      “Love is not blind – it sees more, not less. But because it sees more, it is willing to see less.” ~Julins Gordon

      How beautiful and true that wisdom, Janet! It is one of my faults, I am often reminded. I see more in the world. I see more in a person. So much more than is there today, tomorrow, or yesterday. Good and evil. [laughing]

      Love is not blind. It sees more! Not less.

      Thank you, Janet.

  4. vforvaudeville says:

    What wonderful choice of words and music, Stan. And I have to agree with you, we should always walk forward, the past will only chain us to the pain. We should walk towards LOVE, because it’s the only thing that can set us free.

    And when we finally find it we should fight for it with all our hearts, no matter how hard it is to reach it. We should not be satisfied with the crumbs one tosses at you, in the hope we will get something similar to love, and give up the real one because it’s just too hard to get there.

    “Godless men, in general, are not brave hearted. Men without fear of God can not have good hearts. You cannot give a man a brave or good heart; he has it or he does not have it.” – I’m giving you two thumbs up for this, I’ve been through it, and you are so right! A Godless man will never be able to show you respect, will think that material things are more important than the matters of the soul … and above all they will never be able to give you LOVE, because it’s either unimportant to them, or simply they mistake it for physical attraction.

    Peeps, take Stan’s advice and open your hearts to love, let it conquer you and overflow FROM you. Let it be you the place where it starts and it will undoubtedly come back to you!
    Love is there for us all. God is Love, isn’t that true? So let Him guide you. 😉

    • Stan Faryna says:

      “Love is there for us all.”

      Yes! Love is there. And it is right here and right now! More Love than we can even begin to dream – much more than our appetite craves and, yes, even more after drinking our fill.

      There is more Love in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy. [grin]

  5. luminita says:

    You just can’t judge someone by what you see, because there’s always more things you can’t see with your eyes. The unseen heart can be glorious like the dawn sun. Or as terrible as a black hole. Only your heart can see the unseen.

    Do you look with your heart or with your eyes?

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