Serendipity and meaningful coincidences. And other social media DOHs. 5 Minute Therapy

Do you believe?

Do you believe in serendipitous events, synchronicity, fatefully defining moments, or meaningful coincidence?

Moby and Mylene Farmer, Slipping Away

Have you had one or more chance encounters that feel magical or even fateful? An encounter that is embedded with uncorrelated and unexpected feelings, anticipations, or meaningfulness. Some of you will know what I’m trying to describe. And you will know it – not because you believe in these things. Nor because you imagine them!

You know because you really do know them as real events; these events are in your memory – memories of your concrete experience of the real world.

What do you know?

Knowing and understanding, of course, are different. And we (you and me) are likely to make the mistake of thinking that we believe a thing that we know to be real and true when we lack understanding of a thing.

Consider the irony of the following statements. And never-you-mind the poetic potential. <grin>

I believe in blue skies.

I believe in sunny days.

I believe in roosters that crow at dawn.

Mistaking knowledge for belief, however, is especially frequent when overwhelming opinion does not confirm the inventory of our personal experience and knowledge.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about (serendipity, synchronicity, and meaningful coincidence), you’ve just got a free, five dollar tour of human cognition, metaphysics, and reality. The next logical click for you is to a meditation on black swans. Go and contemplate black swans here.

In other words, move along. There’s nothing else in this blog post for you. Oh – check back here some other day. Because I do write about everything. Eventually.

What is knowledge – if it is not uplifting?

If your heart was pounding from the first question, stay with me. Forever.

Now that you understand that what you believed was, in fact, real and true, how does that make you feel?

What would you have done differently in that moment if you had understood that what you were feeling was real?

How often have you let something or someone slip through your fingers when you knew something was meant to be?

Speak your heart with me.

Stan Faryna
25 June, 2011
Valley of the Roses (Kazanlak), Bulgaria

Speak from your heart!

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