Who said that money can’t buy your happiness?! [laughing]

Money can’t buy you happiness

Money, they say, can’t buy you happiness.

Because happiness is not something a thing can give to you. Nor can you take happiness from a thing. It cannot be extracted like gold from the earth. Because happiness is not in things. For it is not material. It is feeling, it is knowing, and it is love.

It is feeling that reflects our presence in the world. It is feeling that reflects oneness, harmony and beauty. It is feeling that resounds with what is true and good. And the promises of a thousand kisses, falling stars that you speak wishes to, rainbows…

And the hope that glimmers in a thousand tears. That cries out from a sigh. The ache in the aching. Because what is missed and missing is what is true.

Des’Ree, Kissing You

Insufficient funds

So when a friend asks me if I am happy, why do I think about income, savings, property, investments, etcetera?

The insufficiency of funds and resources holds me in its grip – like that shocking message you’ve seen on the atm screen. Insufficiency commands my attention, my mood and, yes, my capacity to love. To give. To be thankful. To be joyful.

Winning the lottery wouldn’t change a thing. I know. Because I could blow through 100 million in a day.

Like a captain of my soul. Or a master of my fate. A cruel, terrible, and heartless captain is insufficiency. I shall, however, make a mutiny in the house of insufficiency.

The heart explained

Perhaps, because I do not embrace small as beautiful. Because, perhaps, small does not seem to fill the growing emptiness in my heart. For as my heart grows to hold all of the world, the emptiness grows larger too.

For as my heart grows to hold all of the world, I want to see it as it is and must be in the world – a beauty that is revealed to me in that world that I am holding in my heart.

By holding you in my heart, I come to know your secrets. I come to know what you could be. Should be. Must be. Because you are so fucking beautiful. And that’s what you truly are. Beautiful.

What is happiness?

Happiness, it turns out, is being truly what one is. And happiness is also in knowing that a thing is truly what it is. And here is love. Love wants us to be always true. True to ourselves. And, yes, love wants us to find, know, and sustain what is true in the world. And love wants what we love to be true forever.

I want you to be true and forever. Not for me! For you! For you. Because I am of no consequence to you. I am no one for you – just a stranger on the bus.

But you – you are everything for you.

And if you will be you, truly and forever, I have participated in giving you the gift of forever. And there’s nothing more important that I could ever do. For me. And, also, for you.

Stan Faryna
12 July 2011
Bucharest, Romania


7 Responses to Who said that money can’t buy your happiness?! [laughing]

  1. What beautiful thoughts you’ve expressed!

    • Stan Faryna says:

      Thank you, Grace. Let me confess that rhe song. I’m kissing you, inspired me. I may have listened to that song 30 times before I knew – without a doubt – what I had to write.

  2. Eugene says:

    Having money may not make you happy in and of itself, but it’ll give you one less thing to worry about so you can pursue your true happiness.

    Plus if something like traveling makes you happy, and you feel yourself more on the road than anywhere else, unfortunately money will be a factor.

  3. Stan Faryna says:

    Eugene, I understand you and your reluctance. But I must be honest with you. For the sake of friendship. So I will just say it from my heart. If you have eyes to see, my friend, let your heart see what I have now to say to you

    You don’t need to worry about tomorrow. It will take care of itself. Everything you need to be happy, true, and forever is given to you – freely. Every day. Every minute. Every second.

  4. bonnie says:

    Your so right about money. To you can’t take it with you when you die.

    Diana blogged about a lady who sold and gave ever thing away to try a year without living on money. That’s a nice follow up to this blog. She’s 69 years old and still lives with out money. She lives off the kindness of others, but she works around the house or business for room and board. If she gets money, she just gives it away.

    Oh by the way you will all ways matter to me. You have inspired me. You helped me. You gave me hope to do things that I never thought I could do.

    Have a wonderful night my friend
    Bonnie Squires

  5. Your last paragraph about happiness really struck a chord with me. After all the trials I have been put through in the past month or two, I realized that I was unable to be happy in a relationship if I wasn’t happy with where I was myself. A break away from my ex-girlfriend has been a wake-up call that helped me discover what really wasn’t working between us. We may have had our differences with opinion and habits, but deep down, neither of us were happy with where we were at in life.

    Money is a huge stressor in life, especially when I have a young daughter to take care of, but I do agree that money can’t buy happiness. I am better off with money than without it if given the choice, of course. The lack of money does not mean I can not strive to do the good work, to create different streams of income for myself, or to reach out and find the bare necessities.

    I don’t have the money now, but I am happier than I was. Walking over an hour a day, lifting weights several times in the week, watching my baseball games and reading when I have time have all helped me improve mentally and physically to the point where I can start doing actual work once again and improve upon my life.

    I don’t think I am capable of blowing a huge sum of money quickly. One never knows until the situation presents itself in front of you though. Hopefully, I will get that opportunity.

    • Stan Faryna says:

      I have several projects in mind. That’s why I could blow through big money. So it’s not like I’d buy a G6 and a yacht – if I had 100 million. Or more.

      For example, I have a concept for a luxury spa resort with three locations that would cost about 100 million. It’s not just about creating world-class wellness centers or effective therapies and uplifting recreation, it’s also about the economic development of rural Romanian areas and the advancement/preservation of traditional/folk culture and tradition.

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