Castleville: Guide, Cheats, Friends, and 100 Free Energy

Castleville: Guide, Cheats, Friends, and 100 Free Energy

Levels 9 to 20: Part One

by Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna plays Castleville

Free Energy for Zynga’s Facebook Game, Castleville

The Castleville energy links are expected to expire within one week of the publication of this blog post. However, you can only use five or so per 24 hours – assuming you have not used any other energy links from your Castelville feed. I hope you get the most out of this as you can. Each active link will provide 10 energy to your kingdom if your are not at your collection limit. I recommend growing a lot of grapes for making energy potions.

Is this Stan?

Will the real Stan Faryna please stand up!

If the links are active and you see the message below, do not attempt to use the other links. Wait 24 hours, come back to this blog post, and start with the next link for free Castleville energy. Over-clicking these or other feed links could result in problems with your Castelville game as many have complained on and off the official Zynga-Castelville forum.

Whoa, friend! You’ve reached the collection limit for now. Try again later.


I have personally verified that the links are active and working at the time I write this blog post.

 Castleville Energy

(1) 10 Energy (2) 10 Energy (3) 10 Energy (4) 10 Energy (5) 10 Energy

(6) 10 Energy (7) 10 Energy (8) 10 Energy (9) 10 Energy (10) 10 Energy

Castleville Guide

How to play Zynga’s Castleville on Facebook for Unemployed Social Media Experts, the Homebound, and Fun-loving People from all walks and talks.

Level 10 Perfection in Castleville

A strategic layout for Level 10 in Castleville. Courtesy of Tim Celan.

The intention of this blog post (and any follow up blog posts) is to share my know-how of Zynga’s Castleville game in order for you to more fully enjoy your experience and efforts within this popular, new Facebook game. Yes, I’d rather inspire you about love, hope, and life, but I acknowledge that my blog posts about Facebook games are as good as it gets in terms of click metrics.

I strongly recommend you share a link to this blog post with all your Castleville friends. Because if they know how to play it, your Castleville experience will also be the better for sharing this guide with them. Post a link to this blog post on your wall every few days and send it to all your Castelville friends by personal Facebook message.

Here’s a short form link for you to use:

I’ve written this Castleville guide with special attention to Castleville’s levels 9 through 20. You should get some good play by following this guide. If you do, please come back and like this blog post, leave a happy comment, or just say “thank you” to me in your heart.

It’s all good like that.

A little music for those who walk into the gloom, Maestro…

I’ll follow you into the Dark by Death Cab For Cutie


I just realized that I can’t write it all in one blog post. So there will be several blog posts. I’ll post the link to the next blog post on this blog post – when the next one is written and published. Anyway, umm, let’s start with the leitmotif – it will help you do the right things to get the most out of your Castleville game.

1. Your Very Own Kingdom

2. It takes Many Kingdoms

3. A Social Gamer’s Etiquette

Your Very Own Kingdom

Make your happy place. Make a castle and a kingdom. Be EPIC! Have your cake and eat it too. But not really. Self help is like that!

Stan Faryna's Castleville Kingdom

My Castleville Kingdom. 1.75M coin. All Royal Buildings. Level 27.

Zynga’s Facebook game, Castleville, is about building a pretty little kingdom that you can call your own. Kinda. 

The good news is no one is going to attack you and catapult your kingdom to dust a la Travian or Backyard Monsters. Or that may be the bad news. Because you are not going to catapult someone’s kingdom to dust.

Unlike life, it is very unlikely that someone will take your candy from you. Err, kingdom. There’s no mortgage on your castle, lands, and titles! Theoretically speaking, as long as Zynga can pay its bills, your kingdom will be there.  Or five years. Or whichever comes first.

Actually, it sounds a little too much like the real world, doesn’t it?!

Zynga has some ideas about what a kingdom should look like. They’ve prepared buildings, decorations, and a story to help you layout a kingdom with the things they had in mind. You will follow instructions provided in quests, manage production and crafting in your kingdom (farmsville, etc.), and earn in game coins and reputation (hearts) in order to buy most of the in game things that make the perfect kingdom for you.

Or so it seems to someone at Zynga. [grin]

Charming Castleville neighborhood by Phaedrah Ellison

A Charming Castleville neighborhood in Phaedrah’s Kingdom

Some of the cool or cute things will cost you crowns which you can buy with real money.

Layout of your kingdom will be a compromise of your good taste (or lack thereof), ambitions, and the various limitations of the Castleville game (land, level, bugs, and other kinds of limits too). I won’t mention your computer’s ability to deal with Flash. That’s a secret between us.

Last but not least, the only people that may ever appreciate your layout design will be less than five percent of your Castleville friends.

Even this little thing, you can not do alone.

Life, as you know, is just like that too.

You’ll need friends to help you. In Life. In Castleville. Lots of Castleville friends to be sure!

They could be existing Facebook friends or you may have to add them or be added by them. Then you send them a request to add you in the game. Or they will send you a request.

You will find the Best Castleville Friends ever by clicking the linked text. I also recommend the Castleville Players Group. AND you can add me – if you like.

You’ll need to request an add to the group before you can spam the wonderful people there with your Facebook friend request. I do, however, recommend sending each of them a message that you want to play with them in the wonderful world of Castleville.

I repeat: you’ll need friends to help you.

That’s something that is a lot like life in a very nice way. Maybe, a very nice way. Because your Castleville friends could become friends in the truest sense of friendship. Not all of them. But maybe one or two. Or three.

It’s up to you. And them. After all, it takes two to tango! And, yeah, it really takes a village of belligerent boat-rockers to change the world for the better.

Ron Paul doesn’t have a chance, does he?!

If you thought I was down on Castleville or Facebook games, you will be surprised by my joy and hope in the possibility of friendship inherent in a Facebook game. Its true! And not only about friendship. I believe there is a possibility for connection, compassion, understanding, and solidarity with the human family. In the face of the challenges of this century, we need to come together right now.

Just like John Lennon sang it so many years ago.

I believe enough to click the heels of my ruby slippers!

I believe that social games are an invention that will serve our humanity. Because, just as Charlie Chaplin (as the Great Dictator) explained about the invention of the aeroplane and radio, “the very nature of these inventions cries out for the goodness in man; cries out for universal brotherhood; for the unity of us all.”

I imagine all the people living life in peace

It takes Many Kingdoms

In order to realize your kingdom in this lifetime, you will need many friends and many kingdoms. Just think for a moment upon our dependence on the global economy and you’ll get it. Or not.

In a previous blog post about Castleville, I threw down the gauntlet with 200. I wrote that the game is not worth trying without your commitment to add 200 Castleville friends. I still think this is a good number and, yeah, it’s not as much of a headache as it first seems to be.

Can you do it with less without a lot of grief? Emphasis on you. Some have. That’s for sure.

You will make most of your coin by visiting your friends’ kingdoms. You will get ingredients for special crafting recipes exclusively or in a timely manner from your friends. Without your Castleville friends, a lot of helpful Castleville friends, you’ll feel dead in the water by level 15.

You will make most of your coin by visiting other kingdoms. I know! I’ve already said it. But it needed repeating. Visiting 200 Kingdoms takes about five hours and you can collect 60,000 to 150,000 coins and 500 hearts. In other words, the kind of coin and hearts you need to build royal buildings or decorate to your heart’s content.

Or almost – if we play make believe. [grin]

A Social Gamer’s Etiquette

It may not occur to you that you are participating in a game platform that’s passed off as a social game. Social games are the future of social networks- the click metrics infographics are out of this world (whatever that means!). That’s why Facebook has them. Didn’t you know?

It’s all about the clicks, stupid!

But what about the world economy?! Gary Shilling, Forbes Columnist, predicts the global recession to continue and deepen for 2012 and advises market players to bet against recovery in order that the few can make outrageous gains while the gloom swallows up the rest of us.

Where were we?

Oh – communication skills are required in social games. You really do need to know more things than basic reading and writing. And some sense of etiquette. Oh – I know that may seem too much for me to suggest, but there’s a lot of baby boomers playing Facebook games. They bring old school sensibilities and people skills. Civility, reciprocity, and appreciation – in other words.

Some maths may also be helpful to you.

A charming Castleville pond scene by Cecili

A charming Castleville pond scene in Cecili’s Kingdom

You need lots of Castleville friends to…

1. Have Kingdoms for you to visit in order to complete quests, collect coins and reputation, and  get some ideas about how to layout your kingdom.

2. Send you requested ingredients for crafting in a timely manner

3. Invite or accept your application to crew royal buildings in their kingdom.

4. Visit your kingdom and tend royal buildings for which they crew  in order for your royal buildings to level up and increase your castle score

5. Visit your kingdom to accelerate crafting projects – especially those projects that take days to complete

6. Share insights, cheats, tricks, questions, and, oh yes, complaints about all the annoying bugs in the game.

(Im)perfect strangers are not helpful. They may have been enthusiastic to add you as a Castleville friend but if you don’t talk to them or they don’t talk to you, it is unlikely that they will do much of anything to help you level up, complete quests, or build your castle score.

Be Courteous

Say thank you in a personal Facebook message to them – if they do some of the things you need of them . Even if they forgot to thank you for doing the same for them.

Visit every friend’s kingdom as often as you can (daily is nice when you can) as that’s the second best way for them to take notice of you.

When you grab something from your Castleville Facebook feed, be sure to like it and make a friendly comment such as thanks, TY (thank you), nice, w00t, or the enthusiastic awesome! Your likes and comments will help people feel they are not alone in this world. [grin] And it will help other players get an idea if anything is left to be collected on that link.

Be Attentive

Pay attention to incoming requests. Daily – even if you log-in once per day to accept requests.


Pay attention to the signs.

Bigger Duhhh!

Where you see a prohibiting sign (circle with a diagonal line through the middle), don’t mess with that area of someone’s kingdom. Usually, you will see that sign by trees.

Don’t chop down those trees. Or you may find yourself deleted as a Castleville and Facebook friend. The 20+ level crowd are more likely to delete you as a friend than others for such offense.

Some players set up areas in their kingdom where you can chop the trees or break rocks. Those players will indicate this with a sign with a green arrow that is pointing downward. Have at it.

Be Hospitable

Build as many buildings that provide higher payoff to visitors according to your level. In other words, make it worthwhile for those who do not crew royal buildings to get decent coin out of the visit to your kingdom. But don’t just build those buildings, do not collect from those buildings. Allow your visitors to collect from those buildings.

For example, by level 15, you should have Isadora’s wagon (worth 105 coins to a visitor), Sonja’s house (worth 75 coins to a visitor), and three chateaus (worth 60 coins to a visitor). As I mentioned, do not directly collect tax from these residences. Allow your visitors to collect the tax for you. And they will. With enthusiasm.

By level 20, you should have Isadora’s wagon and three mansions as your hospitality suite. In addition, several crown-bought residence like the gingerbread, pumpkin or other limited offer residences would make a savory snack for the wary clicker.

I have seven delicious gingerbread residences in my hospitality suite.

Here is a definition of hospitality.


If your most helpful Castleville friends visit your kingdom everyday, make an effort to visit their kingdom, everyday. Generally speaking, you won’t get more than 40 visits in a day – every day. You can easily visit 40 people in the course of a day with four log-ins in 15 to 20 minute increments.

Be Helpful

In other words, send your Best Castleville Friends (BCFs) a Facebook message every now and then and offer to help them out. Also, look for opportunities to help your Castleville friends out without them having to ask for it every time. For example, while you’re visiting their kingdom, check out their workshops, studios, and kitchens. If you see a crafting project that takes days to craft, give them a click to accelerate that crafting project. Or five. Angle Finders come immediately to mind. Also, Carrot Cake, Catapults, and Castleberry Punch.

Castleville Cheats

The top three Castleville cheats have names. I made them up – of course.

Can you tell that I have been brain washed by all the iPhone hype?!

Blame my friend and tech blogger, Carolyn Nicander Mohr.

1. The Slip

2. The Slide

3. The Pinch

The Slip

Summon three or four gloom beasties in a corner of your kingdom that doesn’t effect buildings or other things. This prevents the random spawning of gloom beasties. It does not prevent quest-related spawning of gloom beasties – so you won’t mess up your quests with this Castleville cheat. As you know by level 9, randomly spawned gloom beasties can mess up your energy budget. This cheat gives random spawning a slip (as in the jargon use of the word to escape) and you can go about your business of managing your kingdom down to the last energy for the log-in.

The Slide

Sometimes you want a crafting project to be done now – especially those projects that take days. You can get your Castleville friends to help you “slide” it to completion by accelerating the project 5x each. Three or four people usually can slide a multi day cafting project into completion within a few hours. What they do is accelerate the crafting building with the special crafting project, reload your kingdom, accelerate the same building, reload your kingdom, etcetera. Each friend can do this Castleville cheat once per 24 hour period.

The Pinch

As you go from kingdom to kingdom, you will get frustrated by the lack of hospitality suites. You will also get frustrated by the serious amount of coin you will need to build some royal buildings. The Observatory, for example, costs 500,000 coins each. For most people, that’s five to ten days of daily visits to all the kingdoms on your Castleville friend menu (some call it Castle Way).

In order to maximize coin collection for royal building purchases, use the Pinch. The Pinch is like the slide. When you pinch, you go to a kingdom, identify the highest paying building (Isadora’s wagon is one example), you click it, reload the kingdom, click it, etcetera. You have five energy to expend per kingdom that you visit per 24 hour period. This is one way to ensure you get at least 550 coins out of a visit to a level 14 or higher kingdom – especially if you don’t crew on royal buildings in a particular kingdom.

Unfortunately, the pinch does not work on royal buildings for which you serve as crew.

Next Two!

Actually, I just finished the next post of Castleville Cheats. Click the link to get there.

“Next Two” was a cheerful reference to Desktop Tower Defense. It was what you heard when you released the next level of monsters. [Update 01.26.2012]


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If you think that this blog post sucks, let me know in your comment and don’t forget to include a link to YOUR favorite blog post.

If you think this blog post rocks, tell me why it rocks in the comment. “Awesome,””Great post,” etc. works for me. Don’t forget to include a link to YOUR most recent blog post.

Stan Faryna
09 January 2012
Bucharest, Romania


No fairies were harmed during the writing and publishing of this blog post.

But you may say that I’m a dreamer. But, hey, I’m not the only one.


28 Responses to Castleville: Guide, Cheats, Friends, and 100 Free Energy

  1. Well, sounds like you certainly know your stuff. I’m not a gamer so I will have to take your word for it.

    Hope you are still getting better my friend.

    • Stan Faryna says:

      Thanks Bill! I’m actually glad you saw this blog post. I know that’s a strange thing to hear from me. But I’m working on a blog post that will explain why this blog post should be interesting to bloggers.

      It may even answer the question that you ask on your awesome blog: What am I, chopped liver?

      Still recovering. And impatiently.

  2. Weirdo. Go write a book, would ya?! LOL, each time you post one of these, I think it MUST be your little guy!

    These requests I get…DAILY….MULTIPLE TIMES, DAILY about different FaceBook games blow my mind! I ignore or block the game, THEN (!!) some brilliant human (not unlike one of my favorite men!) goes and makes 6 more for FaceBook!! Geeze.

    Come on Stan. I’m still over here in the mountains, sucking information and lessons dry from the posts I read and explore! Please write me one!


    • Stan Faryna says:

      My attention to Facebook games will make some sense. Soon. I hope.

      As I mentioned to Bill, I’m working on a blog post that will explain things.

      But I do want to say, my shit-eating grin at Bill’s notice of my picture on your filing cabinet has not faded.

  3. Love how you divided the sections of this – a monster article.

    • Stan Faryna says:

      Thanks for noticing Saul. And stopping by. I often think of you and hope you are doing well. Really, I do. No, REALLY!

      Note: If you need a good man in Japan to be your bilingual business liaison, Saul Fleischman is your man. Learn more about Saul here.

  4. Betsy Cross says:

    Thanks for the mention, Stan. Even my mom liked that post. She’s so hard to please.
    I have to hand it to you for your dedication to the game! And to provide links to help out your friends…I don’t know if I dare shere. I might get sucked back in!

    • Stan Faryna says:

      It’s a dedication to the people who play the games. Castleville too. When you feel their hopes, their dreams, and disappointments, I can’t NOT give something back. Obviously, I have mixed feelings about the actual games and big corporate strategy to make an easy buck. [grin]

  5. Well done! I’ve shared the link on my fb page. You’ve piqued my interest too, waiting patiently to read your blog update that explains your attention to detail in facebook games.

  6. Stan Faryna says:

    Thanks for sharing the link, Phaedrah!

    And thank you for the little signs in your kingdom. It touched my heart at a needed moment.

    I think it was your kingdom. [laughing] Sometimes, 200 kingdoms go by in a long blur.

  7. lol It was me! I said “Hi Stan!!” It didn’t stay up long because I decided to move things around, so I wasn’t sure if you had even seen it! I’m glad you did, you’re a very big part of my enjoyment in that game.

  8. I don’t play Castleville, but was still very impressed with your article. I shared it with my Farmville neighbors on Facebook. 🙂

  9. Stan Faryna says:

    This is a shout out to the Peacock Bar-Cafe-Slum in London:

    Your black hat (dunce capped?) SEO sucks so bad that the WordPress spam filter caught five instances of your comment spam for just this one blog post.

    Thank you for being so amusingly pathetic.

    Yeah, your sad website is here:

    If you had wanted a friendly, direct link from this high-volume-traffic blog post so very desperately as is obvious you do, you just had to message me. [laughing]

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  12. Loving that shout out to the Peackcock spammer!

    I’m awed by this blog post, dude. You teach the noobs how to write a game guide. It’s not just a game guide, it’s also about life, love, and the world. DUDE! Many links lead off to many wonderful things.

    You rock hard, Stan. You’re hardcore.

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  15. ivyvine420 says:

    The spawning of 3 beasts seems to no longer work the same. I had been keeping “pets” for a while now, and sometime in the past week or so, I started to get random beasts appearing even with my 3 pets. This might have been just before Hazel showed up in game. I cannot spawn anymore (I have 3 Yeti currently), but I am finding that – even in the past couple of hours – I have had multiple beasts show up while I was feeding animals and the like. They were NOT beasts that were part of a storyline either. I am sure I would probably be getting many more if I did not have my pets, but it no longer keeps extras from showing up in your kingdom.

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