Blog Soup 01.17.2012 How to curate people and other social media DOHs

blog soup 01.17.2012

How to curate people and other social media DOHs

by Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna

Don’t Quit!

1. What can Woody Allen teach you about writing? by J.M. Bell

Bell draws important lessons for writing from Woody Allen.

He writes:

Give the reader freedom to infer.

Think of writing as subtle filmmaking. A few things are actually more impactful and resonate more when they happen off-camera.

The unsaid has power. Allusion is the story equivalent of an amuse-bouche — it puts the reader in the mood for a hearty meal. Innuendo is another dangerous weapon, a bush knife in a velvet sheath.

My comment:

Betsy Cross insisted that I read your blog post right away. Perhaps, because I recently expressed my fears to her – fears that my writing, linking, and other things strike too hard and with unwanted consequence.

I get the mild impression, for example, that most are reluctant to comment on my blog posts in fear of what I might reply OR in fear what others will think of them if they are seen commenting on my blog. I’ve been told this by a few in confidence. And, wow, that sucks! It sucks to be me.

Betsy’s recent blog post is about her social media experiment

Oh yeah – blogville is a lot like high school as Bill Dorman observed in a recent blog post, What am I chopped liver?

And Amber-Lee Dibble, Alaskan wilderness master guide, seems to have had other kinds of high school problems, herself. Big hug to you, Amber-Lee!

Heck, I can’t even write a facebook game guide for Castleville without throwing in my thoughts about life, the world, and whatever.

Woody Allen is a man that comes to himself and us with a lot of questions – sublime and profane.

His arrogance is enormous – as tall as a New York City skyscraper, but I think even Mr. Allen appreciates the irony of being Woody Allen.

Awesome post!

Um, Bets, are you suggesting I should leave more unsaid? [laughing]

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2. What is up with Triberr these days? by Bill Dorman

Bill Dorman kindly treats the problem of the defection and apathy of triberrites when the automagical magic stopped happening.

My comment:

Triberr remains relevant. Triberr inspired blog soup! I also have faith that Dino and Dan will tune it to a higher relevance. There will be ups and downs along the way, but that’s like anything worthwhile.

Even a Porsche comes with headaches – not to mention that a Porsche is all about performance and not comfort. It’s amazing that Porsches have power windows and the salesmen will look you in the eye and say just that! [grin]

Taking out the automagical mechanism was not merely a test for triberrites or their commitment to sharing and curating people. It created a challenge for Dino and Dan – a challenge they must overcome.

Social Media, generally speaking, is a lot of work and time for poor results. If a business doesn’t have much (or any) money for advertising and marketing (online or off), social media is more relevant than less. Triberr’s automagical feature solved a problem in this regard, it significantly reduced the work and time to get the message out.

Triberr’s automagical feature made all of our lives just a little easier.

Taking out the automagical feature sucked for everyone. Dino and Dan must have freaked out when they had to make and execute that decision. I feel for them. It prolly came like a kick in the balls. A drop kick – no less.

But I have to say that even those who do their daily check-in and approve the tweets are still a long way from the community mind-set that is needed to advance themselves and their tribemates the next ten yards. Dan and Dino are also counting on the triberatti to lead the way.

I’ve been sick for 40 days, myself. It may or may not be a excuse.

On the other hand, in my sick leave, I was saddened that no one picked up the ball with what I had been trying to do in my tribes. Maybe, no one wanted to presume. Maybe, they were busy.

Actually, I don’t find the fault with anyone. Perhaps, I failed to teach my tribe members that each of us is called to step up and move the tribe forward as the opportunity and vision presents itself to each individual. The tribe is and was never about me, the chief. It is and was always about us.

In the Rockstars tribe, we have imperfectly tried to expand the value and scope of the tribe through a tribe blog, tribe twitter account, a tribe twilah page, and a tribe When I say we, I mean Betsy Cross. And Betsy teasingly likes to remind me that she is not getting paid to be the tribe secretary. Betsy should get paid and it could be a part time job for sure.

I help Betsy when I can. But my two hours per week of tribe promotions doesn’t compare to Betsy’s time.

Betsy’s blogs are Silent Leaves and Remember… a family history

So here we go down the rabbit’s hole.

Are you REALLY ready to take your tribe to the next ten yards?

How often do you give links (to blog posts, twitter, and facebook) and love to your tribemates in your own blog posts?

Bill Dorman, I believe, does it quite a lot.

Recently on my blog:
Do you describe yourself as a social media [fill in the blank]? Really?!

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3. Partners You Can Trust: Alaska Chick and Thunder by Amber-Lee Dibble

It ain’t easy. But if it was easy, it wouldn’t be an adventure that makes for life-long memories and stories.

Amber-Lee vividly describes how glacial rivers are crossed and safe-routes are assured by a master guide. This is not for the faint of heart!

My comment:

Awesome! More please.

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4. Are you in the service industry? by Yomar Lopez

Yomar praises Build-A Bear Workshop and has some deep thoughts about what service is all about.

My comment:

Important points that Yomar makes in this blog post:

1. Give your customers a place to speak freely and openly about their experience. There’s no better way to learn what you are doing right and wrong.

2. Respond to negative feedback with sympathy, concern, and an urgent desire to resolve a misunderstanding, faux pas, or [gulp] horrendous blunder.

3. Support that sucks is not support.

4. Reward your best customers according to their contribution- the people that act as brand evangelists and loyal fans.

Did I miss anything?

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5. How to Jump on the Content Marketing Bandwagon by Eugene Farber

Eugene Farber explains content marketing:

Content marketing is attracting and/or retaining customers by creating or curating valuable and compelling content on a consistent basis to maintain or change a behavior.

My comment:

I like Eugene. He’s one awesome young professional. I appreciate his endeavor and ambition. And, most of all, his enthusiasm.

The infographics are too cool. The numbers are exaggerated. 52% of consumers say blogs have impacted purchase decisions? Sorry, but that ain’t even half the truth. That’s not Eugene’s fault! The fault is in the so called experts he uses as sources. Mashable, for example.

Forgive me for speaking out of my ass, Eugene. You know that I think the world of you.

And the truth is out there, Eugene. You shall overcome. You will succeed. Never give up!

And Eugene is going to figure it out. So DO stay tuned to this amazing young professional’s journey in social media and online marketing.

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If you think that this blog post sucks, let me know in your comment and don’t forget to include a link to YOUR favorite blog post.

If you think this blog post rocks, tell me why it rocks in the comment. “Awesome,””Great post,” etc. works for me. Don’t forget to include a link to YOUR most recent blog post.

Stan Faryna
17 January 2012
Bucharest, Romania


No fairies were harmed during the writing and publishing of this blog post.


8 Responses to Blog Soup 01.17.2012 How to curate people and other social media DOHs

  1. Betsy Cross says:

    You’re a nut! I’m going to start charging you for mentioning me! You know how embarrassed I get!! LOL!
    Some really good posts to read and blogs to subscribe to. Eugene’s I don’t get to often because I’m not too interested in business yet.
    But every time I visit, I’m impressed.
    Yomar…he can write, and write, and write! That post was packed with good stuff.
    I love Bill! He’s so steady and true. He writes great posts, but most o f the fun is in the comment section.
    You KNOW I love Amber-Lee! Someday my comments will stick. That said, she always succeeds at making me feel like I’ve been right there with her, physically and/or emotionally.
    Bell’s? Oh, my! I enjoy his writing so much, mostly because it’s who he IS. He’s not trying. He’s just getting on the outside what’s living inside that crazy brain of his !

  2. You do a fine job with these round ups. It is always clear that you have taken the time to read the posts you share.

  3. I do have to wear my hoodie on the way over…….if someone wants to ‘unfollow’ me because I’m hanging out over here it is certainly their prerogative. I didn’t know we had to take sides………..

    Great blog soup, you must be getting close to being among the living again. Thanks for sharing…….

    • Stan Faryna says:

      I appreciate how you show up, Bill. Your showing up is an encouragement to me. Thank you.

      In high school, I did my best to be me, to discover and define myself on my own terms, to mingle, and, YES, to party hard on occasion. I suppose I was amusing to some in that regard.

      JM Bell would have been proud if he knew me in high school.

      There was some conflict with the jocks with lettered jackets and desperate soldiers from time to time. Regarding the contest for the prettiest of young ladies – of course. There were more than a few times, I found myself waking up in the girls’ college dorms of the local university. Because I wasn’t succeeding in the home game.

      The college guys didn’t like that one bit. [laughing]

      I’ve started to eat solid food again. The swelling of my liver, kidneys, prostate, and intestines is manageable. Ironically, the most effective treatment has been drinking two shots of 100 proof rose brandy every morning.

      Honestly, I didn’t like the idea when it was suggested to me by grannies that know some things. And I struggled to throw the shots down, but it’s easier now after a week.

      It’s a heck of a way to start the morning!

  4. Eugene says:

    Thanks for the shout out Stan. The infographic is not one I created myself…just curating the content and sharing something I found interesting.

    However, I am always weary of the infographics myself. You know what they say…there’s lies, damn lies and then there’s statistics. 🙂

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