Blog Soup 01.25.2012 Wednesday Women: A Celebration of Woman

blog soup 01.25.2012

Wednesday Women: A Celebration of Woman

by Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna

Berlin, Take My Breath Away

1. Happy Birthday to The Wonder of Tech! by Carolyn Nicander Mohr

It’s the one year blogiversary for Carolyn Micander Mohr’s blog, The Wonder of Tech. But this is no mere symbolic milestone because Carolyn has achieved a reach and audience that most bloggers can only hope for. And she’s not all just about iPhones and Androids either!

And the coolest of the cool came to Carolyn’s party! Here’s just a sampling of the kudos Carolyn is getting from the blogosphere.

Jens P. Berget:

I can’t believe that you’ve manage to all this in such a short time. It’s just amazing. You’re a huge inspiration, and I feel like I’ve known you for many many years.

Kaarina Dillabough:

This tech-not will continue to stay tuned :) Congrats again!

Jack Steiner:

Happy Blogiversary. I am so glad that I found your blog. I really enjoy coming here and have found a lot of good tips. I look forward to seeing what else you come up with.

Harleena Singh:

I just can’t believe that you have achieved such success within such a short period of time- it is truly commendable!

Bill Dorman:

You are doing beyond great Carolyn, let’s see what the next year brings.

Jayme Soulati:

Absolutely, fabulous.

My comment:

Happy blogiversary! You’re a shooting star, Carolyn. Keep on doing the awesome that you do!

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2. martin luther king, jr. by Dr. Brené Brown

Dr. Brené Brown illuminates Martin Luther King Jr.’s thoughts on light, darkness, and love.

My comment:

Dr. Brené Brown’s TED talk, The Power of Vulnerability, inspired me to speak about love. But I am not the only one inspired by her TED TALK. My friend, Janet Callaway, and many other bloggers are among Brown’s fans.

So I wondered what she’s been up to and then I came to see for myself. I like it. As it turns out, Brené Brown is a magic pixie!

But I need more!

And I need more light. And others too. Recently, yet another Tibetan set himself on fire in protest to the oppression of man by man. It breaks my heart.

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3. People Are Like Diamonds by Susan Mazza

Speak up. Step Up. Stand up. That’s what Susan Mazza is saying.

About speaking up, Susan writes:

If you feel you have been labelled in a way that limits or diminishes you in some way, don’t let it slide – speak up.

About stepping up, she writes:

Stepping up is about taking personal responsibility through your actions for who you are, how you occur, and what you do in the world regardless of your circumstances or what other people do or say.

About standing up, she writes:

Standing up is about being willing to declare a commitment and then backing up that commitment with your words and deeds.

My comment:

Looking around the internet, I want to see more people speaking up, stepping up, and standing up. For the right thing. Speaking from their hearts. Doing the right thing.

As their own conscience, heart, reason, or perhaps, even God, dictates – not as I dictate.

I want to see more people living bravely, feeling strongly, and being true. And if you want to see it too , you and I must lead by example. We must exhibit the beauty of it, the goodness of it, and the trueness of it. We must show the world how brightly love shines.

Are we shining? Or have we become monsters?

Heroism, holiness and a fully formed conscience is the antidote to the banality of evil.

And self-defeat.

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4. Day 497 by Nisha Varghese

When opportunity knocks, open selectively.

That’s what Nisha learned on Day 497 of her blog, Adventures of Me.

Nisha’s blog is about the challenges she faces living with Cerebral Palsy, her journey towards independence, and a gauntlet that she throws down to haters and pitiers. Because Nisha is MORE than her disability.

My comment:

I’m so happy for you that you got a job! No job is easy and meetings will suck, but what a wonderful milestone in your journey!

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5. From Average Student to Father of Physics by Sandra McLeod Humphrey

He was considered an average student. The other kids bullied him. Later, he earned his keep at Cambridge University by cleaning the rooms of other students, serving them meals, and doing other odd jobs.

But he was also the first scientist to be buried among Britian’s kings and queens in London’s Westminster Abbey.

Who? Go read Sandra’s blog post!

My comment:

I very much enjoy how Sandra illuminates the lives of heroes and giants like Harriet TubmanClara Barton, Maya Angelou, and Booker T. Washington. She teaches us through her short, mysterious biographies. She teaches us wonderful things about ourselves through the lives, struggles, and accomplishments of others.

What was most interesting to me about this scientist (apart from what Sandra has to share with us) was that he also believed in God and, more specifically, in Christ: his divinity, his sacrifice, and his resurrection. And, more interesting than his faith to me was that he was very certain that Christ shall return.

By the scientist’s own calculation, Christ returns in 2020 something.

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If you think that this blog post sucks, let me know in your comment and don’t forget to include a link to YOUR favorite blog post.

If you think this blog post rocks, tell me why it rocks in the comment. “Awesome,””Great post,” etc. works for me. Don’t forget to include a link to YOUR most recent blog post.

Stan Faryna
25 January 2012
Bucharest, Romania


No fairies were harmed during the writing and publishing of this blog post.

15 Responses to Blog Soup 01.25.2012 Wednesday Women: A Celebration of Woman

  1. Thanks so much for the mention, the ping, and kind words Stan!

    Yes indeed, Carolyn has been very kind to nominate me on the first anniversary of her blog.

    Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

    • Stan Faryna says:

      It’s wonderful how Carolyn shares her excitement and glory by lifting others through her seven links! And congratulations to you, Harleena!

  2. Thanks for the mention Stan 🙂

    • Stan Faryna says:

      There’s a poem by Maya Angelou that you might you like. The title is Phenomenal Woman.

      Pretty women wonder where my secret lies.
      I’m not cute or built to suit a fashion model’s size
      But when I start to tell them,
      They think I’m telling lies.
      I say,
      It’s in the reach of my arms
      The span of my hips,
      The stride of my step,
      The curl of my lips.
      I’m a woman
      Phenomenal woman,
      That’s me.

      I walk into a room
      Just as cool as you please,
      And to a man,
      The fellows stand or
      Fall down on their knees.
      Then they swarm around me,
      A hive of honey bees.
      I say,
      It’s the fire in my eyes,
      And the flash of my teeth,
      The swing in my waist,
      And the joy in my feet.
      I’m a woman
      Phenomenal woman,
      That’s me.

      Men themselves have wondered
      What they see in me.
      They try so much
      But they can’t touch
      My inner mystery.
      When I try to show them
      They say they still can’t see.
      I say,
      It’s in the arch of my back,
      The sun of my smile,
      The ride of my breasts,
      The grace of my style.
      I’m a woman

      Phenomenal woman,
      That’s me.

      Now you understand
      Just why my head’s not bowed.
      I don’t shout or jump about
      Or have to talk real loud.
      When you see me passing
      It ought to make you proud.
      I say,
      It’s in the click of my heels,
      The bend of my hair,
      the palm of my hand,
      The need of my care,
      ‘Cause I’m a woman
      Phenomenal woman,
      That’s me.

  3. alaskachick says:

    I can’t wait to go check out Sandra McLeod Humphrey! SHE sounds very interesting. I love these soups, I find the coolest new folks this way.

    Carolyn, Nisha and Susan are some of the people I hold close and dear. They each have taught me so many different things. How to do this “stuff”, how to live a better life and how to be a better person thus manager and trainer.

    I started two more books last night! They both got me really excited and chased the Lizard back into the cracks he hides in.
    Thanks for this.

    • Stan Faryna says:

      Your blog post, A story without Love, made me curious about Hugh McLeod.

      So I found myself at Gaping Void.

      And I had a good laugh at Gaping Void’s business card for Shit Creek Consulting.

      The tagline on the business card is:

      After the Big Boys fuck it up completely, feel free to give us a call.

      The cowboy talk is meant to start a conversation.

      It speaks to our pain and disappointment. It also speaks to our frustration with cheap, generic, scaled-out answers that promise a lot but never really solve our problems. And saying that, President Barrack Obama’s recent 2012 State of the Union address is as good as an example as it gets. [laughing]

      But remembering the title of your blog post, A Story Without Love Is Not Worth Telling, I suddenly considered that Hugh has failed to create a truly social object. Because a truly social object has to be about love, leadership, and other wonderful things too.

      I can only imagine what a strange fellow Hugh McLeod must be. [grin]

      Big hug to you, Amber-Lee.

      P.S. I don’t know anything much about lizards or lizard brains- beyond the apparent cold-blooded animation of sociopathic appetites. But I do remember trying to catch a lizard at my great grandmother’s orange grove when I was a child. All I caught were tails. And that was no fun.

  4. This post touched me so deeply and I have yet to pinpoint one specific reason. All in all I feel humbled. Go figure that one out! It was as if each post (and posts added at the end to read) had something to teach me.
    I re-watched Brown’s TED talk and read her other posts. I thought I’d understood before. I didn’t.
    And thank you for Sandra’s post…I thought I had subscribed to her blog. Nope.
    Nisha and Carolyn always amaze me with their focus and tenacity. They are both so beautiful! It was wonderful to see Carolyn honored. And Nisha with her new business! I know (because we talked this morning) that she’s accepting new clients. She manages Twitter accounts, etc. She’s so excited!
    Susan Mazza’s blog is so insiring. I even read Frank Sonnenberg’s post on Trust. Good one.
    I really needed this collection today.
    Thanks, Stan!

    • Stan Faryna says:

      I’m glad to hear you liked the blog soup today. That it helped.

      Sometimes, I wonder. I wonder, what am I doing? Does it matter?

      Especially when my GF asks me what I did today and I tell her. And she wonders what the hell is wrong with me. [laughing] I can see the disappointment in her eyes. I can hear her thoughts in the disapproving tone that she’ll speak to me with. For the rest of the evening.

      She can’t see much good coming of my blogging. I suppose it’s like watching me make a garden where nothing interesting to her seems to grow. Of course, she did like the pod casts, but the blog posts just aren’t interesting reading for her.

      I understand her.

      She’s concerned about keeping her job in the face of a third year of a depression that just gets worse. It doesn’t help that I suggest it will go for another four years – considering the lack of honesty and courage of government, journalism, and peoples.

      She’s concerned about whether or not she’ll be able to save enough money to send her daughter to camp in the summer. The cost of food, clothing, and other things increased by 100 percent in the last 12 months. And the official statement is that inflation rose a modest five percent last year in Romania.

      And, yeah, she’s concerned about me, my health, and if I don’t answer the phone,for a day does that mean that I’m wrapped up in work or writing (I’m a pain in the ass that way) or if I’m doing poorly. Or dead.

  5. Stan, Thank you! I am humbled by your mention as well as to be in the company of such amazing women. I was deeply touched by the well-wishes I received from my blogiversary celebration. This past year has been a wonderful adventure, enhanced in no small part by meeting you and becoming a Rockstar!

    Thank you very much for your abiding support, inspirational leadership and loyal friendship.

    • Stan Faryna says:

      Just remember that when you get tapped to get an iPhone 5S and asked if you know any other bloggers that might like one too, remember my name. [big smile]

      Big hug to you, Carolyn.

  6. I knew you couldn’t miss a good party; Carolyn throws quite the bash, huh?

    Good peeps here, sir.

  7. Stan Faryna says:

    I was reading a poem written to give tribute to Pablo Neruda, Langston Hughes, and Maya Angelou. And I thought of you, Bill.

    The poem’s title is Pablo Neruda, Langston Hughes, and Maya Angelou. The poet is John Tiong Chunghoo. And it’s about you!

    It goes like this:

    i am a sky, i change with the day
    in the morning, i am coloured
    with a brightness of orange
    that cheers up everybody
    with a fresh hot cup of coffee
    i am the sky,

  8. bonnie67 says:

    Very inspiring! Thank you for lifting me up.

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