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blog soup 02.10.2012

posthumorously [sic]: super bowl ads, dance cards, and curmudgeon-ing

by Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna

This song is dedicated to all the bloggers out there who just don’t get enough love:

Napoleon XIV, They’re coming to take me away

1. Which of the Super Bowl ads do you remember? by Debbie Laskey and Julia Caramo

Debbie’s thumbs up:

Budweiser’s Clydesdales, Coca Coca’s Polar Bears, and Hyundai’s Cheetah.

Debbie’s thumbs down:

VW’s The Dog Strikes Back, Hulu, and Chevy’s Apocalypse.

Julia’s thumbs up:

M&Ms, Budweiser’s Cyldesdales, Chrysler’s Half Time, and Honda’s play on Ferris Bueller.

Julia’s thumbs down:

Mostly everything else.

My comment:

It continues to fascinate me that there is a growing Super Bowl audience of women and people that don’t fan football. Obviously, Super Bowl commercials are the conversation makers and that is in part due to their growing online virality over the past 12 years. And, to be sure, Americans like to be in the know on the hot topics. HBO TV serials ride that American need for TV talking points for all its worth.

As the Super Bowl ad audience grows beyond the wonders of American, adolescent, male fantasy and validation, so also comes new approaches to capture the attention of a multi-cultural audience and thereby prolong the viral potential and presence of online brand. That’s not going to work out for every ad. [grin]

But the winners shall gather even greater rewards and accolades. And, more importantly, measurable results, bang for the buck, and ROI.

What I didn’t say:

My double-fisted, thumbs up goes to the following…

Actually, that’s not how it works. Like the Black Eye Peas sing it, this ain’t 2008. BAM! Let me tell you how to deal it out with 2012 saavy.


I have included the URLs for each so you can share them with all your friends and family. Because that’s what makes you cool.

Twenty twelve’s Superbowl Ads with Viral Potential

1. Share this Super Bowl ad with the players, the sly and successful, and the masterminds in your life. Because they get it. Unfortunately.

Doritos’ Man’s Best Friend

Copy and paste this link:

Suggested text to accompany your share:

a. This was the same dog on Seal Team Six when they took out Bin Laden.
b. I need 3,260 bags of Doritos, and 102 bags of potting soil.
c. Next party… bring the Doritos. Know what I mean. Hint. Hint.

2. Share this ad with the dreamers, the old and the young, and the people that want to have impact and the ones with the courage to make this a better world.

Chrysler’s Half Time in America

Copy and paste this link:

Suggested text to accompany your share:

a. Freeeeedom! (shout it like Mel Gibson!)
b. Boo-yah!
c. Clint Eastwood for President 2012

3. Share this ad with the slackers and the irrelevant, the OWS wanna-bes, and all those who need a good kick in the pants.

Happy Grad by Chevrolet

Copy and paste this link:–uMXNE

Suggested text to accompany your share:

a. LMAO!
b. Ladies, now you know how to get a marriage proposal out of a young man!
c. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard at a commercial

4. Share this ad with the winners, the sophisticated, those who long for the good old days, and those who long to keep the good times going.

Volkswagon’s The Dog Strikes Back.

Copy and paste this link:

Suggested text to accompany your share:

a. DUHHH! It’s about recapturing lost glory from beginning to end. Yours. Mine. VW’s. You’re welcome.
b. I don’t get it. Do you?
c. The one with the vader kid was funnier.

5. Share this ad with your girlfriends- assuming you are a female.

Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt

Copy and paste this link:

Suggested text to accompany your share:

a. OMG! Dannon ripped off John Butler Trio’s music for this ad and they got away with it!
b. This is the kind of domestic violence we all need more of. [wink]
c. Boo-yah!

6. Share this ad with your friends – assuming you are a male.

Teleflora’s Adriana Lima

Copy and paste this link:

Suggested text to accompany your share:

a. The making of the ad is hotter than the ad!
b. Give and YOU SHALL RECEIVE!!!
c. Think she cooks? Do ya? Really?

7. Share this ad with someone who cries at the movies, someone lonely, or a baby boomer.

The Camry Effect

Copy and paste this link:

Suggested text to accompany your share:

a. Thinking about you.
b. Remember when…
c. I bawled. Don’t tell anyone or I’ll send the Doritos dog.

8. Share this ad with a dog lover.

Bud Light’s Here We Go

Copy and paste this link:

Suggested text to accompany your share:

a. Support your local dog rescue!
b. This dog rocks!
c. Here we go!

9. Share this ad with all your end of the world friends, mad max fans, tribulation church buddies, and reiki masters:

Chevy Runs Deep

Copy and paste this link:

Suggested text to accompany your share:

a. Bug out bag? Check!
b. Just ordered Carla Emery’s The Encyclopedia of Country Living
c. Watch your six!

10. General purpose share.

The Voice’s Vocal Kombat

Copy and paste this link:

Suggested text to accompany your share:

a. My eyes are up here! LMAO!
b. Betty White rocks it!
c. What’s up with cee lo’s Kill Bill jumpsuit?!

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2. The Funny Guy Gets the Job by Jessica Merrell

Writes Jessica:

Accountemps just released a survey with nearly 8 out of 10 executives stating that having a great sense of humor is an important part of fitting into a company’s culture

My comment:

Jessica doesn’t agree. Me either.

But just in case, here’s some help:

How to be funny!

Understand where humor is going!

Share the laffs!

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3. If You Want Fierce Loyalty, You Need To Be Fiercely Loyal First by Danny Brown

Danny Brown is guest posting at Sarah Robinson’s blog, escaping mediocrity.

Everything that Danny has to say is in the title of the blog post. This is not a criticism.

Danny’s pith is awesome like that.

Some, however, may not like that Danny Brown punctuates his lecture on fierce loyalty with the following expletives:

Shit (x2)
Dick (x2)
Ass (x1)

My comment:

Here’s my dance card:

1. Clearly communicate your expectations
2. Do for others what you expect of them
3. Praise, honor, and reward loyalty; lift up those who are loyal
4. Punish betrayal and repeated failure
5. Be merciful – for only the strong can be merciful
6. Forgive those who seek forgiveness AND do penance with a pure heart
7. Be right, be just, and be strong

It’s not perfect, but it works for me.

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4. An Old Man’s Hopes for 2012 by Don Mills

Don has several suggestions to improve upon the quality of life. Here’s two:

Advances in Cryogenics

But not for the benefit of the elderly. Rather, I’d suggest we flash freeze young people, stuff them away in a meat locker somewhere and refrain from defrosting them until either I’ve died or someone has come up with a cure for dumbassery and sass mouth – whichever comes first.

The Power of Positive Gumption

All this new age, positive-thinking hokum smacks me as being the worst kind of bumph since Clark Stanley sold his first bottle of snake oil elixir back in 1893.

Positive thinking as a means to an end is like the American Dream – it’s fine in theory but really only helpful to those with good genes, rich families and access to a decent education. For everyone else – it’s sleight of hand and empty platitudes.

For 2012, instead of folks assuming they can set their life right with little more than a combination of visualizations, affirmations and positive mental brainwaves, I’d like to see people attempting to set reasonable goals and then achieving them through a combination of hard work, determination and the power of positive gumption.

My comment:

Add on for Positive Gumption:

You can not post more than one happy, cute, or uplifting pin from Pinterest per day on your Facebook account. Or you have to pay one dollar to everyone who leaves a comment like STFU (or more politely but likewise) to your Pinterest share.

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5. Social Media 101: Painting the Story of You by Mark Harai

Writes Mark:

Answers are what people want and need.

By sharing your stories, the good, the bad, the ugly, people will have an opportunity to relate with you and they can get a good sense of precisely how you can help them.

My comment:

Keep it real. That’s what Mark is saying. It’s fundamental to social media. That’s social media 101. And I do not disagree.

But that’s not how marketing and advertising is done, you might think to yourself. Don’t you have to capture the imagination?!

Just take a few of the Superbowl ads as an example. Right?

How about the #nomorevampires ad from Audi?

I get it. True Blood ruled the water cooler chat. And vampires always sell. Vampires represent us, our idic self-fantasy.

But who cares if there’s sunlight in a high beam? Maybe, babyboomers. But not the young and the restless. So the problem? It doesn’t map, psychologically.

So the story needs a rewrite.

Vampire brats are partying in the middle of a desert highway. A police car, a Minivan, and  a Ford Explorer is on the bon fire. Grandma is driving the Audi and Grandpa is in the backseat with the grandkids singing happy Barney songs. The car stops. The vampire brats lick their chops and bare their fangs. And then all the vampire brats scream and burn up.

Close up on the custom license plate (VHELSING) as the car drives off to a Barney tune:

I love you and you love me…

How about that Bud Light Platinum Factory ad?

It’s a fail by all accounts. We can’t relate with that automated, futuristic factory where humans don’t have jobs. Duhhh…

How about Hyundai’s Rocky theme ad?

It almost works. But the name, Hyundai, kinda doesn’t fit without any Koreans. If the frustrated professional had been an Asian and he had hummed the last line of the melody, that would have helped. Adding a little humor could help too.

Humor me for another minute?

I was disappointed by all of the Budweiser commercials for the Super Bowl. They were not home-run hits. I doubt they even get to second base.

Budweiser has done some great commercials in the past. Especially when they connect us to our pride in America, the Dream, and the American people.

Who can forget the Budweiser tribute to 9-11?

How did Budweiser go so wrong at this Super Bowl?

Because they failed to speak to us, to the times, and to the crimes by which a nation has been brought to it’s knees by the sharp-dressed enemy within.

Because the Budweiser family are 1 percenters.

And they just can’t understand why Americans can’t just eat cake, drink beer, and let the good times roll. 


Be you. Be true. AND as Adriana Lima says it so well: Give and you shall receive.

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Stan Faryna
10 February 2012
Bucharest, Romania


No fairies were harmed during the writing and publishing of this blog post.

13 Responses to posthumorously [sic]: @DebbieLaskeyMBA @jccarcamo @blogging4jobs @DannyBrown @Mark_Harai

  1. Danny Brown says:

    Don’t forget “fucking” x 1, mate. 😉

    Nice round up, Stan, and thanks for the shout, sir.

    • Stan Faryna says:

      You should have heard me the first month of Johnny. It’s a long story and I actually stole an incubator from another hospital because the hospital where Johnny was born didn’t have one. Well, i’d like to think that the $1000 i shoved into the hand of the security guard was payment, but it’s all semantics, right?

      I wish your baby girl lots of love, joy, and kindness in all her days and nights.

  2. billdorman says:

    Wow, quite the lineup and labor of love to assemble this; very admirable indeed sir.

    That Danny Brown, you just never know what will come from his mouth……….but you can count on it being interesting.

    Good to see my buddy Mark as well.

    • Stan Faryna says:

      There was a good six hours that went into this post. And another hour for formatting. Thanks not noticing. I’m glad Super Bowls only happen once a year!

      Did I make you laugh? At least once?

      That’s the burning question for me.

  3. Ya know…I feel really left out. I can never listen anymore to the righteous music and STUFF you add to your posts! (band width, you see…or lack there of)

    Semantics, indeed. Well done, Daddy.

    Mark and Danny have been a part of my world even longer that that guy above and even yourself, they are great guys… Actually, line the four of you up… add my “Dad”, ….is it really any wonder I am happy sitting here in the woods doing what I do?! How can a simple “guy” compare? They, he, can’t. So, that said, I’ll be happy (and I am) to know there are good, strong and right men in the world, who I am lucky enough to know, call some friends, some mentors and learn all I can while I do the job.

    I grew up with football freaks. When I went to boot camp, I got away….haven’t seen a Super Bowl commercial since. Ha! Seriously!

    Love it, ya just gotta love it, what ever it is, when it includes Danny Brown and Mark Harai!

    • Stan Faryna says:

      I thought you had that internet problem solved?! Are you getting your internet by satellite, radio signal, or cable?

      I’m kinda bummed out though that you can’t hear the music.

  4. Mark Harai says:

    This post is packed with lot’s of great insights to the mind of Stan Faryna!

    I appreciate the plug here Stan, how cool is that!

    I haven’t seen Danny’s f__kfest post yet, but headed over to take a closer look!

    He’s crazy!

    • Stan Faryna says:

      It’s good to see you stop by, Mark. I hope that we’ll be getting to know each other better. Faster. Boldly. And with certain admiration.

  5. Hey Stan, absolutely up for that bro – you have lot’s of cool stuff floating around in that head for yours… I’m looking forward to learning and being inspired : )

  6. Impressive to say the least! Do you ever sleep?

  7. I didn’t get to see the game, or any single one commercial. I did see the grandma sling the baby with the swing set and steal the chips. Justice is served once in a while.
    Stopped by here to say hello Stan. Thanks for the love you have put onto me through the RT’s and such… Appreciate every single bit of it.

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