Steal this recipe for a better world. And other social media DOHs.

Steal this recipe for a better world. And other social media DOHs.

by Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna

Limahl, The Neverending Story

This was my intention. Now it’s my prayer. For you to steal my prized, secret recipe for a better world.

Because if you steal this secret recipe, you will make it yours. Add something else to make it epicly [sic] yours.

I thought the recipe simple enough to be stolen, borrowed, or imitated. However, failing to punctuate each ingredient with cuckoos! may have been decisively poor judgment on my part.

Hereby, I present you with the original recipe of blog soup and the non-exclusive use of the blog soup name.

1. Blog post title and link in bold
2. A link to the author’s twitter or Facebook account
3. Pithy description of the blog post
4. Comment of substantial feeling, honesty, and reflection
5. A dash of this, that element of style: allegory, allusion, alliteration, onomatopoeia, or whatever works
6. A link to subscribe to that blog
7. Three additional blog post titles and links by the same author.

The merit and purpose of blog soup is ingenuous:

Blog soup is a moveable feast – serving and celebrating the voices of our humanity, curiosity, and hope. Also our fears, tears, and joys. And, yes, our triumphs and self-defeat.

Eat and make soup.

For we defy the tyranny of the social media beast – it ever plots to make more efficient commodities. Of you and me!

Soup will fuel, extend, and multiply the underground intertubes. It connects people, us, our creative dignity, and our individual aspirations to live more deeply the hope, truth and experience of the human family.

Hope is ambitious. So should you be! Because together we can build a wonder that shall never fade. But only together…

I stop making blog soup, that you (and you) may seize upon the rewards of love, unabashedly.

word count: 300


The title of this essay was inspired by a verse from the Book of Revelations: “Behold, I am coming like a thief.” Revelations 16:15

I have not received (nor do I anticipate) any kind of compensation for quoting the New American Standard Bible.

Stan Faryna
20 February 2012
Bucharest, Romania

Selected Past Blog Soup: Posthumorously [sic]

1. 02.17.2012

Featuring: @danperezfilms @jasonyormark @thesneeze @CraigMcBreen @TMFproject

2. 02.09.2012

Featuring: @DebbieLaskeyMBA @jccarcamo @blogging4jobs @DannyBrown @Mark_Harai

3. 11.02.2011

Featuring: @janetcallaway @luckyoliver70 @artofmanliness @laugia @Sagoyismdotcom

Selected Past Blog Soup: Wednesday’s Women

1. 02.15.2012

Featuring: @angelamaiers @ardath421 @LisaPetrilli @tobeydeys @DabneyPorte

2. 02.01.2012

Featuring: @wordsdonewrite @bonnie67 @girlygrizzly @atugend @careyfuller

3. 01.25.2012

Featuring: @brenebrown @carpathia16 @Nisha360 @Sandra305 @SusanMazza

Selected Past Blog Soup: Mixed Epiphanies

1. 02.12.2012

Featuring: @TheJackB @Sandra305 @bettnet @eugenefarber @brennermichael

2. 01.17.2012

Featuring: @StartYourNovel @dorman264 @girlygrizzly @yogizilla @EugeneFarber

3. 11.14.2011

Featuring: @Biebert @tedcoine @iannarino @laurindashaver et al.


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8 Responses to Steal this recipe for a better world. And other social media DOHs.

  1. I DID try it out and it was HARD! What I learned outweighed the problems. I learned about some of my tribe mates in a way that I couldn’t have any other way. And for that I’m grateful. And these were people that I should have become familiar with over time, but hadn’t.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Me too, I’m in… I gotta think about this.

  3. I like it as your recipe Stan.
    If you like I might try and work it into my cook book on some other stuff I have planned.
    billy.delaney7 skype… hint,hint!

    • Stan Faryna says:

      I may do a blog soup every now and then, Billy. But I really would love to see other soup kitchens spring up. And to that purpose, I think the absence of soup may inspire some to get cooking. More than my making soup. Does that make sense?

  4. […] If you are wondering about what happened to blog soup, you can read about why I shut down the soup kitchen. […]

  5. […] what design? What ends? Do we know the part we play in this story. Or even that we each play a part? character […]

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