Social Savvy: The Rule of Four, Three Questions, Either/Or, and Pinterest

Social Savvy: The Rule of Four, Three Questions, Either/Or, and Pinterest

by Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna

Adele, Rolling In The Deep

I do not throw my soul thru every open door. I do ply opportunity with prudence and pounding heart.
character count: 100

Pinterest, therefore, must be scrutinized. For I do not lay down in strange beds – that is lack of judgment and dignity – and false adventure.

Whatever instruments you may choose, whatever roads, do not decide the course without purpose, sure foot, and passion.


Does that path serve you – your ambition, hope, and purpose? Ask this before taking your first step.
character count: 100

Sure Foot

Does the opportunity behoove you? Or diminish? Is there some chance you can win your heart’s desire?
character count: 100

In other words, do you have resources, skills, and wit that easily apply to your advantage?


People spit out the half-hearted like watermelon seeds. Find passion for it or get out of the way.
character count: 100


So you want to be cool? I don’t blame you. You want early adopter advantages. I understand. Don’t we all?! [laughing]

Is Pinterest going to work for you? Or are you going to be another flame in the furnace that drives Pinterest’s success?

That’s one of the many questions you need to ask before you throw your soul at any open door – opportunity or otherwise. I’m not just talking about Pinterest. I mean anything. Social. Any app. Or tool.

Rule of Four

When I start to hear the hype, I apply the rule of four.

The rule of four, of course,  is many things to many people. Among them, it is a custom of the United States Supreme Court to review a case if four justices favor the granting of the petition for certiorari (judicial review of an appeal or legal error made by a lower court).

Myself, I will not review the merit of an online instrument until I have heard the substantial opinions of the minority. Unfortunately for me, Pinterest, in fact, merits review. [grin]

word count: 300


The title of this essay was inspired by Soren Søren Kierkegaard’s Either/Or. The book’s leit motiff echoes Aristotle and Aquinas: How shall we live?

I have not received (nor do I anticipate) any kind of compensation from the obvious interests that compete with Pinterest.

Stan Faryna
21 February 2012
Bucharest, Romania


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3 Responses to Social Savvy: The Rule of Four, Three Questions, Either/Or, and Pinterest

  1. I thought the rule of four had to do with sex?

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