Q: You matter – obviously. But do you make words that matter?

Q: You matter – obviously. But do you make words that matter?

by Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna

Gladiator Soundtrack, Now we are Free

Words need not roar-rumble-or-roll like thunder, words need to dance in your heart – that is when my heart has spoken.
character count: 117

That may be when my heart has spoken truly, well, and with beauty. That may be. It may also be that words spoken such – have been spoken honestly, with humility, and in a wisdom as true, wide, and high as a gentle sky is blue and persistent as the ocean’s tide.

Words walk in power. Speak them gently and carefully – the trees whisper to me between their prayers.
character count: 100

Never before in the history of our humanities were so many words put to motion. Consider that a bit.
character count: 100

Imagine it! Social media has launched a thousand billion ships upon the seas of human consciousness.
character count: 100

To what design? What ends? Do we know the part we play in this story. Or even that we each play a part?
character count: 100

We think we know. That’s how we think. But do we truly know the whither and the thither, the course and the final outcome of all these words tumbling and rolling together like the Spirit of God hovering over the waters?

Does it matter to you? Does it matter to me? What is becoming of all of our words?!

Do our words, together, produce light? Or heat? Or, God forbid, a greater anguish yet to be.

I wonder, sometimes. I wonder if Teilhard de Chardin would smile or frown.

How many words, and what species, are required for the Noosphere to tremble with Love?

What words must you and I give unto this project of humanity?

For us to ever celebrate brotherhood. For freedom to ring from sea to shining sea?

For Love, Hope, and virtues to become the law and lamp of every heart?

word count: 300

Stan Faryna
28 February 2012
Bucharest, Romania


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6 Responses to Q: You matter – obviously. But do you make words that matter?

  1. Betsy Cross says:

    I sure hope so my friend. I sure hope so.

  2. saulman says:

    I believe that I select my words with care. Having spoken with you, and read many of your articles, I know you do too, Stan.

  3. Amber Malik says:

    Really heart touching words,you have been used in this blog..

  4. Words ABSOLUTELY matter and gossip in particular is something that cannot be retrieved. Watch what you write. Watch what you say!

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