The Long Road of Hope. And exercises in procrastination.

And dogs fed on fatted cats.

October 2023

Tina Turner, We Don’t Need Another Hero

I’m working again on my science fiction novel. The first book of many (or so I like to say to myself). I attempt now the second rewrite.

“Do,” says Yoda.

“Oh – I’m facing a mountain of do, little rodent-man,” I reply to the venerable and wise Jedi Master.

The little dude wanders off muttering to himself – it sounds like the hushed barks of a dreaming dog.

The story centers broadly on the demise of Bucharest, the Romanian capital, in 2023. The story follows a prophetic young man, John Dionisus who painfully struggles to know, live, and inspire hope in a post-apocalyptic world. The son of a successful businessman, John is a minor online reality celebrity, much like an A-list blogger is today. So, yeah, he’s cool. He’s a social media rockstar. [grin]

You might learn a thing or two from John about how to be brilliant at social media.

More importantly, he has visions.

John knows some of the things that may come to be before they happen. He knows only what he needs to know. With such foresight, he seeks to change a terrifying future that holds his heart hostage: the murder of his girlfriend, his father, and the death of everyone who is written upon his heart.

Chapter One: Hope is a long road

It’s been three months since the lights went dark – power, water, internet, and everything else went down too. The population of Bucharest nose-dived from seven million to 25,000. The death toll is as epic as the tragic loss of any world war.

Against the odds, John leads a convoy of survivors back to a post-apocalyptic Bucharest as the opening move in their campaign against a future without hope. The last five miles are hard. The last mile, the hardest.

With each step that takes the convoy closer to it’s destination in downtown Bucharest, the obstacles, challenges, and likelihood of failure mount. Does John prevent the murder of his girlfriend, Cristina? Do his visions provide the advantage that he and his companions need to pass the most fearsome of tests? The enemy is stronger, faster, smarter, and profoundly clever. The greatest test of all, however, is the enemy within.

What do you think? Is this something you would read?

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Stan Faryna

29 February 2012
Bucharest, Romania

Stan Faryna


3 Responses to The Long Road of Hope. And exercises in procrastination.

  1. Yes, I would read this Stan.
    Looking forward to more…

  2. I love post-apocolyspe stories! Go for it, Stan!

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