4 Responses to Social Savvy: The first 1000 tweets of your business Twitter account

  1. Hey Stan! Excellent stuff.
    I read the overview of the new book you are working on, fine indeed. I will get more to you in a day or so…O.K! Billy

  2. Hmmm, Enya’s “Only Time” Stan? I will have to let that one pass…since I like you so much! Lol…

  3. […] written about Twitter before. I explained the general strategy of the first 1,000 tweets – if you are using Twitter to do business. I’m still not calling myself a social media expert […]

  4. […] it would have been better if I had reposted my blog post about what do with your first 1000 tweets. Do not cowards sleep easier without antagonists. Even if those imaginary numbers be silent and […]

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