Dr. Evil asks #Launch VCs and entrepreneurs to make a Terminator

Dr. Evil asks #Launch VCs and entrepreneurs to make a Terminator

by Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna

Dr. Evil and Mini Me, Hard Knock Life

CNET Editor Rafe Needleman reports that President of Israel Shimon Peres wooed venture capitalists and entrepreneurs at yesterday’s Launch conference at the San Francisco Design Center.

The Launch conference provides a supportive platform by which start ups and entrepreneurs can compete for attention, kudos, and prizes. In the Demo Pit, for example, entrepreneurs are showing off mobile apps, could-based apps, and more. ChargeAds, Ninja Blocks, and CitySourced are three among many companies at this Launch conference that strut interesting ideas.

The participants are hyped up for the Launch conference; they’ve got their eyes on the prize. That may be why no one’s feathers were ruffled when President Shimon Peres asked for an infantry without soldiers. He pointed to the audience and said, “It’s in your hands.”

Or, perhaps, the collective conscience was pickled by Israel’s chief scientist telling entrepreneurs and investors that Israel has half a Billion dollars to spend on technology.

Dr. Evil wants better killing machines. He wants an unmanned infantry that can execute missions without the inefficiency and problematic of a human person facing the terror and brutality of killing people: men, women, and children.

Dr. Evil wants inventors and innovators to apply their brains and ambitions to removing human conscience and judgement from the killing equation. Dr. Evil wants an army of Terminators.

Shockingly, Silicone Valley welcomes Dr. Evil with open arms. They applaud the vision, passion, and money.

Whether or not Dr. Evil represents the hopes and hearts of the Israeli people – on this I offer no insight or comment.

But, perhaps, I am making much ado about nothing. Nevermind that Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh, also now at Launch, was once championed for his passion for happiness. If I remember correctly, Seth Godin gave Hsieh kudos for his passion to be a cause of positive change in the world.

But when push comes to shove (or the money and crowd are nice), the real Tony Hsieh does not stand up.

Hsieh did not stand up and say:

Hey buddy, thanks for coming but that’s not what we are about. We’re not about doing evil. Thanks and Fuck off!

Maybe, Hsieh wasn’t really there. I suppose Dave McClure, Kevin Rose, Thomas Korte, et al. weren’t there either. Perhaps, they were substituted by T-1000 units.

But I am told that those who were there… lined up like an army of mini-me’s; they clapped and shouted in unison, “Long live Dr. Evil!”

Therefore, I must say what no one dare say:

NO, Dr. Evil, humanity does not need a terminator!


Do good?

Do no evil?

The stream of consciousness in social and business, I lament, is seldom aware of what evil (or good) is.

If entrepreneurs need an epic mission, that mission is to collaborate upon a disruptive innovation that causes the beautiful, the good, and the true to thrive and flourish in every human heart.

Stan Faryna
08 March 2012
Bucharest, Romania


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4 Responses to Dr. Evil asks #Launch VCs and entrepreneurs to make a Terminator

  1. It amazes me what people will or will not do based on monetary benefits or lack there of.

    I’ve been reading about Uganda and i am appalled at what it’s taken to bring it to bring this issue to the forefront of the public eye.

  2. That stats of innovation that comes from TINY Israel are staggering. The LACK of them from the rest of the Middle East pretty much sums up the problems there!

    • Stan Faryna says:

      Indeed, Israel is a leader and incubator for innovation, invention, and technology. If America had half the ambition of Israel, things would be much different. For better or worse – of that I am not sure.

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