The Challenges That Every Blogger Faces #EarthHour

The Challenges That Every Blogger Faces

by Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna

As bloggers, we want to connect, communicate, share, and collaborate – regardless of our reasons and expectations.

Michael Jackson, Earth Song

Ultimately, we all seek love, empathy, and to be of service. This is what we seek when we long for greatness, to be epic, and to become iconic.

Some share the journey of their ambitions and expectations. Others describe the wonders and fears of their dreams. Some share their questions, and there are those who come with answers – beautiful, interesting, confusing, or counterfeit.

Some do it better than others, but regardless of our individual successes and failures, some of our challenges as bloggers are common problems.

Among these challenges is us getting on the same page, our voicing a fundamental agreement upon common good, and our being indistinguishable in our support for things which matter to us as human beings. A better world, for example.

Speaking of a better world, Earth Hour is on the horizon: Saturday March 31st. This is something that every blogger can promote without fear of being a sucker, a fool, or a freier.

People in 5,200+ cities and towns in 135+ countries around the world will turn the lights out for one hour or more. It’s an hour to reflect on our relationship with the world and the climate changes that increasingly threaten the poor, the global economy, and world peace.

By turning off your lights for one hour or more, you can be part of a rising tide of human action that embraces the gift of nature and celebrates our collective power to make a difference.

You can learn about Earth Hour here:

Of course, Earth Hour will not stop the ravages of climatic change and human conflict. It is not a perfect solution. It is a humble and modest step in the right direction – on a long road of hope.

It is a step we can take together and when we do things like this together, one small step for a blogger becomes… one giant leap for mankind.

Go write your blog post about #EarthHour and do a little good!


The title of this blog post is a variation of the title used by Jack Steiner for his recent blog post about the challenge of being a blogger- thanks Jack. You can read Jack’s post here.

Stan Faryna
29 March 2012
Bucharest, Romania


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