A Letter to the Baby Boomers – Prodigal Sons and Daughters of the Republic

A Letter to the Baby Boomers – Prodigal Sons and Daughters of the Republic

by Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna

My friend Billy Delaney writes that the Boomers are at the Gates.

And I am reminded of Kipling who wrote, “Stand up and take the war, The Hun is at the gate!”

For all we have and are,
For all our children’s fate,
Stand up and take the war.
The Hun is at the gate!

Outraged, Rudyard Kipling wrote these opening lines to For All We Have and Are in 1914. He wrote to stir the British to war against the looming German threat.

Billy Joel, We Didn’t Start the Fire

Billy Delaney is not rising a general alarm against the Baby Boomers – a generation generally described as being born between 1946 and 1964.

Long ago, the Baby Boomers had wrecked their havoc. They had forever cast suspicion on authority without taking upon their own shoulders, the yoke, sacrifice and gift of leadership. They danced like bulls in the china shop, leaving the generations that followed to attempt the restoration of Humpty Dumpty – an impossible and fool’s errand to be sure.

Ironically, such attempt has yet to begin. Every generation that has come was ever less equipped than the previous generation. This is my observation- not Billy’s.

Billy Delaney warns, however, that the Baby Boomers have not passed away. They are with us and, infact, they may run again through the streets like the bulls of Pamplona. The Boomers may dance again in the new china shops. The Boomers may yet undermine the poor, shuffling social solutions, profound corruption, and wholesale injustice that prevails today.

For the Baby-Boomers are fire-starters – regardless of what Billy Joel wants to say.

This is not fantasy. It has already begun in Spain. Where 20 somethings and 30 somethings have failed, Baby Boomers are succeeding in crafting and executing upon social and political messages that strike at the heart of government corruption, indifference, and incompetence.

Sons and Daughters of the Republic,

The clock is ticking. Get out there and make it happen! And don’t count on the MTV generation (my generation?) for back up. Not until you have torn down the walls of divisive politics, decommission the domestic drones-intelligence agencies-spyware, and take back civil liberties, monetary policy, and foreign policy traded for a false sense of peace and security.

God speed.

Stan Faryna
03 April 2012
Bucharest, Romania


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10 Responses to A Letter to the Baby Boomers – Prodigal Sons and Daughters of the Republic

  1. Ah! I hear the echo of another bowling ball in the hallways. Hey Stan, Yep! we wrecked the joint, and how. But, we see the cost, or at least some of us do. Now, what will we do since it is going to be us who have to pay our own tab.
    I’m all in and ready to change the china shop again. I think we will come back with a different tune this time. ‘Cos I’m getting pretty fed up, and a little frightened by what is going down.
    As Bob the voice of the boomers said, Mr. Jones something is going on here and I don’t think you understand; so It seems to be a coming again.
    Thanks Stan, we owe you kids something if only a clean up, Let’s see what does happen.
    As social media changes the way we conduct our relationships, lets change how we do business. If the plan is to fire us, downgrade us, sidestep us and then disgard us. Man, are the machines of industry in for a surprise.

    • Stan Faryna says:

      If I didn’t make it clear, Baby Boomer folly is complemented by its courage, it’s hedonism, by its spirituality, and its self-serving, by it’s capacity to love. [grin]

      Our last best hope – in other words.

  2. I so agree with you, Stan. As a baby boomer, I feel free to criticize my generation which has wrought more damage, I believe, than ANY generation in history. As far as I’m concerned, the ONLY good thing that came from the sixties was the music!

  3. Oh please I am calling BULLSHIT!

    Plenty of generations made colossal mistakes and boomer, Gen X or Gen y are no different.

    It is easy to throw darts at a target than it is to find a solution.

    There is a reoccurring theme from one generation to the next…life always looked better in the generation before you AND blaming instead of focusing your energy on finding an sustainable answer.

    What I do know is Boomers do not stand there an whine “this is not our mistake” They take the bull by the horns and do the best they can with the tools, people and technology available in that moment.

    They have had to reinvent themselves and find solutions over and over. So buck up, remember each generation is to contribute their solutions. Let’s just find out how to deal with today’s problems the best we can.

    My ancestors said think about how your actions affect 7 generations before and after. I have lived like that for over 50 something years. You will never know all the answers. You ask for guidance and you take action instead of wish for utopia.

    • Stan Faryna says:

      Love your entrance Michele! [grin]

      The failure of Generation X and Y may be their lack of reason, relevance, and contribution. It’s hard for me to say being an X-er. But I can confidently say that I am uninspired for the most part.

      We are consumers, gamers, navel gazers, and lukewarm about everything.

      I’ll give you an example of my experience of a typical up and coming Y-er male. A sensitive, handsome man who talks about compassion and fairness and, heck yeah, everyone likes him. He left his wife and one year old daughter for another married woman (because the sex is way better) and he makes porn websites where young women are exploited and trafficked (because the money is good). He never struggles with truth or living truthfully – he addresses his inner conflicts with a bottle, sex, or a movie he just ripped from Demon.

      Do you really expect him to buck up and lead change? [grin]

      Sustainable answers require intelligence, collaboration, integrity, commitment, and courage.

      Boomers, Billy Delaney is suggesting, may be the last generation, collectively speaking, that can change the course of the social and political streams and flush out the Augean stables. I can see that. Positionally speaking, Boomers are mature enough, resourceful enough, and powerful enough to effect change.

      Billy is also saying the confrontation is unavoidable. Because the orderly decline of fiat currencies and the global economy is unacceptable to the Boomers.

      Do you see us fixing things another way?

  4. You asked the wrong gal to allow you to make excuses instead of live up to the purpose you were put here on earth to deliver.

    It is all about focus , clarity and caring.

    Which area do you think you do not owe yourself?

    Advice I use to give mothers years ago when my son was small and that was my community, the would go into the excuse winning poor me role and I would remind them three things:

    You owe it to yourself to live a fulfilled life ( or you are wasting an incarnation in my opinion)

    You cannot serve others when you do not take care of you first. Empty vessels have no water to share or offer.

    You have to “do the work.” It takes work to find your purpose. It takes work to care about others than just yourself. It takes work to make a difference.

    You need motivation? Tell the woman who is dying of AIDS because her man infected her you are too lazy to make your life matter and make a difference.

    Tell the child ( or maybe your own sibling) their thirst for meaning does not matter because you are too lazy to be a good mentor and discover your own meaning.

    Stop hiding behind “Whoa is me I am a conflicted Gen x-er.”

    There are plenty of role models you can learn from if you are too lazy to find the desire inside yourself to start.

    Yeah being an authentic leader is inside all generations-look deeper dude.

    • Stan Faryna says:

      I wish it were all about me, Michele. [laughing] The world would be a much better place – if it were all just about me.

      I know you’re new to my blog, so I just have to say it, I bring it. I bring it like you have never seen. [grin]

      And speaking of incarnations, myself, I don’t really buy into that narrative. But I will say that I was once received as a bodhisattva by VIP Buddhists – a bodhisattva that legend says returns at the end of the world. I may be the only Western dude that has ever participated in certain esoteric Buddhist rituals. Yeah, it was as uncomfortable as much as it was an honor. Needless to say, I did not stick around to become just another “chosen” dude.

      Speaking about X-ers, Dino Dogan is an interesting X-er. I love what he wanted to do with Triberr and I hope him and Dan can take it to the next level. But the fact that Dino wants to be a dog in his next life is problematic – even from Buddha’s point of view. [laughing]

      I’m not making this up, it’s on your blog.


      Anyway, the world was never about just me. Or just you. It’s about we. It’s about us. Just as you whine about in your advice to the CEOs of America. [wink] This is something you know and believe to be true, Michele.


      I’m willing to get beyond the finger pointing and us passing the buck off like a hot potato, but let’s see what you got. What are your sustainable solutions? Who’s going to make it happen? When?

      (1) the sure, steady, and ongoing decline of the dollar
      (2) failed monetary and economic policy of the Federal Reserve
      (3) the devastation of the American middle class
      (4) the loss of civil liberties
      (5) intrusive manipulation of foreign governments and peoples
      (6) the rising aristocracy of a covert intelligence class in the midst of democracy

  5. Betsy Cross says:

    Born in 1961 I’m a Baby Boomer! Who knew? Not me! And I think I see things differently. I see the divide between good and evil getting wider and wider and the rising generation, having been exposed to so much more than I ever was, better equipped to meet their personal challenges. The question I see them grapple with is, whose side am I on?
    Good luck to all of us!
    Great post. Loved the exchange in the comments!

    • Stan Faryna says:

      I love that Michele wants each of us to take responsibility for the problems at hand. But dialogue doesn’t speak louder than action. That seems to be the take away from Occupy Wall Street. Someone has to get out there and make a stand. And who best to do that than those who did it once before – for all the wrong and right reasons. And that would be the Boomers. [grin]

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