Do you struggle with signs, blessings, and gifts?

Do you struggle with signs, blessings, and gifts?

by Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna

The Easter Mass at the Cacica church (Bazilica Adormirea Maicii Domnului) ended with the ringing of the church bells. At that moment, the rain turned to snow. Really.

Within an hour, a white blanket covered the hills and valley of Cacica. And a peaceful quiet. Chickens did not cluck, dogs did not bark, and the world was still.

I should have received it as a gift. As a sign. As a blessing. Peace.

Modestep, Show Me A Sign

I have to tell you that it wasn’t that easy. It wasn’t easy to fully receive peace into my heart.

I worried about how if the snow piled up, we wouldn’t be able to get out for dinner. These country roads are not plowed. Nor salted.

As my GF and her daughter snuggled under bedcovers to the Romanian copycats of Star Search, American Idol, etc., I also worried about how I might occupy myself. My mobile internet connection was sporadic and unreliable. And I wanted to do something – not just anything but something meaningful. I wanted to do something as epic as the day.

I struggled with peace, hour after hour. Between naps and cigarettes on the balcony. Between my impatience with the television programs my GF and her daughter were watching and my failed attempts to get an internet connection for more than a few minutes. I felt myself a prisoner of peace and I agonized.

It was a long day and a longer night.

I could complain about the hotel – it was so substandard that it’s obvious to me that the European funds received by EuroEst and its partners went into people’s pockets (fraud) and not into a EU-funded project worthy of increasing tourism and cultural education in this rural region.

I could complain about how I felt the springs more than a mattress. How I had to wait 30 minutes between toilet flushes or how the water smelled like rotten eggs. How there was no internet as advertised and included in the day rate.

I could complain about how they don’t provide fresh bed sheets, towels, or toilet paper. But then again, I knew that the hotel was a dump.

On the other hand, the managers of the hotel are good people. They mean well. They do the best they can given the inadequate resources they have to run the hotel.

Fourteen hours later after the snow had started to fall in Cacica, I breathed out in relief. I stopped fighting it. Peace.

And I wondered how often I struggle with the signs, the blessings, and the gifts that come to me.

Do you struggle with signs, blessings, and gifts?

Why are you here? Do you really want answers?

Stan Faryna
08 April 2012
Cacica, Romania

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17 Responses to Do you struggle with signs, blessings, and gifts?

  1. Betsy Cross says:

    Even though I see most things and people that cross my path as blessings and gifts, I struggle with signs. For those I look to my thoughts. I look for signs more as a confirmation rather than permission to act.

    • Stan Faryna says:

      Do you also find it difficult to receive peace?

      • Betsy Cross says:

        I take the absence of peace in my life as a sign that something’s out of whack that I need to pay attention to or make a decision about. I can feel turmoil all around me and still be at peace. But, and this is huge for me, I can confuse lack of peace with physical imbalance, too. So I have to be patient for things to right themselves every now and then. Those are time when I need to stop paying attention to negative thoughts that are very confusing.

    • Stan Faryna says:

      Peace be with you, Betsy.

  2. billdorman says:

    Fresh toilet paper is a must; that is where I have to draw the line…..

    Do you think you had a different perspective because you live there; would I have viewed it any differently maybe thinking it was part of the uniqueness or being in rural Europe?

    Why am I here? To make you smile, of course. Truthfully? I certainly wonder at times. I’m just trying to do the best I can and hopefully leave the place a little bit better off than when I got here.

    • Stan Faryna says:

      Bill, you made me smile. Actually, I failed to mention that I brought my own toilet paper, towels, and coffee maker- because I’m prepared like that. I was just noting the fail.

      Since I live here in Eastern Europe, I can put up with a lot. My mother has visited Romania twice. Her last visit was for my son’s first birthday, but she’ll never come to Romania again. Or so she says.

      Mind you, I only took her around to the best of Bucharest. But she was disgusted. Myself, I do get a kick out of returning to the middle ages of the Romanian countryside.

      On the other hand, I am fairly sure that EUROEST received a grant of two million Euros (that’s free – not a loan) from the European Union fund to do something to encourage tourism and cultural objectives in this poor, rural region. Needless to say, the hotel is doing quite badly because of its poor offer. In other words, tax payer money was poorly spent.

      How’s your novel coming?

      • billdorman says:

        Half way done……………hah; still in it’s infancy. I’m outlining the main story line and fleshing out some primary characters. I want to have a good idea of the journey I want my lead character to take (good, bad & ugly) before I start banging out the chapters.

  3. alaskachick says:

    Oh, my friend.
    From the very moment I opened my heart and mind, I have been flooded with signs, blessings and gifts. I am afraid I also count on the saying of God watching out for fools and children. (I don’t want to be a fool and am counting on His guiding hand to keep me from being led…)

    I am …full. I feel “spread very thin.” As clumbsy as I have been my entire life (DNA), I am so afraid of dropping any of those fragile eggs I am keeping in the air…

    I hope and pray you are peaceful when you receive this note. I miss you. I miss you three. So much.

    • Stan Faryna says:

      What Herculean tests are you doing these days, Amber-Lee?

      I miss you too, but I know you got your hands full!

  4. Annie Andre | Chief Adventure-ologist says:

    I believe in signs but i wish i had more of them. Maybe they are not the signs i am looking for so i discount them and ignore them. Looking back the signs seem much clearer than when they are actually happening.

    • Stan Faryna says:

      I feel the same way, Annie. I’m absolutely sure that I do a great job at ignoring the signs that point to things that do not interest me.

  5. Thanks for stopping by my wee place Stan. I got the directions there to this post.
    To see al the signs, blessings and gifts I have to put on the right glasses. To that I do this.
    The Five Tibetan Rites. Simple exercises to bring the body into sync’ I’m not into Woo Woo or anything like that, it’s just that The Tibetans designed. It is also has a good book to teach you the methods.
    Next I have a relaxation technique that takes a short while, eighteen minutes or less.
    After that, when I fully engage with the efforts required of me, the glasses put themselves on and I can see.
    Sometimes I don’t get to see as clearly as I want too. Often I see too much, or too much for me to bear.
    The signs are the easiest for me. Since I’ve been alive for 56 years, you start to see them early.
    The blessings, well..
    When my wife laughs, or the sun comes out, or a nap can be taken, or a hot shower, or a simple meal, or unexpected bounty arrives. The list is endless if we see with the right glasses.
    The gifts ah! the gifts!!
    I wrote about how I take them when they come in a post you commented upon. Most of the best gifts are always waiting for me.
    All my best to you Stan… Billy

    • Stan Faryna says:

      You should have seen the warm smile on my face when I read how you observed your wife’s laughter as a blessing.

  6. Ann Jane says:

    I so believe in signs..and’s happened many times over since I became a widow 7 yrs ago. I supposed they were there before but I wasn’t open too them. It also helps I have a close friend who believes in the faeries and..well we won’t go any farther

    than that..I did a blog about that! Also after meeting Amber ..sister of my kidding..I have anther friend who believes, but then how can she not. Just looking at her photos explains that!.

    Stan, I love your posts. I don’t know why they don’t always come through. You have a very uniqueness in your writing and..thoughts that I enjoy very much!

    No tpaper?…hmmmmm = camping in the woods with horses!

  7. Do I see signs? Maybe, sometimes I am confident and sometimes I just don’t know.

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