Social Savvy: Job number one is making @bdorman264 look good.

Social Savvy: Job number one is making @bdorman264 look good.

by Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna

Jack Steiner has inspired me to write yet another blog post. That’s two for this week. If you do social media or just blog and you don’t have a reach of five million, you’d be crazy not to subscribe to TheJackB’s blog.

Jack’s blog post today is a five minute exercise.

Two other bloggers (and Triberrites) also inspire my thoughts in this five minute blog post:

Anthony Iannarino, President and Chief Sales Officer for SOLUTIONS Staffing.

Bill Dorman, Principal at Lanier Upshaw, a full service, independent insurance agency in Lakeland, Florida.

The Black Eyed Peas, I Gotta Feeling

Anthony Iannarino writes about how to think about a sale in his blog post, Companies Don’t Make Decisions. People Make Decisions.

Writes Anthony:

… companies don’t make decisions. People acting as their agents make those decisions. People make decisions.

Anthony makes some excellent points about what those individuals expect from a sales relationship with you. I would like to add another awesome point to Anthony’s list. It is a point made by Bill Dorman – he made this point a few weeks ago in his blog post, Great hair alone won’t make you awesome in social.

Writes Billy:

I have a great team where I work. If you ask anyone on my team what their number one responsibility is, they will reply ‘to make Billy look good’.

Job number one is making your customer (buyer, reader, fan, follower, friend, etc.) look good. That may include making them look smart, deserving of kudos and promotions, sex, whatever.

Steve Jobs understood this.

A MacBookPro, an iPhone, and an iPad makes the fanboys (and girls) look good. In other words, cool, sexy, and socially saavy.

From a technology standpoint, Apple products have always been lackluster. I have every right to make such a criticism because I have spent over $50,000 on Apple products, licences, etc. in the last seven years. [grin]

Who did you make look good today?

Stan Faryna
15 April 2012
Bucharest, Romania


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8 Responses to Social Savvy: Job number one is making @bdorman264 look good.

  1. Lanier Upshaw rocks BTW; and trust me, if Billy is looking good then we are all cookin’ w/ gas…….:).

    Thanks so much for the props and the mention; it did make me grin like a Cheshire Cat…….

    I’ve been a yard monkey all day and just now getting in front of the screen. It’s hard to be social when manual labor gets in the way. I don’t think I will have any trouble sleeping tonight however.

    Hope your weekend was well.

    • Stan Faryna says:

      This weekend was the second Easter. This year, the Romanian Orthodox celebrated it a week after the Roman Catholics. More stuffed cabbage, roasted lamb, and various home-made, 120 proof brandies (cherry, blueberry, and apricot).

      I miss my yard in America – especially the magnolia and the dogwood. There’s also a peach, ginko, and some other trees. I have two trees that rise maybe 100 feet or so but I have no idea what they are. The landscaping is unfinished, however. Someday…

      Anyway, I’m glad that I can say that I contributed to making Billy look good. [grin]

  2. Seriously, Stan? You’re kidding, right? The whole purpose of this post is to make Bill Dorman look good? That’s the easiest job in the world. Done and dusted, as we like to say. 😉

    I agree with you that Bill’s post on hair really resonated with me. Great hair is important, of course, but it doesn’t get you very far.

    Bill has a natural charm that makes what he does look easy, but I know he works very hard at it. He is kind to share his secrets of success with us.

    But I vehemently and respectfully disagree with you about the iPhone. As someone who may very well be allergic to cool. and who values function over form nearly every time (most people laugh when they see my Ford Flex), I find that my iPhone is the best smartphone for me. The functionality of it beats all the other phones I have tried. Apps are mostly the reason for that, but the entire package is incredible, cool or not.

    I imagine, Stan, that no one has to work hard to make you look good either, my friend!

    • Stan Faryna says:

      I wish I had great hair, Carolyn. Mine is fine and thin. I sport a short pony tail these days, but I don’t know if that makes up for not having great hair. [grin]

      I like the iPhone too. And the apps make the iPhone more compelling. And I admit that it does seems to me that Apple led the innovation on the smart phone interface – bringing us a few steps closer to a more usable and interesting mobile web.

      However, Windows seems to be a better execution of a user interface – though they may never have the apps to make their phone all things to all people like the iPhone.

      How was your vacation?

      • My vacation was too good. Re-entry to reality is sublime though.

        I agree with you, Windows phone is a great smartphone. I hope they get the developers to launch apps on the platform. Competition is valuable to enhance all of the operating systems.

        Your hair is great, Stan, but you’re wise enough to know that great hair isn’t enough. You probably even realized that before Bill told us, but his was an important reminder of that fact. 🙂

    • billdorman says:

      Did you know Amber-Lee has Stan’s pic on her refrigerator? That’s like rock star status, isn’t it?

      My hair is looking pretty good today BTW. So good in fact, I’m thinking of taking the rest of the day off and cancelling my hair appointment for tonight…………just sayin’…………

  3. TheJackB says:

    It is all about the people.

    • Stan Faryna says:

      Yes, Jack. It’s all about the people. Some things cannot be automated to help us do them up like numbers. But I suppose we will still hope. [laughing]

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