Beyond advertising, social, and IBM. And other digital DOHs.

Beyond advertising, social, and IBM. And other digital DOHs.

by Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna

IBM’s 2009 report, Beyond Advertising, was said to be a feast. Download it here. But if it was a feast, it was a feast of leftovers. Think Thanksgiving – or, more precisely, the three day old leftovers of Thanksgiving. And that was in 2009!

The Beauty of Pollination

Social Media enthusiasts, however, could almost bask in the glory. Big Daddy (IBM) validated the superiority of digital (new) media as a marketing strategy for intelligent, highly connected mass markets compared to TV, radio, and print. Because digital can do five things online that traditional media can’t: capture attention, manage transaction, measure marketing results, provide a dynamic platform for conversations between brand and customer, and empower conversations about the brand and competition between customers. But wait, there’s more.

In fact, IBM’s study didn’t get all of the five points I have just described above. They merely glimpsed the first two points and their enthusiasm ran rampant from there. But give them another ten years and they might figure it out. [grin]

That said, it’s no wonder that IBM had become irrelevant in the digital ecosystem. Like Yahoo, they once sat upon a glorious throne, but they lost the fire in the belly.

Had IBM any fire in the belly, they would have architected, owned, and championed cloud computing, distributive computing, and cloud service infrastructure. Ten years ago, IBM was the best positioned to do so. Emphasis on was.

For those who didn’t understand digital back then, IBM’s report had confirmed five DUHs.

1. Consumers are adopting digital distribution.

2. Advertisers are putting more ad and marketing spend into digital/online strategy.

3. Digital distribution is replacing traditional distribution at high speed

4. Digital has smashed the foundations and dogmas of the church of traditional media

5. Mature consumers (Baby Boomers and Generation X) are the juiciest and most underserved markets in digital

Again, I have overstated IBM’s insight. [smile] IBM had only understood three of the five no-brainers that I have listed above.

But why am I criticizing IBM’s lack of insights in 2009 now?

IBM has produced a new report, Beyond Digital, that continues to lag and lack in digital insight. [DOH!]

In other words, more leftovers.

IBM’s present emphasis on consumer experiences is, ironically, 10 years too late. Again. The emphasis in digital should be on community, conversations, and empowering connections – across platforms, fiefdoms, and transactions.

I continue to be dumb-founded that an organization of such reach, resources, and human intelligence can be such fucktards. They represent a waste that is staggering to the imagination. But, perhaps, this mismanagement of capital and human potential may only… profoundly horrify the digerati.

John Lennon, Power To The People

Stan Faryna
17 April 2012
Bucharest, Romania


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