PSA: The girls in the windows: Amsterdam and sex tourism (video)

PSA: The girls in the windows: Amsterdam and sex tourism (video)

by Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna

You may have heard about Amsterdam’s red light district where underdressed women (from everywhere) sit or stand at large windows or window-doors waiting for sexual solicitations. While most of the window shopping is in one area of the old city, it’s not the only place where you’ll see the working women in windows.

When I’m in Amsterdam, I often pass some of these windows on my way to one of my favorite Amsterdam eateries on Spuistraat: Luden. It’s in a respectable downtown neighborhood and I have to say that Luden has been a consistently good place to eat across the 10 or so years of my visits.

The window girls of Amsterdam

I snorted in heartbreak when I saw the electronic message in the video.

Just as the text in the video explains, young women in developing countries are wooed with offers and contracts for acting, dancing, and modeling – only to find themselves trafficked as prostitutes. It still happens in Romania, but it’s not as obvious as it was 10 years ago.

They end up in basements, bars, crowded apartments, and whore houses anywhere in the world. Or sitting at a bar in a five star hotel with a Chanel bag on her lap. Amsterdam is just one of the 100s of cities around the world where they are bought, sold, and exploited.

If you feel moved in compassion for the victims of human trafficking, you can go to the Stop The Traffik website, sign their declaration, and contribute in other ways.

You don’t even have to know English. Stop The Traffik provides stories and information in several languages.

Stan Faryna
20 April 2012
Bucharest, Romania

Phil Collins, In The Air Tonight


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4 Responses to PSA: The girls in the windows: Amsterdam and sex tourism (video)

  1. ryzeonline says:

    Stan, I found this powerful post through Paul Wolfe’s RT, and I understand where you’re going with it, and I appreciate it.

    I’m not big on deception or slavery of at all, I think humanity’s better than that, and thank you for expressing about this.

    I do believe that Amsterdam has done something unique and generally sex positive for the world, and like anything, people can twist it and abuse it if they want.

    Rock on and ryze up!

    • Stan Faryna says:

      Thanks for stopping by and reaching out.

      I’m a fan of the old city of Amsterdam: the canals, the old architecture, the museums, that crisp Dutch civility, etc.

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