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This Week in Most Post: John Magnet Bell, Marjorie Clayman, Billy Delaney, Gini Dietrich, Felice Gerwitz, Sandra Humphrey, Lilly Maytree, and Lisa Mills

by Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna


A Week of the Blogosphere in Review: The Most Post.
Most… w-h-a-t?

Decide for yourself and let me know in the comments.

Ben E. King, Stand By Me

1. The Special Needs of Families with Special-Needs Children
by Lisa Mills

Caring for a child with special needs can be so hard. Lisa tells about how hard it was for her.

If you know people with a special needs child, you have a wonderful opportunity to be helpful. Lisa explains eight simple ways that you can help.

2. From Ordinary Working Woman to Civil Rights Activist
by Sandra Humphrey

James F. Blake, the bus driver, told her to move. Because a white man needed a place to sit and he couldn’t sit near black people. That’s how they used to do things in Montogmery. The woman refused and, thereby, became, the mother of the Civil Rights Movement.

Can one person make a difference? Can one person change the world for the better? Rosa Parks did.

3. Dancing With The Scars
by Billy Delaney

Billy talks about the scars. It reminds me of a Rush song, Scars. It’s a great song. Listen to it after King’s song has played out.

Rush, Scars

Writes Billy:

I don’t have a recipe for the bad scares, I don’t need one for the good scares. I just need some more room on the dance floor and a better exit strategy when I need it most.

4. Facebook Creates Organ Donor Update
by Gini Dietrich 

Gini Dietrich, co-author of Marketing in the Round, is excited about Facebook’s campaign to raise awareness for Organ Donors. She explains how to declare you’re an organ donor on Facebook.

5. Getting the Most from an Interview
by Felice Gerwitz

Author, publisher, and blogger, Felice Gerwitz emphasizes the importance of authors promoting their book. Among the platforms for self-promotion available to the author is the interview. Felice briefly explains how authors can make the most of author interviews.

6. Myth: People who like you will buy from you
by Margie Clayman

Margie writes about the problematic of gathering like-minded and like-skilled people around you in social when you need to be gathering prospects and customers. I think that’s what she’s talking about. [grin]

7. A Tumbled Stone by Marcia Lee Laycock
by Lilly Maytree

Lilly Maytree interviews Marcia Lee Laycock (@MarciaLaycock), author of a new book, A Tumbled Stone. It’s the story of a young woman who makes a difficult choice.

Just when her latest book was accepted by the publisher, Marcia was diagnosed with cancer and struggled with chemotherapy as she made edits.

8. What can Ellen Ripley (Alien, Aliens, Alien3) teach you about writing?
by John Magnet Bell 

Bell illuminates what makes a strong female character through the woman who takes down the ugliest, meanest and toughest alien ever. Arnold Schwarzenegger (remember Predator?) doesn’t hold a candle to Ellen Ripley.

What makes Ellen so tough? Bell says it’s compassion.

Writes Bell:

On the verge of annihilation, Ellen would not forget Jonesy.

Jonesy is the cat.

Stan Faryna
07 May 2012
Bucharest, Romania


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5 Responses to Most Post: Featuring @sheloves2write @sandra305 @margieclayman @FeliceGerwitz @giniedietrich @LillyMaytree et al.

  1. Thanks for the mention here Stan. I’ll listen to the video later, cannot receive it here. we live our life in our heads long before we live it in our hearts. Too often it never gets out of head. The heart wants what it wants. WE all beg for love at some place and time in our lives.

    • Stan Faryna says:

      I’ve dwelled on your words: Leaders must love those they lead and those that are led must give respect to those that lead with love. It seems that the present predicament is often that neither are willing to do as they should. Neither love. Nor respect…

  2. Hot damn, I know most of the peeps here and strong line-up indeed. I torment…….er, uh visit Margie quite often. She’s still trying to figure out what to do with me………

    Who is the Gini person? She must be new, maybe I’ll check her out and see if she needs any help get acclimated to social.

    All I can say is; BD and the Magnet, sly dogs indeed………:)

  3. Thanks for including my blog in your Most Post, Stan! That subject is one that’s near and dear to my heart and I’m thankful for people who will help spread the word. You’re a peach!

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