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Avengers Alliance: How to remind lesser gods of their puniness – like the Hulk did

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by Stan Faryna

Marvel: Avengers Alliance

This Avengers Alliance walk through is written for those with agent levels Level 11 to 30. If you are new to the game, check out my Level 0-10 walk through. In my opinion Level 0-10 is all about deciding if you love this game or not. For those of you beyond 30 looking for insights, allies, and connection, I recommend joining the Marvel Universe Gazette. There’s some good discussions going on there led by some very cool players.

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Game Plan

Generally speaking, your big game plan should be to get Iron Man to Level 9 and two other heroes to Level 7 by the time your Agent gets to Level 30. Players who buy gold (or those who farm Command Points) will want those two other heroes to be Captain America and Thor (or Hulk). Indeed, Captain America and Thor/Hulk are a powerful combination and you’ll see the combo as preferred by the PVP enthusiastists.

What are Command Points? Command Points are the points you need to purchase (recruit) heroes and special hero costumes.

For the most part, your agent’s best role from 11 to 30 will be as a healer and debuffer. The X-Play X-Ploiter (free promo weapon) is essential to this strategy. Check out my Facebook fan page for the X-Ploiter promo link. Yup. You’ll have to like my page to see the link. [laughing] The X-ploiter gives you a second round in the same turn. At the start of a fight, a Force Field Generator would be perfect to have equiped as it will preserve (some or all) health for 2 rounds and help you get the health bonus which you want for your battle score.

Force Field Generator
Power Level: 18
Target: All Allies

It’s important to figure out how to win a fight during this apprenticeship in bad-assery because that’s what 11-30 is all about in my humble opinion. Obviously, try to take down one member of an enemy team at a time. Your chances of winning a fight is getting the enemy team down from 3 to 2 as fast as possible. Then 2 to 1. Next, win. There’s other considerations too.

What else?

There’s the GRIND! There’s the experience grind, the silver grind, ally/relationship grind, and the Command Point grind.

Buying Heroes

If you are spending gold (liberally), go ahead and buy Captain America and Thor or Hulk. And fill their Iso-8 slots with the Chaotic Iso-8s (5 gold each) as they level. You’ll love how they do damage.

If you are spending a little gold, go for War Machine and Hulk. Both do a lot of damage for the money.

If you are not spending gold, I would recommend farming Command Points to get War Machine and Daredevil.

You may acquire other heroes along the way, but like I said, you want two of these heroes at Level 7 by the time your agent hits 30 (more or less). If you can get two others (Black Widow and Hawkeye for example) to Level 5 – you’re doing good.

I could write much more on several subjects and I may do so in a follow up blog post. Stay tuned in. In the mean time, below I have covered the fundamentals mentioned above.

Be The Healer

At Level 20, you get to equip three Gears. I recommend your agent equipping the X-Ploiter, Force Field Generator, and Remote Jet Injector. Before 20, I recommend the X-Ploiter and Remote Jet Injector. Your heroes should be doing the damage. Iso-8s that boost attack and accuracy will help them do the most damage that they can do.

I know that some players will be reluctant to make their agent a healer but don’t think of your agent as you, think of the team (agent and heroes) as yours. You get to decide how your heroes deal their damage to the enemy. Duh! For those that focus on the damage that the agent can do, they are perfect victims for PVP. [grin]

You’ll be free from your dependence on First Aid Kits and Restoration Packs (purchased from Store:Supplies) as soon as you can equip healing gear such as Nano-nurse, Remote Jet Injector or Curative Reach.

Power Level: 17
Target: One Ally
Healing: 44-52

Remote Jet Injector
Power Level: 11
Target: One Ally
Healing: 107-130

Curative Reach
Power Level: 31
Target: All Allies
Healing: 167-200

Winning and Losing

Some fights will not be won easily. Nor is defeat always bad. Each defeat presents an opportunity to learn and improve your game- more so than an easy victory. That’s just like life.

As I mentioned, you want to disable the enemy team – one member at a time. Also, do it in as few turns as you can because every round you take is a deduction on the time bonus which contributes to your battle score. Oh – your battle scores are tallied for an episode and that total tally determines the number of Stars towards completion of the episode.

The first enemy to take down should be the one that does the most damage. If they take your team down from 3 to 2 in no time, your team is less likely to win the fight. There is one exception to this. If there is an active healer on the enemy team AND you can’t take down the most powerful damage dealing enemy in the first round, take down the healer. Because if that healer heals that damage dealing tank, you have less chances to win.

How do you determine who does the most damage to your team? In PVP, the most obvious damage doers are Hulk, Thor or War Machine. But classes have a lot to do with their threat or your advantage. You’ll need to check your teams vulnerabilities before a fight. If it’s a chapter episode, that information is available.

What About the Grinds?

Rumors and Tutorials abound for how to get around the silver and command point grinds. Some are worthwhile, most are not. It’s just like the advice you get about life. [grin]

If you haven’t done so, Check out my 0-10 walkthrough and PLUNDER the verified free silver links that are a Playdom promotional for the game.

The most worthwhile grind is the ally grind. ADD people and get allies! Beyond the game, it’s a good and a human thing to connect with other people, expand the little box of your world and opinion, and be social. Some say Facebook is destroying our ability to connect with others, feel compassion, and be social. That’s ridiculous. People will be people. BUT Facebook games provides each of us with the unique and amazing opportunity to connect, collaborate, and share with people beyond the geographical, social, political, racial, gender, etc. boundaries of our physical realities.

Just another thing to consider when you ADD friends and allies to help you in your game.

Join the Marvel Universe Gazette to meet daily players that you may request to be added.

In terms of silver, remote ops should always be flying and sell the insignificant items that drop in the missions and PVP. On a slow day, I can make 20,000 silver without trying hard. On a day where I can send remote ops two times per hour on average, do two sessions of PVP, and run through a Chapter, I can bring in 100,000 (or more) silver by the end of the day. But what a pain in the…

The Elektra Cheat?

Re: Command Points

Chapter 2: The ISO Effect
Mission 3: Step Into The Shadows
Epic Boss: Elektra
Boss: Bullseye
Mini Boss: Hand Ninja

The idea is that Elektra, the Epic Boss, will drop several Command Points in a protracted battle (read: do not kill elektra until you get two or more Command Points). To get to the Epic Boss battle with Electra, ALL battles must be fought and all deploys must be made. In other words, you will need to buy (recruit Black Cat) and have a Scrapper  to attempt this um… work around. You also need multiple crit devices (Batstone 2.357 Minigun for example) and you have to downgrade your killing power so Elektra doesn’t die before you get your Command Points. Required supplies would be Hemostatic Spray (purchaseable from the Store:Supplies as Elektra’s attacks will bleed you.

That’s the theory.

Now the fact is that this mission is a mandatory team up with Daredevil and he often hits back when attacked. If Daredevil falls fast enough, theoretically, Daredevil won’t kill Elektra. Also don’t bring any heroes to the party that wear Avenger movie costumes – otherwise you will have coordinated attacks or defenses and Elektra will die faster.

That’s more theory.

So for my test, cleared out the challenges and deploys, boss and mini-boss, and then headed in for Elektra. For the Elektra fight, I chose Dr. Strange (Level 3) because I think he doesn’t hit back if attacked. Also, he has a group heal. My agent (33) went in with the X-Play X-ploiter, Curative Reach, and the Batstone 2.357 Minigun. I forgot to buy Hemostatic Sprays.

Elektra started the battle. I replied with the X-ploiter and fired off the Minigun. A Command Point was dropped. I used Dardevil’s turn to lob a Stinger (reduces damage doing and accuracy of one enemy at Elektra. Dr. Strange was bleeding and I used his Teresing Boost (group heal).

Elektra did her dance. I fired the Minigun – no drop. Daredevil recharged my Agent’s stamina.Dr. Strange hit one of the Hand Ninjas with a stinger and my agent, did the same to the other.

Then one of the Hand Ninjas hit Daredevil and he crits and the Hand Ninja is dead. Hmmm. So I continue to recharge Stamina as Elektra fails to land criticals and I hit her with the minigun another four times.

Elektra’s attack doesn’t regain her health, so I realize that I am not going to be able to protract this battle much longer. Fifth hit from the Batstone 2.357 Minigun and Elektra is dead, no additional Command Points, and I got a very sucky score.

Second time around, same result. But I have an idea…

Update: I explain this work around on my Facebook Fan Page.

Madame Masque-BullDozer Rumor

Re: Command Points

Special Operations: Don’t Say A Word/Mocking Bird
Mission 1: Radio Chatter
Boss: Madam Masque
Mini Boss: Bulldozer

The general opinion of players is that a level 20 or less agent will never finish this Special Op. I don’t know about that. My friend Tim says there’s no way for a Level 12 agent. But Tim thinks he found a way to farm experience and Command Points. He says he gets 1 Command Point and 35-ish experience points (for hero and agent) every time that he fails to defeat Madame Masque and Bulldozer.

His cost is 1200 silver for 3 Antitoxins (store), 960 silver for 3 First Aid Packs (store), 5 unstable ISOs, and 10 energy.

Because he loses every fight with Madame Masque and Bulldozer (intentionally or unintentionally), he can just keep repeating without having to waste energy or unstable ISOs on other challenges. He says it has worked out for him 5 times at the time that he shared it with me and the Marvel Universe Gazette.

Tim is estimating he can get a minimum of 12 Command Points and 420 experience (for agent and hero) per day – if this works out. He suggests failing another fight challenge in the episode once every two defeats by Masque and Bulldozer.

Now you do have to stay alive until you get the command point. You have to crit and not kill. The Batstone 2.357 Minigun would be nice to get the multiple crits. Obviously, don’t take anything with follow up attacks to the fight.

Staying alive long enough to get a command point? That’s why Tim recommends the Antidotes and First Aid Packs. Once you get the command point, just recharge stamina until Madame Masque and Bulldozer kill your team.

If this works for you, let me know.

Sun Tzu and The Art of War

Sun Tzu is the author of the Chinese Classic, The Art of War – a book famous for it’s tactician’s wisdom about war and winning. It is a book even cherished by business persons as a practical philosophy for succeeding in business. It has been 20+ years since I have read it, yet I know it well enough and do mention Sun Tzu here because his wisdom can apply to winning this game.

To fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.

– Sun Tzu

This applies to Marvel PVP. The higher your PVP score to the score of your challenger, the less likely a challenger will engage you in PVP battle.

If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.

-Sun Tzu

This applies to Marvel PVP and PVE (missions). Know your heroes’ classes, their advantages and disadvantages, and know the same of your enemy.

If your enemy is secure at all points, be prepared for him. If he is in superior strength, evade him.

-Sun Tzu

There is no shame in being a healer, using force fields, stunning, debuffing accuracy, weakening your enemy, etc.

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    Personally I grind CP using MODOK. Work everytime, did not miss every 1 command point.

  2. This are to old Faq for game there are so many changed . Hello !! Update the infos !!

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      You prolly came here by way of a search engine. This is an old post. Check out The Hero School Review blog posts for more current insight.

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