100,000+ views of a blog post doesn’t rock me. And other social media DOHs!

Is there something wrong with social media or is it me? [gasp]

by Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna

What’s wrong with me?

100,000+ views of a blog post doesn’t rock me. This concerns me. What’s wrong with social media? What’s wrong with me!?

So what if I can throw up blog posts that rock 100,000+ views without blinking...

Depeche Mode, Everything Counts

Alexa doesn’t rank my blog at 177,688 for no reason. And if a ranking of 177,688 doesn’t impress you, you need to understand that puts my blog somewhere around the top .002 percent of english-speaking online properties (blogs, websites, etc.). And blogging – it’s just a hobby horse of mine.

Imagine, of course, a fearsome Roman warhorse – not a cutsie, my little pony.

I should also mention that I’ve been online since forever.

Maybe, your blog or website is well ranked too. Or better ranked than mine.

Mazel tov!

This blog post, however, will get 100 views – if I’m lucky. Most of that luck depends on whether or not my associates in Triberr read it and curate this blog post via Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook. Most will not. Because they have better things to do that to curate my madness.

Secret Sauce

The difference between my popular posts and my dead end posts? It has everything to do with the topic. A popular topic is a topic that people are searching for with purpose and urgency. The dead end topic is a topic that doesn’t give them an answer to a question they are asking right now.

Sex is obviously urgent. Kayne West knew what he was doing when he posted a pic of his naked GF on Twitter- especially since his GF is Kim Kardashian. He exposed his lover just for the traffic – let’s assume Kim wasn’t happy about it or he wouldn’t have taken her pic down.

What about trust?

Trust doesn’t bring the first time visitors or readers. Trust may keep readers coming back. If what you said was right or right enough. That depends. It depends on whether or not you keeping writing about the things they want to know about.

Free game coin, silver and gold, for example, is always going to bring in the traffic – whether you are trustworthy or not. Likewise cheats and strategy for Facebook games like Marvel Avengers Alliance or Outernauts is as good as free silver and gold. I could be a serial killer for all you know but the traffic will come.

What about coolness?

Being cool doesn’t mean you have currency or bank. Just ask the A-listers. 1,000 comments on your blog post doesn’t pay for a cup of coffee. You still need money to buy that iced venti mocha latte.

Blog Traffic

The traffic is not about me. It’s about them. It always was and it always will be. If I’m lucky enough to be having fun while giving them what they want – that’s perfect. Sometimes, it works out that way for me. I like games for example. And that sometimes works out for me real nice.

If you blog, remember this: the traffic and views are all about them.

That’s not to say that you can’t write anything you want to write about on your blog. You can. But if you don’t have the traffic, don’t confuse traffic with self expression. Self-expression is a journey of self-discovery. Traffic is something else.

Furthermore, traffic doesn’t necessarily correlate to money, monetization, or doing business. But that’s another dead end blog post. [grin]

Lonely People

I’m not ungrateful. I love that there are some things that I do that are useful to lots of people. I appreciate the views, the readers, and you.

It remains, however, that 100,000+ views of one of my blog posts doesn’t rock me and I don’t know if 10 million views would rock me. Not if the blog posts that matter most to me (like this one) can’t even get one percent of that traffic. Perhaps because the discrepancy fuels the drama of loneliness, of a lack of connection to a larger humanity and, maybe, of a certain emptiness.


Do you feel lonely sometimes? In the midst of a crowd?

Socia Media

Social media is awesome because it connects people. Just as you have done or aspire to do, I have met interesting persons, made friends, and influenced people. I do good and evil online- just as I do offline. More importantly, my heart and mind have grown larger than I could have ever imagined.

But social media also reminds me that I am not as smart as I’d like to think myself. Nor are my opinions as informed or appreciated as I imagine they should be. Or worse, that what I do (or write about) is not interesting.

Greatness, alas, does not belong to me. I shall not be epic. I shall not speak for a generation. Nor shall I speak to it. In the face of such shortcoming, 100,000+ views will not ease that terrible sting.

None of which, however, makes me more or less human. Nor you, my friend. We can still do good. We can still lift others up. We can still love and give and be true.

Stan Faryna
14 June 2012
Bucharest, Romania


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14 Responses to 100,000+ views of a blog post doesn’t rock me. And other social media DOHs!

  1. Betsy Cross says:

    At first I was very lonely because we’d moved away from friends, and Facebook helped me stay connected. Then I was addicted. Now I have habits that I’m trying to make work for me.
    I show up online because I need moments of distraction. I look for things that inspire me, or for little ways to help.
    I’m very clear now that I write for self-expression; although, it has helped me connect to some like-minded people unexpectedly.
    If I wrote for traffic I’d have had a nervous breakdown long ago!

  2. You are wrong, my friend.

    You are epic.

    Your posts are among the most powerful I’ve ever read. And you know I have said that places other than here.

    I think your world isn’t rocked by 100K hits because that’s not why you’re here. You’re not selling anything, you’re pouring your heart out, inspiring us, moving us and entertaining us. You don’t regard this as a popularity contest.

    I don’t write for traffic either, I write to help people understand and get excited about personal technology. That’s it. I never have a clue about which articles will be popular. I think if I wrote for traffic I would surely go nuts.

    I’m glad you write for self-expression, Stan. I hope you never stop sharing your thoughts with us!

    Keep being epic. Is that so much to ask? 🙂

  3. Craig says:

    This is a very well thought out post and I love it that you speak from the heart on it! I believe the same thing, many people blog just for the views. Mine are the chronicles of father’dom. That’s all I will care about…

  4. lillymaytree says:

    Stan… maybe you have built this platform for a specific time and place you have yet to discover. And maybe it will one day launch you into an adventure you were ultimately created for, to places you couldn’t even dream about until you were ready.

    Just a thought.

  5. billdorman says:

    We can still do good; that’s all that should matter, right?

    I’ve been lonely a time or two wondering if what I’m doing really means anything and then usually I have someone tell me they were entertained by what I had to say and it makes it all worthwhile.

    We can still love and give and be true.

  6. I’d get pretty excited by 100,000 views, Stan…but, I have a bigger need for affirmation than you do, I suppose. That’s why I’m such a shameless AND happy self-promoter. BUT, for me it is still TOP PRIORITY to do good with my Social Media works!

  7. These are the types of posts that cause me to click thru from the RSS feed and want to share it. More this, less Facebook game stuff?

    • Stan Faryna says:

      Thanks James. I definitely DO need to find a new balance in schedule for the facebook game, online strategy, and humanistic blog posts.

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