Once upon a time in social media (part two)

Once upon a time in social media part two

by Stan Faryna

If you haven’t read part one, please click: Once upon a time in social media.

“NO-NO-NO!” shouted the white rabbit at the boy and girl.

The boy and girl were naturally surprised. The white rabbit could actually talk. English!

“That’s not how Marco Pollo is played!” exclaimed the white rabbit as he sat up. He was a big fellow.

He lit a corn cob pipe and sucked on the crackling clove smoke. Then he looked at the girl, suspiciously.

“You wouldn’t happen to be an Alice, would you?” he asked the girl.

Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, Don’t Come Around Here No More

The girl moved her head left and right in a no. Her brown hair tossed across her shoulders with the gesture.

“That’s a good thing, Alice. Because no Alice can be trusted. Never ever again. Ever. Never.”

“My name is not Alice! It’s Janey!” the girl insisted and furrowed her brows. Her brown eyes darkened in defiance.

“And the boy?” asked the rabbit.

“He’s Hey-zeus.”

“Jesus, you mean?”

“Same thing,” said Jesus and Jesus ran a hand over his crew-cut black hair as if that gesture settled the matter.

“That’s a cross to carry,” wryly replied the rabbit. Then he sucked again upon his corn cob pipe and blew a square of smoke. A square – not a ring!

A hundred shouts of ‘Marco’ rang out through the enchanted forest. A hundred shouts of ‘Pollo’ replied.

“NO-NO-NO!” shouted the white rabbit again.

When the rabbit regained inner peace (his nose stopped moving of its own accord), he spoke again with Janey and Jesus.

“You children don’t know how to play Marco Pollo. First, Marco Polo must be played in a pool. Second, one person is “Marco” and Marco is to be blindfolded. Third, Marco is to blindly pursue the others who reply to his shout with “Polo”. When he catches someone, they become “Marco”.

This is how all proper and well educated children play Marco Polo.”

Janey and Jesus shrugged.

“Not everyone can be Marco and not everyone can be the prize!” added the rabbit.

“We know, Mister Rabbit,” Janey replied. “But house rules always trump international standard rules.”

“Really?” asked the surprised rabbit.

“That is a problem…” muttered the rabbit to himself.

“The bigger problem, however, is that Marco, that great explorer, prudent merchant, and cunning adventurer, came to this place a very long time ago.

He was a Venetian – did you know?”

Janey and Jesus shrugged.

“Not interested? I suppose you’re also not interested to know there is a blessing and a curse upon the children of Eve if they speak the full name of Marco Polo.”

Janey and Jesus looked at each other worriedly and then back at the rabbit.

“Please tell us the story, Mister Rabbit,” they both pleaded.

“Did you say something?” asked the rabbit as he yawned.

Stan Faryna
26 June 2012
Bucharest, Romania

3 Responses to Once upon a time in social media (part two)

  1. Betsy Cross says:

    You’re a good storyteller, Stan! But I’m still not interpreting! There’s going to have to be another installment…to bring it home.

  2. Hey Stan, I think I’m going to read this again the next time I’m high – then I’ll fully understand it! LOL…

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