Professional brand (yours) and other social media DOHs

Professional Brand. And other social media DOHs.

by Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna

The consideration of personal brand here reminds me of a question that I often revisit.

What makes a professional brand exciting to me?

And admittedly, I often get to the same chicken and egg conundrum.

Where is the priority? Existing relationships or value proposition.

This is not either/or – success and results demand both. Seemingly, equally.

Existing relationships can be a powerful indicator of recognized, proven value.

Value proposition invites and sustains connection, interest, and engagement.

When I consider a potential employee’s or business partner’s online presence, I want to see shares, reach, connection, engagement, and contribution (professional and otherwise). Buzz – not so much.

But I also want to see something that sets them apart and represents their intelligence, curiosity, character, collaborative capacity, and, for lack of a better term, humanity.

The later are the best indicators of the real value and resources they can bring to an organization or project(s).

For example, I would hire or work with Jack Steiner in a heart beat – if the results demanded that collaboration. And not just Jack.

Need a list?

Breakthrough professional insight – is awesome, but breakthrough insights are as rare as Osmium.

Independent thinking – irreverent opinion and skepticism is often mistaken for independent thought; the substance of rain-making, critical, independent thought, however, will never resemble molecular acid.

On the other side of the coin, pink bunnies and strident positivity never proliferate as measurable advantages, added value, or results. In fact, the pink bunnies have an uncanny pattern of trending toward death marches, failure, repeated failure, sustainable failure, and/or a high casualty count.

Creativity – but don’t bring your crayons or the naiveté of the grade school artist to the table. There is no vacant space on my fridge, thanks. If it doesn’t address or solve my (or our) problem, keep it on your fridge and do something better.

Passion – not to be mistaken as a license for licentious self-expression, unending self-defeat, or exhibition of behavioral issues that will get in the way of our collaboration. Be real and, sometimes, be the fool that battles windmills – this will recommend your courage and sincerity. But do not drool.

Vulnerability – as in own up to your mistaken opinions and failures, say your sorry, and give honor to those who deserve your recommendation. As often as you can! But do not paint a self-portrait that suggests you are a ticking time bomb. Or just another zombie.

The later only invites head shots – if you didn’t know. [grin]

Stan Faryna
22 October 2012
Bucharest, Romania


6 Responses to Professional brand (yours) and other social media DOHs

  1. Betsy Cross says:

    “As often as you can! But do not paint a self-portrait that suggests you are a ticking time bomb. Or just another zombie.”

    Ha! Good advice for me!

    “If it doesn’t address or solve my (or our) problem, keep it on your fridge and do something better.” < to me this means that I have to pick and choose where I go, what I read, and how i determine what adds to my life's purpose…does what you offer help me serve others better? There are so many hours in the day..

    • Stan Faryna says:

      Like all the other triberrites, there was a time when I put in massive time into connecting with people, discovering new voices and lifting them up, serving people as a connector, etc. I don’t regret it, but that’s a task that I see better served by the next generation of online connectors, leaders and digerati – people who can bring new and interesting recipes for blog soup and all other kind of moveable feast.

      Am I adding to this conversation in a way that brings you something you (we) can use to make a difference, correct the course, and/or move on to the next level or milestone?

      Don’t panic!

      Do what you can do. And that’s always more than what we are doing. Don’t be sloppy. Make it count. And, above all, whatever you are doing online today, demonstrate that you really do care about others.

      Well fed, groomed and properly exercised hobby horses tell a lot about a person – especially in social media where epic enthusiasm is rarely matched by commitment, capacity and results.

  2. This post has so many excellent points, I hardly know where to begin. This line is gold: “Value proposition invites and sustains connection, interest, and engagement.” It’s one thing to find a customer/friend/acquaintance/associate…it’s quite another to keep them. And sometimes we don’t work hard enough to keep them. With the never-ending expansion of the blogosphere, I do find it difficult to keep up with all the goings-on, despite best intentions (and we know what road is paved with best intentions:)

    I could write an entire book on pink bunnies and blissful positive thinking devoid of action, but that would just be more unicorns and puppies and candy floss. ’nuff said.

    A “customer” wants only one of, or a combination of, 3 things: their pain reduced, their pleasure enhanced or their problem solved. If we don’t solve that problem, ease their pain or bring some type of enjoyment/pleasure to their lives, what are we really doing?

    This is a fave post: thanks Stan:) Cheers! Kaarina

  3. Do not be sloppy. Make it count. Seven words followed by two words: be real.

    Stan, I sometimes read negativity in peoples thoughts brought on by a past that I have to beat away occasionally like a rabid dog. Nothing like that to keep a fella real.

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