Are You Epic or Epidemic or [bleep]? And other social media DOHs

Are You Epic or Epidemic or Just Talking to Yourself?

And other social media DOHs!

by Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna

A lot of people talk to themselves. Twitter helped that along more than anything I know. But blogging is right up there. And, duh, social media in general.

If anything proved The Dunning-Kruger Effect, it was Twitter and, maybe, Justin Bieber. So the last laugh is on Dunning and Kruger because they never saw that coming. Or recognized it – after the train came and went.

Where was I?

Oh yeah – talking to yourself in public is now socially acceptable behavior. Corporations and brands are doing it too!

Isn’t that crazy?!

Ingrid Michaelson, The Way I Am

Most of us crazy people who are talking to ourselves (bloggers, social media typos, etcetera) aspire to be epic regardless of whether or not evolutionary convergence provides us with the viral traits to succeed in our endeavor.

Epic, in this context, means that some number (x) of people are actually listening in on our intimate conversations with ourselves – some are even trying to insert themselves into that loop.

How crazy is that?!

Or, maybe, I’m wrong. About epic – that is. Epic has to mean more than people ease dropping on our self-chats. It has to mean something more than people interrupting said self-chats. Right?

Epic should mean that our little self-chats are contagious enough to have impact on those people, inspire them, make them feel beautiful, and, perhaps, get them to share our share.


Share our share? Infect others – in other words. So being epic, oh dear, isn’t where the fame and money hangs…

It’s all about being epidemic – stupid!

Are you calling me, stupid? Because I saw you smile.

Epidemic is the cat’s meow. Err, cheezburger.

And epidemic is all about the K-Factor.

That’s not my crazy talking either, but if you don’t know how to use Google, that’s your problem.

Go ye forth and multiply the beautiful, the good and the true with relentless, bold reiteration.

Stan Faryna
30 October 2012
Bucharest, Romania

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One Response to Are You Epic or Epidemic or [bleep]? And other social media DOHs

  1. Betsy Cross says:

    Okay, this is funny. Just struck me that way. I don’t talk to myself. I might blurt things out but I don’t consider that talking o myself ’cause I’m not listening.
    As far as sharing via Twitter, I feel like it’s really smoke and mirrors.
    And I’m not falling for it.
    People share who never read. That’s funny.
    Now, after 2 years writing, sharing , and pondering, I have no clue (nor a real concern or care) if I am influencing anybody. I make myself smile. That’s the only reason I write now. It has become fun.
    “Epidemic”…sounds like a plague! LOL!

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