Are we blogging yet? Confessions of a WordPress Creep. Part 1.

Are we blogging yet?

Confessions of just another WordPress creep.

by Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna


Bill Dorman seems ready to throw in the social media towel. He seems to be asking, What’s the point? Of blogging.

Jack Steiner might suggest that there is no point, he writes because he must. Is he also saying, don’t write – if the words do not demand to be written?

John Magnet Bell labors over the hors d’oeuvres – obsessed with bite-size, tasty, ornamental metaphors that might possibly excite, titillate, and arouse you. To start your novel.

Myself – just another online… creep seeking beauty in myself, in others, and out there in the world.

More importantly, I am just another creep who uses more snark than is necessary, who stumbles and falls face-flat over the minefields of irony, happy facing, and ambiguity, and who unabashedly embarrasses himself in reiterations of a persistent and spectacularly naive (gawdy?) sincerity.

Radiohead, Creep


The four named characters have each publicly expressed a strong and compelling desire to write and publish separate novels that search for answers, coherence, and lucidity about each’s individual destiny, soul and experience. They consider that blogging and social media may serve this ambition (and other ambitions). None, however, are truly intoxicated by blogging. None blog in innocence – the kind of innocence that publishes every blog post with a bloody smile (to borrow an expression from Milan Kundera).

They have yet to apprehend the art of the blog (let alone the novel) nor do they own the blog post like a rodeo star who rides an incensed bull to the cheers of the audience. Like everyone else (A-listers included), they are caught up in the mad toss of rushing streams that come and go like flash floods. And in the absence of torrential rainfall, there is always despair, doubt and/or the fateful walking in ellipses – as apparent servants to an unfortunate Euclidian Geometry (not as masters of their own fate).


What is blogging? Is it art (the 21st century’s answer to the novel) or flimsy counterfeit (21st Century Kitsch)?

This question, above all, promises to release our characters and, perhaps, millions from the tyranny of unforgiving axes – major and minor. 

Is a blog lyrical, epic or both?

The lyrical is self-revelation. The epic is a discovery of the self in the contents contained out there in the world.

Does blogging serve Destiny?

The thing for which we are but shadows; that divine form which is ourselves, perfectly, and reminds us that, today, we are incomplete, unfinished and paltry.

If you, yourself, are a blogger, can you answer these intimate questions in a manner that speaks to Beauty and consoles (or uplifts) the human heart? If so (or not), I welcome your answers and contribution in the comments.

Stan Faryna
31 October 2012
Bucharest, Romania



11 Responses to Are we blogging yet? Confessions of a WordPress Creep. Part 1.

  1. Wow…you’re not really upholding blogging to a heart-felt connection method, this is really a bash against it, right?

    Can I answer “these intimate questions in a manner that speaks to beauty and consoles the human heart?”

    Nope…I will leave that to others heavy hearted and answer it thusly — bring it back to your business. Is there a purpose and has that purpose extinguished?

    • Stan Faryna says:

      I love your comment, Jayme. It reminds me of several things which I have yet to examine here:

      1. If blogging is art and replaces the novel, it does so not because the novel is broken (in fact, people may be broken and they can’t read uncrowded texts), but because blogging is superior to the novel. And, perhaps, if the superiority of blogging shall be asserted with defiant, raised fists – that superiority will be identified in its connective, collaborative, and celebratory functions.

      2. Must blogging be art to be worthwhile? In other words, is blogging as Kitsch and kitchen sink… irrelevant to the human person and Destiny – regardless of its economic function. Or can blogging be art, kitsch and the kitchen sink all at the same time – without fear of the larger ambiguity of it all being comically characterized as pig slop?

      3. Last but not least, is the economic dimension of self separable from our individuation, spirituality and Destiny? If it is not, than economic interest is as important in describing our existential situation as, for example, the virtues – love, hope, and friendship (among others).

  2. billdorman says:

    Online creep… it……….:).

  3. TheJackB says:

    I am he who writes because that is who I am.

  4. (h)ors d’oeuvres. That was clever.

    Like you, Stan, I do nothing with innocence. I am now too old and have seen too much to remain innocent. I cling to a little hope that someone will be touched by what I write and respond to it. Sometimes that happens.

  5. Betsy Cross says:

    I do discover more of myself as I write, but that’s not why I do. Sometimes I just have something to say and nobody to converse with. It’s that simple. Thoughts are like gifts to me and are best enjoyed when opened and put out for display (some thoughts, that is)….and even better when they spark a meaningful conversation that feels uplifting, and often an answer to a prayer-mine and sometimes somebody else’s.
    I would like to someday connect it to a business…someday.

    • Stan Faryna says:

      Sometimes, a cigar is a cigar.

      Is that what your saying, Bets?

      But sometimes is less frequently than most times, I suppose. [grin]

      Why we do most things, perhaps, is not as clear to us as we might know or be willing to admit – even to ourselves.

      I can say for sure that none of us put things out there in the public, just because. Or from a joi de vivre.

      Your comments always succeed in making me think deeper, Bets! Thank you.

      Regarding business and blogging, you just need to get a business going…

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