PVP Tips and Bloggers. And other social media DOHs.

PVP tips and bloggers.

And other social media DOHs.

by Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna

Guns and Roses, Knocking on heavens door

Israeli anti-war protesters gathered in Tel Aviv to condemn the recent murders and acts of terrors committed by Israeli forces on the people of Gaza. Some bloggers suggest that the recent killing spree correlates to the upcoming Israeli elections. Others will mince words and suggest that evil (whatever that means) must be met with evil. Kill or be killed. An eye for an eye.

The Israeli death machine does not distinguish itself from Hamas by any observable virtue. Both are terrorists – we do not need either in our world. Nor do I forget Israel’s President Shimon Peres – shouting out to entrepreneurs, inventors and venture capitalists… to build him a terminator.

Will Anonymous prove a stumbling block to the IDF’s reign of terror? I don’t know.

Meanwhile, my inbox piled up with requests for hero and gear reviews and PVP tips for the Marvel Avengers Alliance game.

At the corner convenience store, a homeless man asked me for the equivalent of a dollar, I gave him the equivalent of ten dollars. He could fill his stomach (today) with that money and wash it all down with a two liter bottle of beer.

At first, he was overwhelmed and humbled by my humanity. But his gratitude changed to angry entitlement when he cursed me (as I left the store) because I didn’t give him a cigarette. He told me to go to hell. There is no moral (nor wisdom) to gleen from this event. None.

It has been a surreal day. Ok, maybe not surreal. Actually, today was a cup filled with vulnerability.

Being human is being vulnerable. As much as being human is triumph, potential, and happiness.

We are the same in this regard. Muslim. Jew. Christian. Buddhist. Polytheist. Atheist. Black. White. Yellow. Red. Etcetera.

Yes, this is just an ordinary day in the 21st century.

Yes, despite the dark signals, I searched for beauty.

And found it.

Anti-war protest in Tel Aviv. Photo by @RoniMore1 on Twitter

Stan Faryna
19 November 2012
Bucharest, Romania


2 Responses to PVP Tips and Bloggers. And other social media DOHs.

  1. Sorry. Wanted to say something, but there’s too many complicated and even contradicting points in that situation… Sadly, it’s one of ‘those’, when there’s no one ‘right’ choice, not when we’re talking about human society. Even if we do what we must do – do what’s right – it’s always right from our place, from our point of view , in our situation and with our ‘tools’. And sometimes difference in those can lead to disasters , even if all involved are just trying their best and are excellent examples(In such occasion, it would be really hard, it would inwolve a lot of misunderstanding and some horrible acts, but in the end it ‘would’ be all right…maybe. ). Sadly, this is not the case in our world. There is no such case as ‘herbivore’ country, if it can help it. You either pretect yourself, dominate ,motivate others, try to be protected and not to be consumed,,, whatever, Talks like these tend to make me depressed. That doesn’t mean, that we shouldn’t try to make things ‘right’, to make the world a better place. And a really good politician protects his country and makes every situation to his country’s profit in such a way not to discredit it and to minimize damage to other world.(intensive, not extensive). Sadly, in such situation, there’s no absolutely peaceful way. You cannot just say to one people ‘Hey, your way of thinking is wrong!’, and expect them to listen. All of us have their own ‘languages’, systems of understanding and, sadly, only a few try to learn and understand others. Many times I’ve seen people with best intentions harm others, as they ‘help’ others, without thinking of consequences.People, which start doing the right thing, but are consumed with means of achieving and fail to make the next step from there.
    I can only try my best, try promote understanding and hope, for without hope and understanding the future is worse than bleak.

    *Sardonic smile*
    Another one of topics I can talk about a lot.
    As for politics.. Don’t even want to speak about. It is necessary, it is a part of social structure, but… meh. *no ponies out there*

    .me out.

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