What the bleep can you do with a G+ Community?

What the bleep do you do with a G+ Community?

And other social media DOHs.

by Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna

Annie Lennox, Why

What’s missing in the new G+ Community?

Below is my short list:

1. Documents and Document Management

2. Gallery and Image Management

3. Pinned Posts

4. Drop Down Linked List of Recent Uploaded/Modified Documents (left column)

5. Drop Down Linked List of Recent Uploaded/Modified Images (left column)

6. Drop Down Linked List of Most Commented on Posts (left column)

7. Drop Down Linked List of Most Liked Posts (left column)

What’s your short list?

Stan Faryna
11 December 2012
Bucharest, Romania


6 Responses to What the bleep can you do with a G+ Community?

  1. Hey Stan, I think G+ Communities are more like Facebook Groups. I’m really hoping I don’t get too many documents through the communities because I want them to be fun, not work! 🙂

    • Stan Faryna says:

      Presently, G+ Communities don’t have any kind of space for sharing information. So as flawed as they are, Facebook groups are still the better platform in this regard- as much as I hate to say it. [grin]

  2. TheJackB says:

    Hangouts, G+ has hangouts.

    • Stan Faryna says:

      Hangouts are cool, indeed.

      Most of the time, I like video and video conferencing. Everybody likes video, right? [smile] But I remain concerned that a sustainable community (online or offline) is a community that shares, preserves, uses, and builds upon mutually appreciable insights, information and intelligence.

      So if anyone of us is committed to building a G+ community, the community is going to have to go the extra mile and utilize other community platforms – maybe a website or something else.

      Anyone who doesn’t go the extra mile is just playing around and having fun. And that’s not a bad thing per se. [grin]

  3. Betsy Cross says:

    All of a sudden there’s activity on Google+. What started it? Amber-Lee called me a dork in a new group. LOL! Oh, my. One more platform to have fun on. I hope….i HAVE NO COMPLAINTS BECAUSE IGNORANCE IS BLISS.

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