What’s Wrong With TV! And other social media DOHs.

What’s wrong with TV!

And other social media DOHs.

by Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna

It’s a pandemic. It’s worse than an actual zombie apocalypse. It’s highly contagious – hence, pandemic.

Storage Wars. Repo-Games. Then there’s the TV ads: Quibids, Octaspring, and the Safe Step Tub.

All of them – demons, abominations and horrors. All of them with the unstoppable, ruthless reach of TV.

I say this with both a chuckle and a sigh.

What’s wrong with Storage Wars?

Storage Wars is a reality television series on the A&E Network; it’s supposed to be about treasure hunting and storage spaces that are auctioned off to the highest bidder. It’s about gambling on a peek at a storage space up for auction. It’s about hoping to find something there that can sell high enough to turn a profit.

It’s also about capitalizing on the misfortunes of those people (human beings just like you and me) who couldn’t keep up with the monthly payments for their storage space.

If you love Storage Wars, may someone (or many) profit redonkulously from the misfortunes that you and yours may come to suffer. Soon.

I don’t know how to say that in a kinder way. But I assure you, it’s not personal. [grin]

What’s wrong with Repo-Games?

Repo-Games is touted as a reality game show on Spike TV. It’s about car repossessions. The host goes to people’s homes to repossess cars. There is no trying to work out a flexible payment plan that works for the person who missed a car payment. There’s only the deal: answer three out of five random trivia questions correctly and keep the car or, if answered poorly, lose the car.

It’s exploitation in it’s rawest form. There’s no story about why that person missed their car payment.

It’s not opportunity. It’s public humiliation and human shame packaged as entertainment. Oh -compensation for such public humiliation is neither adequate nor guaranteed.


What’s wrong with Hard Core Pawn?

Hard Core Pawn, it’s another reality show. It’s all about how a pawn broker rips off people. It’s a business model based on the exploitation of ignorance and/or desperation. Yo –  that’s not funny, cool or epic.

Burn that business model down.

What’s wrong with the ads?

You are unlikely to get your iPad for $20 on Quibids.com – not to mention that you are likely lose the $60 for the registration to make bids.

The Octaspring costs more than the equivalent Tempur-Pedic and the payment plan will have you pay $1,000 more than what you thought you were paying for the mattress. Oh – box spring (foundation) and bed frame are not included. Add yet another $1,000.

The monthly payments for the safe-step tub will cost you half or more of your social security check – if you are a baby boomer. How will mom and dad pay for utilities, groceries and the smart phone plans?

Admittedly, bad TV is bumming me out. Of course, that’s not me saying I hate all TV. I have favorites: Dr. Who, Game of Thrones, Homeland, House, Kitchen Nightmares, Supernatural and Walking Dead to name a few.

But, honestly, I think that bad TV never made a Kindle more worthwhile. And 500 Gold for your favorite Facebook Game.

Go Omega!

Stan Faryna
08 January 2012
Fairfax, Virginia


6 Responses to What’s Wrong With TV! And other social media DOHs.

  1. Wait, you’re still in the states? What’s the plan, Stan?

    • Stan Faryna says:

      I’m still here! Scary, huh!

      I think the meet up has been postponed to February. We also need to think about who else must show up. [grin]

  2. John Garrett says:

    Wzup, Stan? Hey we watch the EXACT same (good) shows, man!

    Although I’ve never seen any of these evil shows you’re writing about. “Reality” TV can always make it interesting by humiliating someone, I guess.

    re: Kitchen Nightmares. The only thing that burns me about this show is that here comes the Chef with priceless knowledge, and some of these people absolutely refuse to listen -even though they’re the ones that wanted him. I always think “I bet someone else applied to this show who is desperate for this man’s advice and was refused”.

    Then sometimes I’ll check Yelp or other sites after the show to see if they really stuck with it. Many have reverted to their previous ways. D’oh!

    • Stan Faryna says:

      John! Long time!

      I feel exactly the same way. The chef is there to turn the tide and, way too often, the restaurateurs don’t really get it. On the other hand, chef is all about building success the right way (hard work, passion, art and service) and that ain’t easy.

  3. I probably can say I have never watched ANY reality TV unless The Walking Dead is reality TV.

    I need to be writing instead, but that has been put on hold for now. It’s hard for me to get past eating the whole elephant analogy and just going at it one bite at a time.

    Hola, sir.

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