Social Shopping, Open Sky and other social media DOHs

Social Shopping, Open Sky and other social media DOHs

by Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna
Mumford and Sons, I will wait
Social Shopping
Social shopping is all bout building and supporting online communities around amazing products and services. As a business strategy, it can provide multiple competitive advantages for business owners. The model can also provide significant value to customers via recommendations, reviews and rewards – not to mention that a common shopping experience provides subject for social interaction and conversation.
Social shopping is win-win – if done right.
Social shopping, however, is yet to be implemented, fully. Amazon may be the closest to executing a social shopping strategy, but it still has things to work out. Then there is Open Sky. It looks like social shopping, smells like it, but really it’s not a duck. Not yet.
The most exciting promise of social shopping, however, is not in the execution by big boys (Amazon, Groupon, etc.), it will be in the execution of open, online markets that reminds me of the ancient souk or bazaar. The modern mall would be a poor example because people don’t connect there.
When social shopping includes communities of small businesses, social shopping will be awesome.
Great entrepreneurs will be making this happen. Or, at least, thinking about how to make it happen.
In the long shadow of looming massive market corrections, inflation, long term unemployment, increasingly selective consuming purchasing, and reduced consumer credit (and access to credit), social shopping solutions are needed now more than ever. Or maybe you know better than Robert Wiedemer.
Social shopping can help things get better. It can make the world a better place for us all. It can provide new opportunity for real people to do business and increase income and quality of life. For real.
Stan Faryna
10 February 2013
Fairfax, Virginia

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8 Responses to Social Shopping, Open Sky and other social media DOHs

  1. And I might add…social shopping in a global world should include full transparency and instruction to shoppers at the top.

    I recently wrote a post about how an apology without a solution is no solution at all, wherein an online social shopping site lured customers to join/ like/ earn points/ comment et. al. but ONLY AT CHECKOUT did I find out that the company did not ship outside the USA. Lots of time invested in learning/ scouring the site, only to be disappointed (and frustrated) at the end.

    So regardless of whether the business is big or small, identifying to the customer the particulars/specifics from the outset is a must. Cheers! Kaarina P.S. Thanks for dropping by Josh’s place today for our #TeamBlogJack:)

    • Stan Faryna says:


      It’s happened to me. More than a few times. They didn’t ship to Romania. Or, worse, they did not accept credit card payment from a Romanian IP.

      Regarding Open Sky, I see several needed improvements to the reward system

      1. One point every time you like someone’s product comment.
      2. Personal Links so that when a “follower” registers (10 points) or makes a purchase (100 points)
      3. Personal links auto-generated when you make a Facebook comment, share, etc.
      4. New product recommendations by users – 1000 points if the recommended product becomes an actual product
      5. Influencer leaderboard for state and/or country

  2. Betsy Cross says:

    Sorry, I’m not a shopper, and don’t have much to add to the conversation.

    But that song is one of my favorites!

  3. Hi Stan, I have three teenage daughters and believe me, they regard the mall as a social gathering place. During the morning hours moms will do stroller walks in a shopping mall as a social gathering. But I can’t say that I meet up with anyone at the mall.

    I like OpenSky because of the selection of products and because their prices can be much lower than other sites.

    I recently wrote a Valentine’s Day article on tech gifts, a few of which I found on OpenSky. I didn’t want to link to OpenSky because it’s a membership site, but they had the best prices on two of the products (they were more expensive than for the Cruiser turntable). No reader complained about being directed to OpenSky so I guess it was okay to link to them after all!

    When I lived in the UK, I had a mail forwarding service so when I wanted to ship something from the US, I could do it. I remember when opened up their shipping to the UK I was so excited, but then the shipping and customs charges were going to be more than what I was buying.

    • Stan Faryna says:

      Big hug to you Carolyn. I certainly didn’t mind your links to Open Sky and I took the opportunity to evaluate their social platform as I checked out the cool things. Have you seen the flavored peanut butter? I want some. [laughing]

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