Design, Drawing and Brand. And other C-Suite DOHs

Design, Drawing and Brand: Why you must pay for and get out of the way of good design

by Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna

In the G+ Community, re:Design, Paul Biedermann put up a great link to an article about the importance of drawing in a designer’s professional aspirations and service:

I couldn’t agree more with Paul and legendary designer Saul Bass.

Second to the skills and knowledge that come of a classical fine arts education, I also believe today’s designer cannot make amazing design without long affairs with brands. Not any brand. I recently made such a comment on Jack Steiner’s blog, TheJackB, to the same effect.

Captain America salutes the Centurions of Omega Guild

Again, you can’t just love branding or all brands – not if you want to design, support or market a powerful brand. Your affair must be with several brands that excite and inspire you across the years – no less than five years. And more than ten years is even better.

Because if you have never loved a brand, you can never create a brand worthy of love. Nor can you truly serve a brand.

And if you have loved a brand, you have shared it and, most  importantly, you have spent money on it. It is apart of you and your identity – however strange this may sound to the spiritual person or those who have never been faithful.

To love a brand is to be faithful – to have chosen it among others – regardless of expense or potential embarrassment, lack of features, or (even) hardship or impossibility of obtaining it.

Myself, there are several brands that continue to excite me across the decades. For different reasons – of course. Among them Cartier, Creed, Doctor Who, Dr. Bronner’s Magical Soap, Japy Freres, Louis Vuitton, Marlboro, MarvelMontblanc, Versace, S&B Golden Curry, Twinkies, and Porsche.

Love, it seems, does not follow any obvious pattern. [grin]

But, whatever it is, it is not a flirtation, a one night stand, or the five year fling that characterizes the modern (postmodern?) marriage.

That is why a brand or logo cannot be purchased for five dollars or $5000. And it is why the loveless cannot contribute anything worthwhile to the creation and management of a brand.

Listen to Peter Bradley share his passion for Porsche.

Stan Faryna
19 March 2013
Fairfax, Virginia


4 Responses to Design, Drawing and Brand. And other C-Suite DOHs

  1. You make a fascinating point about loving brands, Stan — without realizing it, I guess that is partly why I love shaping others’ brands and making them all they can be.

    Thanks for the mention!

  2. Betsy Cross says:

    Paul’s post- excellent.

    Saul’s video- scared me at first. LOL! Thought, great, now I really do have to take some classes!

    Peter- for me to say I like Porches now is something. I could car less about makes and models of cars.

    You see for me there has to be a story or a person behind the brand that I connect with. Someone whose emotion tells me the truth about the brand, or at least how they experience it.

    I think I’m starting to understand this branding thing and the need for designers who have the skills to develop and tell the story….????

    P.S. I dreamt about signing up for an art class last night. LOL!

    • Stan Faryna says:

      You have a strong natural talent for drawing, Bets. Some art classes might help you get your thoughts on paper, quicker.

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