God is working

God is working

by Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna

REM, It’s the end of the world as we know it

In the fearsome face of unprecedented political scandal and tyrannous masquerades behind untenable promises for peace, security and prosperity, scientists argue the risks of x-class solar flares, falling stars, melting glaciers, bee death, epidemic and hyperinflation. We step forward to the brink of a world war and back again, but the leap into the inferno, the fateful decision – it belongs to the ambitions and vanities of a few – none of whom are greater in intelligence, wisdom or virtue than you or I.

It is like watching the perfect storm. The bright flashes dance and shoot across our eyes. The roar, rumble and growl of thunder shakes the world.

Some will lift up their hearts in excitement and anticipation. Others will stay still and quiet. Take cover. We are not masters of our destiny, life, property, and happiness – this is what natural disasters remind us. And man-made disasters (environmental, political, social and economic) – they too remind us of our frailty and vanities.


His lightnings lit up the world;
The earth saw and trembled.

Psalm 97:4

For those who put their faith in their own prudence and capability, they will prepare for the worst. At great cost, effort and sacrifice – if they have any sense of justice, conscience and freedom. The combination of a lack of spiritual hope and a lack of preps is evidence of an inferior intelligence and/or moral character. Such optimism is the refuge of the domesticated and pitiful slave bound by the necessities and envies of today.

For those who drink from the waters of faith, God is working in the storm – regardless of the apparent, invisible, and heart-breaking casualties. Two weeks of preps and certain self-sufficiency is prudent, but the real work is to love strongly (without fear), to give and lift others up (including and beyond our circle of family and friends), and inspire the same duty in the hearts of the human family.

Love shines brightest in the darkness.

I find myself in need of this wisdom. Often.

Maybe, you too?

Holy Land and Old German Tomatoes 1

Stan Faryna
19 May 2013
Fairfax, Virginia

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2 Responses to God is working

  1. Betsy Cross says:

    It has been said that food storage (a year’s supply) will be for us as the ark was for Noah’s people. And it wasn’t raining during the 125 years it took him t build it.
    But not everyone will be prepared to that extent. All of us will need others to help us out – a community of networkers.
    Seems you’ve found a cause/mission.

  2. Stan Faryna says:

    Two to four weeks of preps (food, water and gear) does not require a major investment or commitment, but I do admire the dignity of those who prepare a greater store or self-sufficiency.

    You may also be aware, however, that large, private “stores” and any amount of gold and silver bullion can now be confiscated by federal agents in an area declared to be under emergency or military provision. Worse, more than a few months of preps may now be considered as ponderable evidence of domestic terrorism.

    So do be careful with that, preppers and LDS people.

    Building and participating in a community of informed and caring families is very smart…

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