I’m a creepy, lonely man!?

Flash Fiction

by Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna

Duran Duran, Come Undone

I’m a creepy, lonely man!?

That question rocked his being.
That’s what she’s thinking about me. Right now.
He reflected on her words, weighed each one like it was a roll of one ounce, gold eagle coins. And he cringed, at the same time, like he was sucking on a lemon.
What made him… so creepy?
Unembarrassed by his reply of silence to her playful comment, she smiled at him. Then she lifted the champagne flute to her lips and took a sip.
The Nobel Prize meant nothing. Three New York Times Best Sellers didn’t matter in the slightest bit.
The framed picture of him shaking hands with the President could not redeem him from her seemingly impetuous epithet.
Is my hair creepy? My smile? The sound of my voice? The folded Doctor Who scarf draped over the railing?
“What do you want to do in five years?” she asked – hoping to get the conversation going again.
He let a minute pass by in silence. It felt like an hour. To both of them.
“I’m just going to be me,” he finally answered. ‘Hopefully, more truly me. With the grace of God…”
He knew it was the wrong answer. It was an honest answer. Courageous. It was even a profound answer.
It was still the wrong answer if he had wanted to live what truth and beauty would out. In a first kiss…
Maybe, I should have said, founder of the Facebook killer. Inventor of hyper-intelligent eye wear. The genius that engineers Yahoo’s comeback.
This was prolly the last time he’d answer a personal ad seeking “a real man, an honest and sincere man, a man of character, passion and wisdom…”
Because when you are a creepy, lonely man, those things count for nothing.
“Can I be me too?” she asked softly.
“Can I become undone?”
“Why not?!” he replied.
She gave a big sigh of relief, stood up and slipped off her dress.
Then she unzipped her shoulders and her six wings slowly unfolded to their full, silvery magnificence.
Note: My attempts at flash fiction are mostly inspired by John Magnet Bell of Start Your Novel.
Stan Faryna
23 July 2013
Fairfax, Virginia

2 Responses to I’m a creepy, lonely man!?

  1. Duuude, this is awesome! 😀 Really loved it. You’ve improved your writing style a lot.


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