Self-promotion, value and other social media DOHs

Self-promotion, value and other social media DOHs

by Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna

4MIN News August 22, 2013

Etta James, At Last

Papilio glaucus Eatern Tiger Swallowtail and Buddleia butterfly bush Faryna

Margie Clayman speaks to the overwhelming and common problem of people and businesses that are getting nowhere in Social Media.

Read it here: If you’re online and think you’re not good enough.

Even if you are going to get any kind of result, Margie is right. The function behind social media results goes way beyond personality, reputation and ambition. Your own investment and the imminent value of your offer/service are crucial to your success in social media. If you think otherwise, you’re being silly.

A focus on how to succeed in social media, for example, is a dead end as a social media strategy. Because that conversation (or reading)  does not drive reliable, cost-effective and widely achievable results. On the other hand, we (bloggers, etc.) have to speak to this issue every now and then. Or else. [grin]

If you want quick results, pay for the results. Ironically, no social media or online expert will ever guarantee any kind of meaningful, exciting and useful results that reflect a reasonable return on your investment. That’s quite a predicament; a catch 22. As an online professional, I’ve struggled with this predicament for decades.

How do I provide easily recognizable, meaningful and exciting value to my clients? To my followers, fans and friends? If only my smile could cast a spell…

If only I could make you feel, at last

Joshua Wilner writes about fear and writing. How cool is that!

Considerable value can be created by understanding our fears and exploring the new country that fear hides from our view and understanding.

Read Joshua’s blog post here: Do You Fear Looking Foolish?

Fear is a relentless problem. For everyone. You. Me. Us. Fear challenges us. Each of us. Everyday. And so there is value in speaking to how we may overcome fear.

But my present treatment of fear in the preceeding sentence does not have imminent value. Such reflection is not helpful – it will not help you overcome fears and discover the new country that lay beyond the sentinel fears that block your way forward. If I do not show you how to push forward against fear, I have given you nothing.

And isn’t that the big problem of social media –  much ado about nothing?

Who am I to make such a scandalous statement?

Nobody. Nobody, indeed. Because I give too little. Maybe, you too?

Should we find comfort that we find ourselves among many nobodies who make much ado about nothing? Of course not!

Nor shall we despair – if we pray for victory.

Against fear, I want to share a prayer with you. I wrote it in a moment of need. This prayer may be useful to you. Or not. But if the prayer is not useful to you, be sure that this act of courage and sincerity to share it with you is a valuable demonstration in how one defies fear and, ultimately, gives truly of oneself.

And if you give truly of yourself, you give value. I’d like to think that my friend, Dr. Jack King, would endorse my statement about giving and value. And if you truly want to provide deep value, I recommend that you read Jack’s book, One With the People: Everything You Need To Be the Leader They Need!

Why am I afraid to share this prayer with you?

I am afraid that you will reject me. I am afraid you will think me stupid, crass and barbaric. Because faith, spirituality and humility is suspect in our materialistic culture – even amongst those who believe in a higher power. And yet if I am to give you anything meaningful, I must give this. Because this prayer has served me. It gives results.

A prayer for victory

Lord, I repent of all my sins and iniquities. I am foolish, ignorant and proud. I beg you to forgive me, O Lord. I repent. I repent in dust and ashes!
I put my trust and hope in you, O Lord: do not allow me to be put into confusion, despair or into the traps, designs and purposes of the Enemy.
Deliver me from the Enemy, his army, his servants and his agents; deliver me from every evil; deliver me from all my iniquities: hear and save me.
O Lord, you heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers and cast out demons. You rebuke the Enemy and you cast him into the lake of fire.
You draw out Leviathan with a fishhook, put a rope in his nose and make him speak soft words. Whatever is under the whole heaven is yours.
O Lord, shatter our enemys’ armor and scales into splinters, break all their teeth, claws, spears, weapons and minds, and make them harmless!
Stan Faryna
22 August 2013
Fairfax, Virginia

2 Responses to Self-promotion, value and other social media DOHs

  1. My heart is grateful for you, Stan. Your gift has always been your song. In freely giving of yourself, your song carries a harmony that holds great meaning and significance for those privileged to hear; As an outward extension of yourself, it brings light and love to others in ways that bind us together as one. It heals us, and it makes our lives fuller. I am grateful for your song. It is music to my ears that makes my heart dance. It keeps us close, so we may find strength one in the other as we share this journey under the warm light of Grandfather Sun

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