Why blogging is so 2010

Why blogging is so 2010

by Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna

Awolnation, Sail


This is how Jack does it

Jack, TheJackB, also known as Jack Steiner throws the click bait out there like a pro. Actually, I think he is a pro. He’s a problogger. More important than that – he’s a fine writer. His most recent pitch – what is your blog about?

I like to imagine that Jack is going to be a 12 week New York Times Best Selling author. Of course, he’ll help me get a fair and awesome contract for my pending novel – just as soon as he hits that homerun.

Meanwhile, I have to explain why blogging is not dead per se, but the sharp edge is gone. It has a bite as serious as a spoon. That’s not your fault. But your chances of making it big as a blogger (if you had sticky rice to throw and awesome sauce on the side) are as good as scratching off a $1000 cash prize on a lottery ticket. For those who don’t like the math, let’s just put it at not very good. It was highly unlikely in 2010. But if that was then, it’s worse now.

Blame it on the geeks.

I reflected on what a geek is here. I plunder the mojo of the new geek. And geeks got really, really mad.


This is how I show my love

It’s one way I do it. I deconstruct lies and delusions – especially those beasts by which I am, myself, self-deceived. Or was.

I plunder them like a pirate. If what I share here burns like salt on a raw wound – just imagine how I felt as I explored my own wounds with the imprecisions and derring-do of a 19th century surgeon.

Blame it on the ADD.

Even bloggers don’t read as many blogs as they did. If you don’t believe me, ask the invisible blogger. He can tell you all about them apples. Lesson number three from Bill’s long and successful career as an insurance salesman may apply to this post: Don’t look back.

If bloggers are not reading five to ten blogs per day, imagine how few blogs are read by ordinary people.


Moore’s Law

Moore’s law suggests that the processing power and speed of a computer doubles approximately every two years. I will suggest Moore’s Dilemma which implies that human attention, comprehension and knowledge decrease proportionately with the increasing use of computers in everyday life.

This is not sour grapes speaking. Nevermind that I miss the days when I had 100,000 people read one of my posts. And it didn’t happen just once. But those days are gone and I’m lucky if 20 people will read this post today.

We know this – people have less time, shorter attention spans and decreasing intellectual capacity as far as blogs or anything else goes. People think less and reading is a modern superpower. Have you seen the Will Wheaton Project?

TV, video and pics remain dominant communication formats regardless of the stylistic adaptations which reflect the accelerated and incoherent regressions of the internet. But, seriously, I never doubted that their sovereignty could be deeply challenged by text (or hyper text). Even the new Twitter format is a want to get out from under the deadweight of text.

People need it to pop. Who got time for the deeper thoughts?

he …

himalayan blue poppy faryna gabalots

Himalayan Blue Poppy

What’s the point of blogging?

I’m going to keep it simple.


1. Search position

2. Ad link landing site

3. Build up the credibility of your marketing message (or fraud)

4. Because you have something to say and no one in your offline to share your big ideas with

5. Because you have something to say and you don’t respect the opinion of those who give you offline feedback

6. Because no one in your offline respects your opinion

7. Because you don’t know about WOW or some other totally immersive, lifestyle MMORPG


Speaking in Tongues

That’s tongue in cheek, right? Maybe. And maybe is all I can honestly say about the subject.

Want audience?

Video is the shizzle. It is where it is. The audience. And I shall hope I’m very mistaken.

But the skills and equipment you need to rock the video isn’t as plug, play and fake as the blogging.

Just ask Yogizilla. Or check out Yomar Lopez, Fred Rojas (Gaming History 101), me and some other peeps hanging out uncensored one evening on TwitchTV.

Stan Faryna
7 June 2014
Fairfax, Virginia




5 Responses to Why blogging is so 2010

  1. TheJackB says:

    You have the chops and all the tools you need to make it happen with a blog. The question is do you have the will and desire to do what must be done.

    I ask myself the same question all the time.

    • Stan Faryna says:

      I appreciate your vote of confidence. Coming from you, that’s something awesome. You do not suffer fools.

      Sometimes, I think we both need that best-selling book sooner than later. And I’d like to imagine that ain’t so long and far away.

  2. Stan, remember the old adage “what’s for you won’t go past you.” A persistent dream is a Calling. If it doesn’t work in one particular way, try another fresh one. Your spark is like a silver thread that you pull every so gently out of your head. And heart.

    • Stan Faryna says:

      Julie, it’s awesome that you came. Thank you. Thank you.

      The thing about hindsight is that things tend to make more sense than when we attempt to apply foresight. In hindsight, patterns can emerge with little effort and certain confidence. Sometimes, meaning. And if we’re lucky, there’s a cup of serenity to be held with both hands. Rarely so with foresight.

      Sparks fly. I’ve noticed that about us bloggers – we make sparks like crazy. Especially those of us who have stuck with it for more than three years. Whether or not what we do can start a fire is something else. Isn’t that the question, the want and the hope? And if we start a fire, can we keep it fed or, better yet, make it burn hotter and brighter.

      I hope you can work things out with Mami. [warm smile] It sounds like we share a mindset about house keeping.

  3. Yogizilla says:

    Blogging will always be relevant. Right now, people like audio and video because it’s easier to digest. Attention spans are dwindling alongside the increased processing power.. We’re flooded with content so bite-sized seems to be more attractive. Once people get bored of the typical stuff, they’ll come back to the written word. For these very reason, traditional publishing and clear text will always have a place.. After all, there are some things you can’t express as beautifully with video or audio.. Also, SEO.. That is all. =o]

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