Thanks for breaking my car, #Revel Casino cc @RevelResorts @VisitAC

Please help me to speak to Revel

by Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna


Some weeks ago, I stayed at the Revel Casino in Atlantic City. I used the valet parking service. When they came out with my car, the tail light was busted and there were lots of scratches.

Here’s a few of the pics that I submitted to Revel’s Claims Adjuster, Donna Passarelli.

Revel Valet Parking Damage 1

Revel Valet Parking Damage 2

Just an hour before I had handed my car over to Revel’s valet parking people, I had been to the dealership for new tires and they did a full damage assessment on the car. So we have an official third party report (dated documentation) that the damages Revel’s people did to my car was not pre-existing damage.

I took pictures of the damage, I filed the claim according to their rules, and the claims representative told me that they would take care of it. After many phone calls and some correspondence with the Donna Passarelli (Claims Adjuster for Revel Entertainment), I was told two weeks ago that Donna doesn’t work there. Then they gave me a phone number to someone else who doesn’t exist at Revel.

So I went to Revel to speak face to face and now they tell me they have no claims department. Really? I drove up from the Washington, DC area to Atlantic City to be told that?

An anonymous legal counsel that represents casinos in Atlantic City tells me that I could spend tens of thousands trying to make Revel pay up. Not to mention how I would have to come up here for trial dates where they will successfully postpone hearing after hearing for a year or more.

Awesome! But not really.

Revel Entertainment Email

The repairs cost me $2,500 (Donna had approved the estimate of a local body shop by phone). The additional week of stay was about another $1,000 as I had to stay in Atlantic City while the car was being repaired.

Dear reader and friend, I’d be grateful for your help if you tweeted this tweet.

Dear @RevelResort Pay for the damages to @Faryna’s car. Thanks. cc @VisitAC #Revel


Plz RT #Fail Thanks for breaking @Faryna’s car, #Revel Casino cc @RevelResorts @VisitAC

And if you happen to be one of the countless people that have been wronged and cheated by Revel Entertainment, let me know below in the comments and maybe we can get your issue resolved too.


As I reflect on today’s new stories of Revel’s upcoming closing and the angry rumors of how Morgan Stanley took a beating and then how Revel took tax payer money in a bail out that’s gone bad, I can’t but help to think that their lack of responsibility to customers (myself included) as “business as usual” is a clue into their mismanagement of the billions of dollars investment, business operations, and tax payer money.

Revel’s demise comes as no surprise. Sadly, such mismanagement also comes at the cost of thousands of people to be soon unemployed in Atlantic City. My heart goes out to the people living and working in AC and the surrounding cities. May God help them.

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Stan Faryna
12 August 2014
Atlantic City, New Jersey



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9 Responses to Thanks for breaking my car, #Revel Casino cc @RevelResorts @VisitAC

  1. Stan Faryna says:

    Thanks for the tweets and shout outs! Please keep them coming.

  2. TedRubin says:

    Not sure if you are aware Stan, but it was reported today that the Revel Hotel is shutting down this fall. Sorry buddy.

    • Stan Faryna says:

      It’s true. I’m not the only victim here. 3000+ to be unemployed. Billions of dollars (bank and tax payer money) down the drain.

  3. This makes me so sad:( I saw your FB post and thought you’d had some great casino luck. So sorry for your troubles:(

  4. Stan Faryna says:

    Some of the interesting comments at Revel’s FB page:

    Do not stay at this hotel. Unsafe. My daughter was robbed in her room and Revel caught them but said they couldn’t do anything about it. They do not care about their guests safety.

    – Donna

    I guarantee this has happened plenty of times!! That’s why they are trying to hide it.

    – Debbie

    I have been here for a few days at your hotel and today you had a fire alarm and the alarms did not go off in the hotels rooms. I was in the pool and they went off there but my husband was in the room and if I did not call him he would have never left the room as the alarms never went off in the rooms. If this was a true emergency this would have been a very terrible tragedy as there was many people in there rooms still

    – Rebecca

    I am extremely disappointed in the professionalism and staff of Revel. It was my first and last time I will be here. I was greeted by a dried blood stain in the middle of the bed in my room and the upper management is no where to be found to discuss the matter

    – Eric

  5. 8in8 says:

    Thank you
    Blog fantastic

  6. kinggalaxius says:

    I don’t know why, but every time I think of the words “Atlantic City”, I think of the state of Missouri. I keep thinking that Atlantic City is in Missouri and not New Jersey!
    Why? Because, I had no idea that New Jersey had any casinos! When I think of New Jersey I think of the movie Jersey Boys, Jersey Shore, and some movie about these street kids, who are in New Jersey when they steal a cop car, and pull over a group of people as a prank (Jersey Drive? ). I also think about numerous stories that have been told by people cconcerning how rough it is living in New Jersey, period. Moving right along, I clicked on the hotel site that you stayed in and saw all of these beautiful photos of this property (inside and out).
    It looks gorgeous! Was it as gorgeous in person as it is displayed in the form of images on the internet? Oh, my God! Your car got jacked up! !! I wonder what that Valet backed into to get the back of your car messed up like this! What happened to you was horrible! Couldn’t you enter this case/situation to be aired on Judge Judy, Judge Joe Brown, or on Judge Hatchett’s show? I think that it is worth a try. Maybe TMZ or something. You need some media coverage on this one.
    So, I finally read the end of your post. Is this place closing down or what? Is your situation going to be handled? Just come to Vegas next time.

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